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Sony to become world's No.1 music publisher with $2.3 billion EMI deal

Tuesday  10:52,   22 may 2018

Sony Corp said on Tuesday it would pay about $2.3 billion to gain control of EMI, becoming the world's biggest music publisher in an industry that has found new life in streaming services. The acquisition, which gives Sony a catalogue of more[...]

Apple is teasing a smarter Siri with a new voice to show off at June's WWDC

Tuesday  10:52,   22 may 2018

Apple historically has used the WWDC developer conference to announce new software changes to make Siri more useful. Will they work this time?This year's plan, according to a Siri trick Apple has put out there: Siri will be smarter, get a new look[...]

Google Photos now has a Favorites feature

Tuesday  10:51,   22 may 2018

I know a lot of people love Google Photos, but sometimes you realize that the service is missing some elementary stuff. For example, there hasn’t been a Favorites feature until now. Google has announced that, over the next week, it’s rolling out[...]

When black holes collide: Perth professor lauded for breakthrough work

Tuesday  07:52,   22 may 2018

David Blair led a team of UWA researchers that played a key role in the 2015 discovery of gravitational waves.Because the waves race past earth so quickly – tenths of a second – scientists need the most accurate and reliable tools available to[...]

NASA is about to create the coldest spot in the known universe

Tuesday  06:11,   22 may 2018

Beyond the bounds of our planet, the record for the coldest temperature is currently held by the Boomerang Nebula, a swiftly moving chill cloud of dust and gas that stays at a cool one degree Kelvin, or –458°F. Down here on the ground, physicists[...]

Processor Makers Confirm New Security Flaws, So Update Now

Tuesday  06:06,   22 may 2018

Intel is finally confirming that its computer processors are vulnerable to an additional variant of Spectre, the nasty security vulnerability that affects nearly every CPU currently in devices and in the marketplace. German computing magazine C't[...]

YouTube Red Is Changing: What You Need To Know

Tuesday  06:06,   22 may 2018

YouTube has announced a major shakeup in its premium subscription and music streaming services, ditching the YouTube Red brand and making a push to offer both paid and ad-supported versions of its offerings across the board. And it's all happening[...]

You Can Help Australian Scientists Look For Exploding Stars

Tuesday  05:56,   22 may 2018

Citizen science is flat out awesome, folks. The latest project you can get involved with is the Australian National University's search for supernovae.The latest project you can get involved with is the Australian National University's search[...]

This is what caused Telstra's nationwide outage

Tuesday  05:35,   22 may 2018

Telstra has revealed what caused its 3G and 4G services to go down, leaving customers across the country unable to make calls or use their data. The telco says a software fault hit its 4G network, causing customers to be diverted to the 3G network[...]

Jupiter's backward-flying asteroid from another star system

Tuesday  05:35,   22 may 2018

Just months after the discovery of our first known interstellar visitor, it turns out there's another asteroid from yet another star system residing in our cosmic club in plain view. Scientists reported Monday that this interstellar resident is[...]

All The Australian Times For Every E3 Conference

Tuesday  04:00,   22 may 2018

The annual ritual is almost upon us: waking up at ungodly hours, rugging up in a blanket and slamming several coffees until the hype kicks in. Welcome to E3 2018. As has been the case for the last few years, EA will kick off proceedings at 0400 AEST [...]

NASA To Create Coolest Spot In Universe

Monday  15:33,   21 may 2018

The effort could help scientists understand the quantum properties of atoms at extreme temperatures.The box, called Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL), will use a combination of laser and magnets to bring temperatures of a cloud of atoms closest to absolute [...]

Microsoft's acquisition of Semantic Machines is all about AI

Monday  15:33,   21 may 2018

Microsoft announces Sunday its acquisition of Semantic Machines Inc, a company focused on conversational AI.Announced Sunday, Microsoft said the purchase was designed to bolster not just Cortana but social chatbots like XiaoIce, which has had up to[...]

Qualcomm's new hardware will help mobile 5G get off the ground

Monday  15:33,   21 may 2018

If mobile 5G is going to become more than a nice idea, it needs the thorough coverage you expect today -- and that means putting it in the small cell sites that boost coverage in busy areas. The company is launching the first 5G New Radio[...]

Oculus' mobile VR now supports paid add-ons for apps

Monday  11:02,   21 may 2018

Downloadable extras are a staple of the gaming world on PCs, phones and consoles, but not in VR. With Oculus' devices, you've either had to buy another app or hope the creator would be kind enough to throw in thew new content for free. Not [...]