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Israelis kill more than 50 Palestinians in Gaza protests, health officials say

Tuesday  02:06,   15 may 2018

Another 2,400 Palestinians were injured in the clashes, making it the bloodiest day since the 2014 Israel-Gaza war.The death toll doubled the number of Palestinians killed during six weeks of demonstrations, dubbed the “March of Return,” and came on [...]

Steve Wynn’s Bad Luck With Picasso Goes On With $70 Million Work

Monday  04:55,   14 may 2018

Steve Wynn’s plan to sell a Picasso valued at $70 million at auction this week was derailed after the painting was damaged Friday - a dozen years after the billionaire collector and former casino magnate put his elbow through another masterpiece by[...]

Israel kicks off US Embassy celebration, boosts border force

Monday  04:05,   14 may 2018

Israel on Sunday kicked off festivities to celebrate the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, even as it bolstered its forces along the Gaza border and in the West Bank in anticipation of mass Palestinian protests of the move. A day before[...]

China's first Beijing-built aircraft carrier begins historic sea trials as the country bids to create a the world's most fearsome navy

Monday  03:45,   14 may 2018

The vessel set out from Dalian under the temporary name Type 001A as President Xi Jinping looks to increase the military might of China.The vessel has the temporary name Type 001A and set out yesterday from Dalian after President Xi Jinping[...]

Japan invented a Google Maps for cats and it's purr-fect

Monday  03:30,   14 may 2018

If you've ever wanted to explore Japan as a cat, there's a map for that. The tourism board of Hiroshima recently created a site with street views from a cat's perspective. It's the first of its kind.The tourism board of Hiroshima[...]

‘Buckle up’: As Mueller probe enters second year, Trump and allies go on war footing

Monday  02:31,   14 may 2018

‘Buckle up’: As Mueller probe enters second year, Trump and allies go on war footingOne of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s prosecutors stands at a lectern. The jurors, diverse by age and ethnicity, are attentive and take notes. The[...]

In a bind, she brought her baby to school. Her professor held the child while he taught physics.

Monday  02:30,   14 may 2018

“Anytime someone that cute smiles at you it, melts you,” said professor Bruce Johnson.Black, 21, did just that when she re-enrolled at Arkansas State University this spring as a biology major. She and her boyfriend found a daytime sitter for their[...]

Bolton says countries that deal with Iran may face U.S. sanctions

Monday  00:35,   14 may 2018

The U.S. may put sanctions on European countries that do business with Iran after Trump pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal.“Countries that continue to deal with Iran could face U.S. sanctions,” National Security Adviser John Bolton said on ABC’s [...]

North Korea details plans to dismantle its nuclear test site in less than 2 weeks, ahead of Trump's summit with Kim

Sunday  22:06,   13 may 2018

North Korea announced Saturday it will dismantle its nuclear test site in less than two weeks , in a dramatic event that would set up leader Kim Jong Un's summit with President Donald Trump next month.In a statement carried by state media, North[...]

US may allow private investment in N Korea

Sunday  22:06,   13 may 2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says US investors could help build the country's energy grid.In an interview on Fox News, he clarified that this would be conditional on the country's full[...]

Italy's 5-Star, League talks progress, PM may be in sight

Sunday  22:06,   13 may 2018

By Gavin Jones and Massimiliano Di GiorgioThe parties were adversaries before the March 4 vote which produced a hung parliament, but have been negotiating since Thursday to fuse their very different election platforms into a "contract" of mutually[...]

Trump honors his late mother in Mother's Day video

Sunday  22:06,   13 may 2018

President Donald Trump is paying tribute to his late mother, Mary MacLeod, in a Mother's Day video posted to his Twitter account.Trump says, "So much of what I've done and so much of what I've become is because of my mother. I miss[...]

Court rules Italy's Berlusconi can run for office again

Sunday  02:50,   13 may 2018

A court in Italy has ruled that former three-time Premier Silvio Berlusconi is eligible to run for office again, nearly five years after a tax fraud conviction forced him to surrender his Senate seat and prevented him from being a candidate in[...]

We read every one of the 3,517 Facebook ads bought by Russians. Their dominant strategy: Sowing racial discord

Saturday  18:27,   12 may 2018

The Russian company charged with orchestrating a wide-ranging effort to meddle in the 2016 presidential election overwhelmingly focused its barrage of social media advertising on what is arguably America’s rawest political division: race. The[...]

Tanzania's Maasai 'evicted for tourism'

Saturday  12:55,   12 may 2018

The Maasai cattle herders of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania are reportedly being moved on by their governments keen to appease foreign safari companies.Villagers in northern Tanzania's Loliondo area, near the Ngorongoro Crater tourism hotspot, [...]