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8Bitdo's retro Bluetooth controllers now work with Nintendo Switch

Wednesday  16:24,   24 may 2017

Need more controllers for your Nintendo Switch? If you already have some of 8Bitdo's excellent Bluetooth, classic system-inspired game pads lying around, you're all set thanks to a new firmware update. Even if you don't yet have any of[...]

Here’s how to master Snapchat’s new Custom Stories feature

Wednesday  16:23,   24 may 2017
The Daily Dot

Snapchat‘s new Custom Stories feature is going to be a huge hit at parties. In an attempt to stay one step ahead of Instagram Stories, Snapchat created a way of collaborating with friends on the app. In an attempt to stay one step ahead of[...]

Acer launches Predator Z35P ultrawide curved gaming monitor

Wednesday  16:23,   24 may 2017
The Verge

Curved monitors are great for gaming. Acer’s been making them for a while, going back to the 35-inch Predator Z35 from 2015. Now the company has announced the Predator Z35P, an updated version of the Z35 that offers even better resolution than the[...]

Warby Parker has an app that checks your eyes at home

Wednesday  11:57,   24 may 2017

Usually, completing a vision test for new glasses requires a trip to the optometrist and the glasses store. Newly announced technology could change that, however. Warby Parker, which started out as a try-before-you-buy mail-order eyeglasses[...]

Whitson repairs space station in 10th spacewalk

Wednesday  11:22,   24 may 2017

Astronaut Peggy Whitson on Tuesday repaired a critical International Space Station system during a nearly three-hour spacewalk that moved her into second place on NASA’s career list for most spacewalking time. Joined by NASA’s Jack Fischer, [...]

How To Plan Your Technology Buying Cycle

Wednesday  08:26,   24 may 2017
Lifehacker Australia

I was once told the best time to buy new tech is tomorrow and the best time to sell the tech you no longer need is yesterday. Today's announcement of the new Surface Pro had me thinking - how do you ensure you're getting the best bang for[...]

The Best Value Prepaid Phone Plans In Australia

Wednesday  07:52,   24 may 2017
Gizmodo Australia

There was a time when we thought of prepaid plans as the domain of children and drug dealers, but thanks to a bevy of tiny telcos offering great prepaid rates, the market for these no commitment SIMs is heating up. Here are our picks for[...]

Sea level rise accelerating nearly 3x faster than during 20th century

Wednesday  07:52,   24 may 2017

Sea-level rise, one of the planet's most dire side effects of man-made global warming, is accelerating nearly three times as rapidly as during the 20th century, according to a new study. Sea-level rise recently "accelerated[...]

Facebook's latest journalism fix connects users with local news

Wednesday  07:20,   24 may 2017

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg and company announced the Facebook Journalism Project -- an initiative to repair the social network's reputation with journalists and help fight the spread of fake news. In an email exchange with[...]

Facebook adds private chat to Live videos to avoid the crowds

Wednesday  07:11,   24 may 2017

Joining in on a popular live video on Facebook can be a fun way to feel part of a broader online community, but it can also subject you to a myriad of inane comments, which are often too crowded to make any sense of in the first place. The[...]

Why You Really Need to Stop Using Your Pet's Name as Your Password

Wednesday  03:43,   24 may 2017

Yes, your fur baby is adorable, but as you've posted him all over Instagram, his name is not the safest word for protecting your online identity and money. We all know this, and yet a recent study by PayPal found a quarter of us have used a[...]

Facebook can keep your trash talk private during live events

Tuesday  20:11,   23 may 2017

Facebook wants to be a serious destination for online video, and it's fleshing out its Live streaming experience to help it get there. Facebook unimaginatively calls this feature "Live Chat with Friends," and they're sort of like[...]

Twitter is giving brands a new way to promote their chatbots

Tuesday  20:11,   23 may 2017

Twitter has found its own way to participate in the growing chatbot trend. The company announced today a new feature for advertisers, which allows businesses on Twitter to promote ads designed to pull consumers into personalized experiences within[...]

Apple lures Android users with slick new website

Tuesday  20:11,   23 may 2017

Apple is stepping up its efforts to woo owners of Android smartphones. The tech giant recently launched a section of its website explaining to consumers who might own an Android device why they should switch to the iPhone. The section is[...]

Instagram eliminated Swarm & Flickr integration and no one noticed

Tuesday  11:06,   23 may 2017

If you’ve tried sharing your Instagram posts to other social media accounts in the last day or two, you may have noticed the available sharing options trimmed down slightly. Do you get the feeling something’s missing, but aren’t sure what[...]