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China Citic, Baidu launch direct bank in fintech push

Saturday  12:21,   18 november 2017

China Citic Bank Corp (601998.SS) and search engine giant Baidu Inc (BIDU.O) launched on Saturday a direct banking joint venture, dubbed AiBank, to capitalize on China's rapidly growing fintech sector. AiBank is one among several tie-ups between [...]

A surgeon inspired by Frankenstein claims he has completed the first head transplant on a corpse

Saturday  11:31,   18 november 2017
Business Insider Australia

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claimed on Friday that he had completed the world's first human head transplant between two corpses, but he cited no evidence.Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claimed on Friday that he had completed the[...]

9 hidden Xbox One features only power users know about

Saturday  09:36,   18 november 2017
Business Insider Australia

The Xbox One is an incredible gaming console.The Xbox One is an incredible gaming console with the capability to do all sorts of cool things, but unless you have your finger on the pulse of the latest Xbox news, you might be missing out on a few of[...]

Google Assistant can help troubleshoot your Pixel 2 phone

Saturday  06:37,   18 november 2017

Plenty of companies offer chat support to troubleshoot problems with your phone. But do you really want to talk to another human for what could be a simple fix? You don't have to... if you have a Pixel 2. Android Police has discovered that you[...]

Even new phones are no longer guaranteed to have the latest version of Android

Saturday  05:20,   18 november 2017
The Verge

The OnePlus 5T and Razer Phone are two fundamentally different devices, which are nonetheless united by one unfortunate downside: both of them are going on sale this month without the latest version of Android on board. OnePlus will tell you that [...]

Huge Underwater Castle With Ancient ‘Fairy Chimneys’ Discovered at the Bottom of Turkey’s Lake Van

Saturday  00:05,   18 november 2017

The castle likely dates from the reign of the ancient Urartu Kingdom.Tahsin Ceylan, an underwater photographer and videographer, Mustafa Akkuş, an academic from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University’s fishery faculty, Murat Kulakaç, a diving instructor and[...]

Genetically Engineering The Natural World, It Turns Out, Could Be A Disaster

Friday  21:02,   17 november 2017
Kotaku Australia

For the native species of New Zealand, European settlement was particularly cruel. For the native species of New Zealand, European settlement was particularly cruel. The country has no endemic land predators, so many of its birds evolved[...]

Techly Explains: How is the “feels like” temperature calculated?

Friday  21:02,   17 november 2017

Sometimes the temperature is not the temperature. In 2005, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) rolled out the use of “feels like” as a way of measuring[...]

Tesla’s new second-generation Roadster is the fastest production car ever made

Friday  21:01,   17 november 2017
The Verge

“Period.” Elon Musk promised a surprise during the Tesla semi unveiling event, and boy did he deliver: the return of the Roadster. But it’s no repeat performance. The stunning four-seater roadster boasts jaw-dropping numbers, that if they measure[...]

Sydney Has Its Own High Performance Esports Centre

Friday  21:01,   17 november 2017
Kotaku Australia

Earlier this week, the Adelaide Crows announced their intention to build a high performance centre exclusively for esports. Days later, the Sydney Cricket Ground went one step further by opening the doors to a centre of their own. The SCG Trust[...]

Apple iPhone 11 Chipset Being Made By Intel: Report

Friday  19:53,   17 november 2017
International Business Times

The tech giant has chosen Intel instead of Qualcomm for 5G capable chipsets on the next generation of its iPhones.One of the reasons that the company needs to work toward new chipsets is the evolution of 5G as wireless standard that will replace[...]

Bizarre Lava-Covered Planet's Air Could Support Life

Friday  19:53,   17 november 2017

But don't book your tickets yet—this place is definitely too hot to handle.That distant planet, known as 55 Cancri e, has been entrancing scientists since they first spotted it in 2004. It's skewed with respect to its star, its core may be[...]

Spotify buys online recording studio Soundtrap

Friday  19:53,   17 november 2017

Music streaming company Spotify has bought online music and audio recording studio Soundtrap, it said on Friday, declining to give financial details of the deal. Stockholm-based Soundtrap allows its subscribers to have an online music studio and[...]

Conspiracy Corner: What's really going on in Antarctica?

Friday  17:33,   17 november 2017

Most of the icy desert is off limits - but why?From secret pyramids to hidden Nazis, and speculation about military operations, the inhospitable continent is a favourite topic of discussion for many people across the[...]

Canon finally made a retro mirrorless camera... flash drive

Friday  15:38,   17 november 2017
The Verge

Canon may be the leader in DSLRs, but it’s dearly behind Sony and Fuji when it comes to small, portable, and exciting mirrorless cameras. For years, all we’ve wanted is for Canon to mine its heritage for a cool, retro design and offer a compact[...]