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06:05  09 december  2017
06:05  09 december  2017 Source:   Forbes

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  Japanese Government Makes Pikachu an Official Ambassador He shares the role with Hello Kitty.As ambassador, the electrifying character is now responsible for boosting the city’s profile among member states of the Bureau International des Expositions. Every few years, the organization meets to select a world city to host the upcoming World Expo. The World Expo is an event aimed at “educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress, and fostering cooperation” among international communities, according to the bureau’s website. The members will choose between cities in Japan, France, Russia, and Azerbaijan to host the next one when the committee convenes in November 2018.

THE POKEMON Go Halloween 2017 event is going to include a major update for the game, following the news that the launch of Gen 3 is drawing near. However, since dataminers took the time to look at things a little closer, we now know there’ s a lot more than just that.

Pokemon GO ' s Gen 3 launch is here, but there's a lot more to this update than just 50 new Pokemon to catch. Pokemon GO . Well, Gen 3 is here at last for Pokémon GO players, sort of.

<span style=Pokemon GO" src="/upload/images/real/2017/12/09/span-style-font-size-13px-pokemon-go-span__491882_.img" />© Provided by Forbes Media LLCPokemon GO Well, Gen 3 is here at last for Pokémon GO players, sort of. For reasons that remain a bit unclear, Niantic has dumped 50 of the ~150 Ruby/Sapphire era Pokémon into the game with the rest to follow. We will be hunting down a complete list of those 50, but in the meantime, there’s actually a lot more that’s been added into the game along with Gen 3 itself.

I’m going to go down the list, and some of these are more involved than others. Probably the biggest new update is…

Weather Effects

Pokémon GO should now be able to sync with your local weather conditions. That will invoke some cool new animations onscreen, but it actually has gameplay effects as well.

Niantic’s first AR game Ingress is getting a massive overhaul in 2018

  Niantic’s first AR game Ingress is getting a massive overhaul in 2018 Niantic may be best-known for the massive hit Pokémon Go, but for its next major release the studio is going back to the beginning. Today the developer revealed that it’s working on a significant update to its debut augmented reality game, Ingress. Called Ingress Prime, the overhauled version of the game will be launching next year, and will change virtually every aspect of the experience — from the art, design, and narrative, to the underlying technology that powers it.

Our Pokémon GO Generation 3 Hub holds information on every Pokémon family coming to Pokémon GO in Gen 3 . Our goal is to make a central hub where you can familiarise yourself with the new additions in Generation III .

The 100 Gen 2 Pokémon Are Live, When Would Gen 3 Happen? That would be a HUGE step forward for Pokémon GO , to introduce that many new creatures to be captured that aren't related to the currently captured Pokémon .

For all of the below types, the weather conditions equate to 25% more Stardust when caught, increased spawn rates and increased strength in battle:

Clear – Ground, Grass, Fire

Partly Cloudy – Rock, Normal

Ho-Oh is now in Pokémon Go for a limited time

  Ho-Oh is now in Pokémon Go for a limited time The latest legendary to arrive Ho-Oh, one of the Johto region’s two legendary Pokémon, is now obtainable in Pokémon Go.&nbsp;Niantic/The Pokémon Company

October 14, 2017: Latest Pokémon Go update hints at spooky Gen 3 Pokémon for Halloween. Details from our development team: Various bug fixes and performance updates . But it looks like there may be a lot more to it than that.

Pokemon Go ' s next update will bring several technical fixes in addition to the much anticipated rollout of a new generation of Pokemon . Slide 3/4 – Wider Gen III Implimentation. The widespread speculation is that Pokemon Go is going to do a "soft" rollout of its Gen III Pokemon , starting with a

Cloudy – Fighting, Fairy, Poison

Snow – Steel, Ice

Rain – Water, Electric, Bug

Fog – Ghost, Dark

Windy – Dragon, Flying, Psychic

So pay attention to conditions, and catch and battle accordingly. There’s a weather icon onscreen to tell you what the conditions are, if you can’t tell.

screen of a cell phone: <span style=Pokemon GO" src="/upload/images/real/2017/12/09/screen-of-a-cell-phone-span-style-font-size-13px-pokemon-go-span__955246_.jpg" />© Provided by Forbes Media LLCPokemon GO

Battle Parties

Oh my god, they finally did it.

This is a beta feature, so I’m not positive it’s live for everyone yet (it is for me), but Pokémon GO has introduced a new feature where you can save six Pokémon to be your go-to for raids or gym battles.

Fans (and myself) have been requesting this for eons, and it looks like multiple teams for different situations (vs. fire raid boss, vs. water raid boss, etc.) are possible, as I believe there are five slots total. Amazing.

This will be on the Pokémon screen which will let you assemble you your teams, and name them accordingly.

Pokémon Storage

Ryan Reynolds cast in live action Pokemon movie

  Ryan Reynolds cast in live action Pokemon movie And yes, he's playing Pikachu.Ryan Reynolds has signed on to play Pikachu in a new live-action Pokemon movie.

Gen 3 will dump a lot of new Pokémon into the game, more than Gen 2 did, and arguably a better batch with more well-designed original Pokémon that have fewer standalones and no evolutions of Gen 1 or 2 Pokémon .

Earlier this week, Pokemon Go put out its new update that contained all sorts of code related to the " Gen 3 " Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The update also contained a new loading screen

Has been increased to 1500 maximum. I’m not sure if you have to buy your way that high with upgrades or if you’re given any base storage space as a bonus. I’m not sure you are, it does not appear so on my account, so that’s a bit of a bummer for players trying to avoid spending coins. (Update: you get a free 50 additional slots, woo hoo).

a screenshot of a video game: <span style=Pokemon GO" src="/upload/images/real/2017/12/09/a-screenshot-of-a-video-game-span-style-font-size-13px-pokemon-go-span__616708_.img" />© Provided by Forbes Media LLCPokemon GO

Charge Attack

The battle system has not seen any major reworks, but there is one new addition where there’s now a dedicated button for your charge attack for easier access during fights. I think that’s a good call.

More to Come

Players have already datamined more info out of this Gen 3 patch including a new item that will grant 50% bonus Stardust for a limited time, and something to do with the new AR+ features that may be an Apple ARKit thing, but those items are not live in-game yet.

For now, the 50 Gen 3s and the weather effects are the biggest changes, and battle parties are a long awaited addition to the game. All of this sounds pretty great, and I wish it was about 30 degrees warmer here so I wasn’t about to go freeze while catching all these new Pokémon.

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