World Endangered blue whale harpooned and killed by Icelandic whalers, Sea Shepherd says

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Whale entangled in Sydney Harbour cut free during dramatic rescue operation

  Whale entangled in Sydney Harbour cut free during dramatic rescue operation The humpback whale, part of a pod of whales travelling through the harbour, was spotted north of Sydney Harbour on Tuesday afternoon dragging a buoy behind it. It was later confirmed that the whale was entangled in 100m of rope and a number of buoys. National Parks and Marine Rescue were called after a fisherman spotted the animal near Bundeena in Sydney's south.As of 2:00pm, the whale was just north of Sydney Heads. Authorities managed to free the whale about 2.20pm after working on the rescue for about an hour.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Watson said Sea Shepherd ’s 12 years of action against Japan’s whalers had been successful, having seen 6,500 whales saved, not a single humpback killed , and only 10 endangered fin whales killed .

Whalers are accused of killing a rare blue whale off of Iceland - the first of its kind to be harpooned in more than 50 years. A whale , which experts say is an endangered blue whale , was killed by hunters in Iceland on Saturday.

This would be the first blue whale deliberately killed in 40 years, according to IUCN.© Hard to Port This would be the first blue whale deliberately killed in 40 years, according to IUCN.

An Icelandic whaling company has been accused of slaughtering an endangered blue whale.

International anti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd claims the huge animal was killed by the Hvalur hf whaling company, which is licensed by Iceland's government to slaughter smaller fin whales.

At the time of writing, there was still some conjecture over the exact identification of the whale, with some suggesting it may be a hybrid of a blue whale and fin whale, which do occur in Iceland's waters.

Photos provided by Icelandic-based anti-whaling group Hard to Port show the huge animal being towed into port and hauled ashore, with crew members seemingly posing for photos beside it before it was cut up.

Move over Migaloo - there's a new white whale in town

  Move over Migaloo - there's a new white whale in town Australia’s most well-known humpback whale – Migaloo – may need to move aside because there’s a new kid in town. What looks to be a rare white whale calf and its mother have been spotted from the air by an eagle-eyed paraglider flying high above Lennox Head in northern New South Wales.The spectacular vision captured the marine creatures frolicking in the water side-by-side. The unusual sighting comes after Migaloo has captivated seasoned and amateur whale watchers along the east coast for decades.

Photos show Japanese whalers killing minke in sanctuary, says Sea Shepherd . “We physically got in between the whalers and the whales and stopped the latter being killed ,” said Hammarstedt. “One year we stopped Japan getting all but 10% of its quota.

The species seen regularly on whale watching tours include minke, fin, blue , humpback, sperm and killer whales , white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. Untitled layer. Arctic Sea Tours Whale Watching.

One crew member can be seen posing for a photo while sitting on top of the whale.

In a statement on the Sea Shepherd website, founder Paul Watson said the slaughter had brought disrepute to Iceland.

"I know a blue whale when I see one and this whale slaughtered by Kristjan Loftsson is a blue whale," he said.

Ancient pygmy right whale fossil identified 60 years after being found on Melbourne beach

  Ancient pygmy right whale fossil identified 60 years after being found on Melbourne beach A seemingly unremarkable fossil first collected on a Melbourne beach more than 60 years ago and kept in storage turns out to be the oldest known evidence of the rare pygmy right whale. The ancient bone was found in the bayside suburb of Beaumaris by Museums Victoria honorary palaeontologist George Baxter Pritchard in the first half of last century, and placed in one of the museum's collections.But only recently did palaeontologist Dr Erich Fitzgerald decide to take a closer look at the object. Credit Cards Are Now Offering 0% Interest Until 2020 Find out more on Finder Sponsored by

Sea Shepherd was relentless in reducing the yearly quotas significantly and in 2012/2013 the Japanese whalers went home with only about Over 6,000 whales saved. Not a single endangered Humpback killed and only 10 endangered Fin whales killed in a decade where 500 were slated to die.

Anti- whaling campaign group Sea Shepherd says it has photographed Japanese whalers carrying out a slaughter inside Australia’s Antarctic whale sanctuary, the same day the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, was in Australia on a state visit. In the first documented killing since the international

"This man must be stopped from ruthlessly violating international conservation law and bringing such disrepute to the nation of Iceland.

"There can be no legal justification for this crime."

Speaking to Icelandic media, Gisli Arnor Vikingsson from the Iceland Marine Institute said he also believed the animal was a blue whale–fin whale hybrid.

"Photographs point to the fact that it's a hybrid whale and we're almost certain that it is one, but we can't be sure until autumn when we get it DNA tested," he said.

Hard to Port agreed the whale could be a hybrid.

Time for Iceland to give up 'cruel, inhumane practice'

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), no blue whale has been deliberately caught since 1978.

Whaling in the 1900s decimated blue whale populations by up to 90 per cent, according to the IUCN, though present numbers are difficult to calculate.

Rescuers work tirelessly for four hours to free 25-tonne distressed humpback whale after it became tangled in a 100-metre rope

  Rescuers work tirelessly for four hours to free 25-tonne distressed humpback whale after it became tangled in a 100-metre rope Whale watchers first spotted the struggling mammal near La Perouse, south of Sydney, and called authorities. Officers from the National Parks and Wildlife Services and the Office of Environment and Heritage quickly intervened when the whale neared the entrance of the city's harbour. © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Rescuers spent four hours trying to free a 25-tonne whale after its tail became tangled in a rope on Tuesday Peter Bergman, a rescuer with National Parks and Wildlife services told 7 News that although the whale was moving, it was at a slower pace than it would have liked.

The whale was killed by hunters off the Icelandic coast on Saturday night (Image: Arne Feuerhahn, Hard To Port.) But he denied that his workers had illegally killed a blue whale , saying : "This is a hybrid. "For experienced whalers , they do not make a mistake like this."

The International Whaling Commission was set up to help regulate whale killings with those countries who signed into the agreement in an attempt to stabilize whale killing , monitor the whaling industry and help prevent killings of endangered species.

Although an international moratorium has placed catch limits at zero for blue whales, Iceland, Norway and the Russian Federation all objected to that provision.

Iceland resumed commercial whaling in 2006, joining Norway in open defiance of the International Whaling Commission's (IWCC) ban.

Iceland and Norway began exporting whale meat to Japan in 2008.

So far this season, Kristjan Loftsson's company has killed 21 fin whales, according to Sea Shepherd, which has been monitoring the catch.

But this latest incident should be a wakeup call to the people of Iceland, Humane Society International's Head of Campaigns Australia Nicola Beynon said.

"It looks like a blue whale, but if not a blue whale then it's a hybrid. They're highly endangered animals", she said.

"It is unforgivable. We hope that the Icelandic public give their whaling group a hard time about this. The cruel and inhumane practice of commercial whaling does not belong in the 21st century, it's time to give it up."

Blue whales are the largest animals ever to have lived.

Two species of blue whale are found in Australian waters, according to Macquarie University researcher Vanessa Pirotta.

The pygmy blue whale and the Antarctic blue whale can both get to around 30 metres in length, she said.

Hvalur hf has been contacted for comment.

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