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Man Who Spent More Than 50 Years Behind Bars to Walk Free After Judge Throws Out Conviction

Thursday  05:00,   16 november 2017
Inside Edition

Wilbert Jones was convicted of the 1971 rape and kidnapping of a Louisiana nurseA judge threw out the conviction of Wilbert Jones two weeks ago, calling the prosecution's case "weak at best" and saying authorities had withheld evidence that could[...]

Rancho Tehama gunman killed his wife and hid her body under their home, authorities say

Wednesday  22:21,   15 november 2017
Los Angeles Times

A rampaging gunman killed five people in Rancho Tehama, including his wife, whose body was found hidden beneath the floor of their home, authorities said Wednesday. At a Wednesday morning news conference, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil[...]

FBI informant known as 'Captain America' helped target corruption — then it all unraveled

Wednesday  12:22,   15 november 2017
Los Angeles Times

The evidence seemed overwhelming. A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy was caught on video stealing trim from an impounded vehicle. Another deputy was captured taking cash after a motorist was shaken down to avoid his car being towed. A third[...]

Mine workers, idyllic landscapes, tigers: North Korean artists have made tens of millions of dollars for Pyongyang

Wednesday  12:22,   15 november 2017

Many of the artworks come from the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang, one of the largest art production entities in the world. Mansudae is run by the North Korean government and it employs about 4,000 people—only around a quarter of them are artists. [...]

Papa John's apologizes for 'divisive' comments that NFL protests hurt sales

Wednesday  11:21,   15 november 2017
The Hill

Papa John's apologized Tuesday for saying that NFL protests were hurting its[...]

Olympic Weightlifter To Sell Gold Medal For Iran's Earthquake Victims

Wednesday  02:36,   15 november 2017

Olympic gold medalist Kianoush Rostami of Iran is auctioning off his prestigious medal to raise money for the victims of Sunday’s catastrophic earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border, which has left at least 530 people dead and thousands injured. The[...]

Donald and Melania Trump's wedding cake is being auctioned off for hundreds of dollars

Wednesday  02:36,   15 november 2017
Business Insider Australia

A cake from Donald and Melania Trump's wedding is being auctioned off. The starting price is $US250. The actual cake from the Trumps' wedding couldn't be eaten because it was filled with wires.Julien's Live Auction is auctioning off the[...]

Roy Moore, Long Divisive in His Hometown, and Even More So Now

Wednesday  01:23,   15 november 2017
The New York Times

Amid long-whispered rumors and allegations of sexual impropriety, an Alabama county seeks to make sense of its most famous resident.On Monday night, Ms. Abney said she recalled Mr. Moore, the embattled Republican Senate candidate, being a regular[...]

Tensions rise in Zimbabwe as military tanks near the capital

Wednesday  01:23,   15 november 2017
Business Insider Australia

Military tanks have been seen headings towards the capital of Zimbabwe The ruling party has accused the head of the armed forces of treason It has also issued a statement that it will never succumb to army threatsZimbabwe's ruling party has accused[...]

Police hunt house by house for killer after 4th slaying

Tuesday  22:23,   14 november 2017
Associated Press

Tampa police blockaded a neighborhood and searched with a SWAT team and dogs for a possible serial killer Tuesday after a fourth person was shot dead for no apparent reason.Residents of the Seminole Heights neighborhood reported hearing shots just[...]

The Night the Nazis Took Over Madison Square Garden

Tuesday  21:23,   14 november 2017
The Daily Beast

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry (‘Street Fight’) on his latest film, ‘A Night at the Garden,’ chronicling the night 20,000 American Nazis invaded New York City.Captured in beautiful 35 mm film, the night begins with a procession of adults[...]

Families of Paris attack victims find creative ways to honor their memories

Tuesday  13:22,   14 november 2017

On Monday, France marked the second anniversary of the attacks that killed 130 people in and around Paris two years ago.  But for some families across the country, more personal tributes were called for. And in the past year, a[...]

In Israel's north, seeking a measure of calm as Mideast tensions spike

Tuesday  13:22,   14 november 2017

In the press are dire warnings that Saudi Arabia is angling to get Israel to attack Hezbollah as a proxy in the kingdom's conflict with its regional rival, Iran. But along Israel's quiet northern border, hopeful residents say little on[...]

Fears for Lebanese economy if Saudis impose Qatar-style blockade

Tuesday  13:22,   14 november 2017

<p>Up to 400,000 Lebanese work in the Gulf region, and remittances flowing back into the country, estimated at between $7-8 billion a year, are a vital source of cash to keep the economy afloat and the heavily-indebted government[...]

Iran ends rescue operations, battles to shelter quake survivors - TV

Tuesday  13:20,   14 november 2017

<p>Thousands of homeless Iranians huddled against the cold late on Monday, a day after at least 450 people were killed in Iran's deadliest earthquake in more than a decade, state TV said.</p> Iran said on Tuesday that rescue operations[...]