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Europe hit with measles outbreak

Tuesday  06:25,   21 august 2018

At least 40 people have died and many thousands infected with the measles virus after an extended outbreak hit Europe. More than 41,000 children and adults have been struck down by the illness in the first six months of 2018, according to the World[...]
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Flash flood hits hikers in gorge in southern Italy; 8 dead

Tuesday  06:00,   21 august 2018

Heavy rain flooded a gorge filled with hikers Monday in the southern region of Calabria, killing at least eight, Italy's civil protection agency said. At least another five were missing .The prefect's office said 23 people were rescued from the[...]

South Africa Begins Land Seizure From White Farmers

Tuesday  05:58,   21 august 2018

ANC government official Mashile Mokono stresses that there was no talk of expropriation without compensation, but the courts will have to decide on how much is "just and equitable."The process has moved forward after negotiations with the[...]

'She still has a smile': Pit bull with 'half a face' receives outpouring of love on social media as rescuers try to find her a new home

Tuesday  04:00,   21 august 2018

Animal lovers across New York are falling in love with Paris, a dog who appears to still be smiling despite possible facial injuries. The pit bull is a lactating mother who lost her litter and needs a new home.Paris the pit bull won hearts after an[...]

Pope steps up rhetoric over US clerical child abuse 'atrocities'

Tuesday  04:00,   21 august 2018

Pope Francis condemned Monday the "atrocities" revealed by a far-reaching US report into clerical child sex abuse in the state of Pennsylvania issued last week and once again pledged action to combat the scandal which continues to rock the [...]

2 detained after shots are fired at US Embassy in Turkey

Tuesday  03:55,   21 august 2018

<p>Shots were fired from a moving car at the U.S. Embassy in Turkey before dawn Monday, an attack that came during heightened tensions between the two NATO allies. Officials said two people with criminal records were[...]

Trump singled out a Hispanic US Border Patrol agent for speaking 'perfect English' and misnamed the agency in bizarre ceremony remarks

Tuesday  02:56,   21 august 2018

President Donald Trump singled out a Hispanic US Border Patrol agent and seemed to misname the agency in his remarks during a ceremony to honour border and law enforcement officers on Monday.President Donald Trump singled out a Hispanic US Border[...]

China may add a 'nuclear element' to the disputes in the South China Sea, the Pentagon is warning

Tuesday  02:56,   21 august 2018

China continues to build-up on disputed islands in the South China Sea. In the next few years, Beijing could deploy floating nuclear plants to power those outposts.After adding 3,200 acres of land to seven reefs and islands it occupies, China hasn't [...]

US woman killed in alligator attack

Tuesday  01:31,   21 august 2018

Witnesses say the 45-year-old was attacked while protecting her dog from an 8ft alligator.Police responded to reports of a woman being attacked in a resort lagoon on Monday[...]

Yazidi Islamic State survivor gets engaged

Monday  22:06,   20 august 2018

Nadia Murad, who was captured by Islamic State militants in 2014, finds love with a fellow activist.The 25-year-old said "the struggle for our people" brought her together with Abid[...]

'Terrorist' shot dead at Barcelona police station

Monday  20:26,   20 august 2018

A suspected terrorist has been shot dead after attempting to attack officers with a large knife at a police station in Barcelona. The man is said to have shouted "Allah is great" as he lunged at his targets, having gained entry to the station[...]

Brief Korean reunions bring tears for separated families

Monday  17:56,   20 august 2018

Dozens of elderly South Koreans are holding temporary reunions with relatives from North Korea, their first since their families were driven apart during the 1950-53 Korean War.&nbsp;"How many children do you have? Do you have a son?" Lee[...]

Family tormented by 'Nazis' in Auckland park

Monday  17:48,   20 august 2018

The re-enactors allegedly teased the children and told their mother to "p--- off".The man, who didn't want to be identified, went with his wife and young children to Glenbrook Vintage Railway in south Auckland on[...]

Catholic churches hold "Mass of forgiveness" after sex abuse report

Monday  17:06,   20 august 2018

Sunday marked the first time many Catholics returned to church after a Pennsylvania grand jury alleged rampant abuse affecting more than 1,000 children by 300 priests in six dioceses over the past seven decades."In the name of our local church, I[...]

Spanish police treating knife assault as 'terrorist attack'

Monday  17:06,   20 august 2018

A police officer shot dead a man armed with a knife as he tried to attack a police station in Catalonia on Monday, just days after the one-year anniversary of a twin attack in the northern Spanish region that killed 16 people. Credit Cards[...]