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Samsung set to launch new flagship smartphones

Wednesday  15:52,   21 february 2018

Samsung Electronics will unveil its next flagship smartphones -- the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ -- on Sunday, after it reported record profits in recent weeks and its vice chairman was released from prison. Samsung, the flagship subsidiary of South[...]

Apple Named ‘Most Innovative’ Company

Wednesday  15:52,   21 february 2018
International Business Times

A business magazine has named Apple as the “Most Innovative” company of 2018.Fast Company published Tuesday its list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018 in the consumer electronics sector and Tim Cook’s company was the one that snagged the [...]

Existing EV batteries could be recharged five times faster

Wednesday  10:18,   21 february 2018

A new type of sensor shows that the cells can handle a lot more power without overheating.Overcharging a lithium-ion battery anode can lead to lithium buildup, which can break through a battery's separator, create a short-circuit and cause[...]

Artificial intelligence poses risks of misuse by hackers, researchers say

Wednesday  10:17,   21 february 2018

The researchers said the malicious use of AI poses imminent threats to digital, physical and political security by allowing for large-scale, finely targeted, highly efficient attacks. The study focuses on plausible developments within five[...]

Tesla cloud account hacked to mine cryptocurrency

Wednesday  06:57,   21 february 2018
The Hill

An unidentified outside hacker infiltrated Tesla's Amazon cloud account and used its systems to quietly mine for cryptocurrencies, a cybersecurity firm announced Tuesday.  The hack also potentially exposed the electric car[...]

Most Massive Black Holes in the Universe Detected

Wednesday  06:57,   21 february 2018

More than half of these "ultramassive" black holes have a mass 10 billion times greater than that of the Sun.The “ultra-massive” black holes are located up to 3.5 billion light years from Earth. They were spotted using data captured by[...]

New fish found in deep-sea haul from 'frontier' voyage to Australia's eastern abyss

Wednesday  05:36,   21 february 2018
ABC News

<p>"It is breaking new ground, it is frontier science," he said.</p>Scientists on board the research ship Investigator collected 42,747 fish and invertebrate specimens from ocean depths of up to 4,800 metres during a voyage last[...]

10 stunning Windows Themes to download right now

Wednesday  01:56,   21 february 2018

<p>Put your personality into your Windows 10 desktop. Explore dazzling wallpapers, sounds, accent colors and more cool[...]

Blocked pirate websites used 50 per cent less due to court orders

Wednesday  01:36,   21 february 2018
Brisbane Times

Pirate websites blocked by the Australian government are used 50 per cent less than a year ago.In the past year there has been a 25 per cent drop in overall piracy in the year and a 53 per cent drop in the use of blocked sites, the Australian[...]

Coming decades vital for future sea level rise: study

Wednesday  00:55,   21 february 2018

How quickly humanity draws down the greenhouse gases driving global warming will determine whether sea levels rise half-a-metre or six times that."The trajectory of emissions in the next few decades will shape our coastlines in the centuries to[...]

Ancient Rome: Scientists Explain Geological Mystery That Killed Animals but Not Priests at 'Gate to Hell'

Wednesday  00:36,   21 february 2018

To the disbelief of spectators, all of the animals which entered into the gates perished, while miraculously, the priests emerged unscathed. To onlookers, it must have seemed as if they were imbued with special powers as a result of their divine[...]

Sony releases mysterious teaser for its next phone

Tuesday  20:05,   20 february 2018
The Verge

Sony is apparently going to introduce something at Mobile World Congress next week, going by the fact that its Xperia account tweeted a teaser video for the annual phone event this morning.&nbsp;You can see the tweet[...]

Google Pay is the new Android Pay

Tuesday  20:05,   20 february 2018

Google recently admitted that Android Pay and Google Wallet probably didn't need to exist as two different services.&nbsp;For that, you still have to use Google Wallet, which is now called Google Pay Send to keep it on-brand, if a bit[...]

The Google app has a screenshot editing feature in beta

Tuesday  15:12,   20 february 2018
The Verge

The Google app is now rolling out a built-in screenshot editor with beta version 7.21, starting last Friday, which will give users better sharing and editing tools, as spotted by 9to5Google.&nbsp;The editor can be toggled on by heading into the[...]

Nokia 8 Pro Reportedly Features 5 Back Cameras

Tuesday  10:30,   20 february 2018
International Business Times

The device is said to have a rotating penta-lens setup that will make it stand out against flagship rivals.NokiaPowerUser reported over the weekend that it has learned from sources about a new HMD phone that has a retail name of “Nokia 8 Pro.” The[...]