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06:56  11 january  2018
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Keep your eye on these tech trends in 2018

  Keep your eye on these tech trends in 2018 <p>We are now immersed in the digital age, and the integration of technology into our everyday lives is reaching Minority Report levels.&nbsp;</p>With breakthroughs for promising technology on the horizon, pleasant surprises such as the emergence of blockchain are piquing the interest of those interested in the shift to a digital currency. As we cross the threshold into the new year, let’s take a look at what the technological terrain will look like in 2018.

So what can you do with a screen like this? Since its main focus is on AR, it's entirely meant to bring digital objects into the real world. Realfiction has been delivering limited holographs to stores for years, but Dyrholm sees Deepframe as a huge step beyond that.

Enhancing reality , DeepFrame brings to life experiences and entertainment beyond the imagination – and for all to see. By layering augmented digital content over an actual physical space, DeepFrame transforms our surroundings, creating life-like scenarios you and the environment around them can

  Deepframe brings augmented reality to a huge screen © Provided by Engadget It's easy to feel a bit disillusioned with all of the hype around augmented reality. We've seen basic examples of AR take off, with apps like Pokemon Go, but that's not exactly immersive. AR glasses, meanwhile, are still finding their legs. But Realfiction believes there's another approach: Its large 64-inch screen called Deepframe. It basically takes the AR experience we've seen from things like Meta's glasses, and transforms it into something that a whole crowd of people can see. While it's not something you'd ever get at home, it could change the way we interact with stores and museums.

5G to AR: Here are 7 technologies to watch in 2018

  5G to AR: Here are 7 technologies to watch in 2018 AR, biometric security, 5G are among the technologies influencing consumersThese and other technologies mentioned here, some of which are already familiar but really just getting started, are worth keeping an eye on in 2018. And not just these. You can bet we’ll also learn about innovations in the months to come that are for now, completely under the radar.

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Like other AR solutions, Deepframe relies on optics for its magic. It actually reflects the output from a display in front of it -- in my demo, it was from a 65-inch 4K OLED. The Deepframe itself doesn't have any electronics. With this setup, you'll be able to scale the resolution of what the screen shows just by upgrading your source display (for example, an 8K TV would be even sharper). In addition to the standalone Deepframe, potential customers can also embed it into an existing window or structure.

So what can you do with a screen like this? Since its main focus is on AR, it's entirely meant to bring digital objects into the real world. I saw a CG velociraptor hopping around the screen, and I was surprised by how sharp it appeared on the screen. It wasn't exactly life-like, but it looked like it was almost in the room with me. I also briefly chatted with Realfiction CEO Clas Dyrholm through the display (he was in a separate room), which felt like chatting with a Star Wars hologram. At one point, he made the dinosaur instantly appear alongside him, something that looked like it would take hours of rendering just a few years ago.

Spotify tries using video loops as song artwork

  Spotify tries using video loops as song artwork Usually when you tap the now-playing bar while listening to Spotify on your phone, it brings up a static image related to the song you're playing.We reached out to Spotify to see if this is something we might be seeing more of, but a spokesperson for the company said that they had nothing to announce at this time. So it appears this is just a test. None of the other songs on the New Music Friday US playlist currently has an accompanying video and the feature doesn't seem to extend to the desktop app.

We hear a lot of talk about the possibility of augmented reality glasses in the future, but it turns out there's That's the idea behind a new prototype device called DeepFrame from Denmark-based RealFiction. The stationary device provides 4K resolution by using a 64-inch curved OLED screen .

Augmented reality is a technology that layers virtual objects or holograms on top of your existing environment in real -time. Innovation in eCommerce is quickly advancing, and augmented reality is in a position to bring a physical presence to online shopping.

a car parked in front of a building: <p class=Devindra Hardawar/AOL

" src="/upload/images/real/2018/01/11/a-car-parked-in-front-of-a-building-p-class-image-credit-style-margin-bottom-1em-padding-0px-0-2em-f_44089_.jpg?content=1" />© Provided by Engadget

Devindra Hardawar/AOL

Realfiction has been delivering limited holographs to stores for years, but Dyrholm sees Deepframe as a huge step beyond that. It's something museum guides could use to interact with digital objects and characters, giving attendees a size comparison between them and a giraffe, for example. In stores, customers could use the display to interact with expensive or hard to find items. As one example, Realfiction created a demo for a car company that doesn't have showfloor space for actual cars. Instead, customers can use Deepframe to take a look at new vehicles, and even customize them in AR with a mobile app.

a man standing in a room© Devindra Hardawar/AOL I also briefly went behind the scenes to turn myself into a Deepframe hologram. For the most part, I was surprised by how simple the company's setup was. In the room next to the display, there was a Canon DSLR capturing video and pushingit through a gaming laptop, which then processed it into AR imagery. A small webcam in front of the Deepframe itself let me see who was watching the screen, and I was able to chat with them through a microphone. A small remote let me turn my holographic AR stream on and off, and also make the velociraptor appear beside it.

Vuzix is launching the first Alexa-enabled AR glasses at CES

  Vuzix is launching the first Alexa-enabled AR glasses at CES Vuzix has been making smartglasses for years, but one upcoming model will apparently be extra special. According to Bloomberg, the New York-based company is debuting the first Alexa-enabled augmented reality glasses at CES 2018.&nbsp;You'll apparently be able to ask Alexa questions the way you usually do, and the glasses will show the results on the display à la Google Glass. If you ask Alexa for directions, for instance, the glasses can show a map on the AR screen, as long as you have an Amazon account. The company told the publication that it's excited about the device's "ability to bring Alexa to customers in a new way.

AR is allowing content to not be held prisoner to paper and screens . Instead, augmented reality technology is leading to more immersive marketing campaigns from forward-thinking brands. These five companies are among many others who are using AR to bring new life to their print marketing

Augmented Reality turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real -time. Augmented Reality can be used on all screens and connected devices

Experiencing Deepframe was enough to make me think it has potential. It gets rid of the cumbersome equipment requirement for AR, and instead gives us a simple window into the digital world. While the company isn't talking about exact pricing yet, Clas says customers should be able to get Deepframe up and running for about $50,000 to $60,000. Obviously, that's far out of reach for most potential buyers today, but there are certainly deep-pocketed early adopters who might take the leap.

Siri Can Check Your ING Bank Balance .
If you're an ING customer, you don't even need to touch your iPhone to see how much you have in your bank account anymore. ING is the first Australian bank to offer Siri voice control, with more expected to follow suit. "This latest development with Siri marks a major milestone in Australian consumer banking as it brings us one huge leap closer to making voice activated transactional banking a reality," said Chris Barwick, ING's Head of Digital and Innovation."In the future we want our customers to be able to use Siri for banking transactions such as transferring funds between accounts or making bill payments.

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