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Gina Haspel confirmed as new CIA director

Friday  08:06,   18 may 2018

Gina Haspel becomes the new director of the CIA after the Senate voted to confirm her.The 54-45 vote split both parties, and the margin was the closest for a CIA nominee in the nearly seven decades that a nod from the Senate has been required.[...]

2 Dead, 43 Injured in 'Horrific' School Bus Crash in New Jersey

Friday  05:55,   18 may 2018

<p>Two people died and 43 were injured after a school bus traveling to a field trip collided with a dump truck on a New Jersey highway on Thursday.</p>Two people died and 43 were injured after a school travellingling to a field trip collided[...]

Ex of spa owner killed in blast had 'explosive devices'

Friday  03:55,   18 may 2018

The ex-boyfriend of a woman killed in a mysterious package bombing this week has been arrested on an unrelated explosives charge.The two “identical looking” IEDs consisted of cardboard cylinder tubes about 7 ½ inches long with 30-inch fuses[...]

A new ‘D.B. Cooper’ suspect? Yet another possible identity for the elusive hijacker.

Friday  03:11,   18 may 2018

Has an 84-year-old pet sitter from Florida finally cracked the case of the country's only unsolved skyjacking?But the mystery of the only unsolved skyjacking in U.S. history has fueled a cottage industry of authors, documentary makers and[...]

Pope Francis' cryptic 'have to take my leave' comment raises speculation about possible future retirement

Thursday  21:41,   17 may 2018

<p>Pope Francis said he's thinking about when it's time to “take my leave.”</p>Francis made the remarks during his morning homily Tuesday, and, as is the norm, the Vatican didn't release the full text but only selected excerpts, the[...]

Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ in Rant

Thursday  18:07,   17 may 2018

The president unspooled a lengthy diatribe before TV cameras, warning that dangerous people were clamoring to breach the United States’ borders and castigating Mexico.Mr. Trump’s incendiary comments came during a round-table discussion with state[...]

Anwar Ibrahim confident Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad will hand over top job

Thursday  08:10,   17 may 2018

Former Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim says he is confident Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad will keep his promise of handing over the top job in coming years. Mr Anwar, Dr Mahathir's ally-turned-foe-turned-ally, was released from prison[...]

This High School Prank Is So Elaborate Even the Cops Are Massive Fans

Thursday  07:01,   17 may 2018

Give these kids a round of applause — and go easy on grading those finals, too.&nbsp;The seniors at Wisconsin’s Cumberland High School are getting props for a well-executed prank that even impressed the local police[...]

FBI agents said to be probing Michael Cohen's deal with Korean firm

Thursday  06:16,   17 may 2018

A California man who served as a translator said federal investigators asked him in recent weeks about the arrangement under which Korea Aerospace Industries paid the president’s longtime attorney $150,000.Mark Ko said in an email to The[...]

Man killed and burned by exploding vape pen

Thursday  06:11,   17 may 2018

A vape pen has killed a man by exploding and hurling fragments into his head and starting a fire that burned most of his body. Tallmadge D'Elia, 38, was smoking the electronic cigarette on 5 May when it blasted apart, according to a post-mortem[...]

Dog Rescues His Canine Friend Seen Struggling in Arizona Pool

Thursday  03:55,   17 may 2018

Video of the incident has become an internet sensation.Move over David Hasselhoff — there's a new hero saving lives in the[...]

Trump says some unauthorised immigrants 'aren't people' but 'animals' who will be rapidly kicked out of the US

Thursday  03:35,   17 may 2018

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said some unauthorised immigrants "aren't people" but "animals" who will be taken out of the country "at a rate that's never happened before."President Donald Trump on[...]

Putin made a show of crossing the new Crimea bridge. But he was upstaged by a cat.

Thursday  03:05,   17 may 2018

An unofficial mascot of the new bridge, which has been criticized by the West, undercut Russian leader's big christening.Dressed in blue jeans and ditching his tie, Putin jumped into the driver's seat of an orange dump truck Tuesday and drove[...]

Trump Says 'We'll Have to See' as Doubts Swirl on Kim Summit

Thursday  01:12,   17 may 2018

<p>President Donald Trump said North Korea hasn’t directly raised concerns about his proposed summit with its leader, Kim Jong Un.</p>President Donald Trump said North Korea hasn’t directly raised concerns about his proposed summit with its[...]

Moderate earthquake triggers alarm in Mexico City; no damage reported

Wednesday  21:58,   16 may 2018

A moderate magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck southern Mexico on Wednesday morning.The tremor, which was centered in the southwestern state of Guerrero, was felt lightly in Mexico City shortly after 9 a.m. and hundreds of people left office blocks and[...]