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Twitter may alert users exposed to Russian propaganda

Friday  02:46,   19 january 2018

The social media service says it's working to identify and inform individuals who saw tweets from Kremlin-linked accounts.The social media service is working to identify and inform individuals who saw tweets from Kremlin-linked accounts[...]

Amazon Has a Plan to Become Profitable. It's Called Advertising

Thursday  19:22,   18 january 2018

Expectations the e-commerce giant will become a major force in the ad world has Wall Street salivating.Now along comes a business that could generate consistent and healthy returns: It’s called advertising. Over the past several years, Bezos &[...]

Apple's $38 Billion U.S. Taxes Leave EU Nemesis Unmoved

Thursday  19:22,   18 january 2018

European Union regulators reacted coolly to Apple Inc.’s move to repatriate hundreds of billions of overseas dollars to the U.S., saying “nothing has changed” in its order for the iPhone maker to pay back taxes to Ireland. Apple will pay about $38[...]

Mystery Solved! Discovery of Organic Molecules Explains Universe's Infrared Glow

Thursday  19:22,   18 january 2018

It is emitted by an organic molecule called benzonitrile, which seems to permeate every part of the known universe. The researchers presented their findings here at the 231st meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Benzonitrile belongs to a[...]

Delays and safety concerns mar NASA’s plans to fly astronauts on commercial spacecraft

Thursday  14:52,   18 january 2018
The Verge

NASA’s ambitious initiative to fly astronauts on commercial spacecraft continues to suffer from schedule delays, as well as questions regarding the program’s safety — and Congress isn’t happy about it. As part of the program, two companies[...]

Intel admits Spectre patch problems also affect newer Core chips

Thursday  14:52,   18 january 2018

The chipmaker said it's working on a fix for its buggy Spectre/Meltdown patches.Shenoy also discussed how the Spectre and Meltdown fixes will affect servers, staying true to Intel's promise to be more transparent. He revealed the initial data[...]

New biggest radio telescope to help detect alien signals

Thursday  13:55,   18 january 2018

China plans to build another big radio telescope that could boost the quest to determine if we're alone in the universe, and solve other long-standing mysteries.China plans to amp up its ability to search for aliens, dark matter, gravitational[...]

Apple CEO: iPhone owners will be able to disable 'power management'

Thursday  11:16,   18 january 2018

About a month ago, Apple explained that slower performance of older iPhones is intentional, implemented as a "power management" plan through an iOS update. While it was ostensibly intended to prevent phones from crashing in[...]

World's largest underwater cave network discovered in Mexico

Thursday  11:15,   18 january 2018

A diving team in Mexico has discovered what is believed to be the world’s biggest flooded cave - a find that promises to throw new light on the ancient Mayan civilisation. The Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM) project pinpointed the 347kms cave after years[...]

These companies claim blockchain could help fight climate change

Thursday  10:15,   18 january 2018
Popular Science

Is it a breakthrough, or just a buzzword? Climate wonks say blockchain has a key role to play in the clean-energy economy. But, while hackers wreak havoc on the climate, blockchain, the bleeding-edge technology behind Bitcoin, could one day [...]

Google’s Project Fi has a new unlimited data plan, but it’s not as cheap as it seems

Thursday  10:08,   18 january 2018

Google's Project Fi has built a reputation for being the simplest mobile carrier out there. But the latest trend in cell plans is unlimited data, and from that perspective, Google’s system has always been expensive. No wireless plan you [...]

Google will make page speed a factor in mobile search ranking starting in July

Thursday  09:51,   18 january 2018

Google today announced a significant change in how it ranks websites for mobile searches: it will now take page speed into consideration as one of its signals, the company says. Though speed will become more of a factor in determining the[...]

YouTube implements stricter requirements for partners

Thursday  09:51,   18 january 2018

YouTube has been under fire for months over inappropriate content masquerading as kid-friendly videos and popular creators acting out of line. To start with, Google will now manually vet videos and ensure they meet its ad-friendly[...]

Skyscraper-sized asteroid nearing Earth

Thursday  09:51,   18 january 2018

It's longer than the world's tallest building.The 2002 AJ129 asteroid measures around 1.1km wide, making it longer than the height of Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, the world's tallest[...]

How NAB and Westpac infiltrated Amazon's Alexa launch in Australia

Thursday  06:21,   18 january 2018
Business Insider Australia

"Alexa. How much do I have in my savings account?" For NAB and Westpac customers, this is a question which will get an answer from Amazon's Alexa, the digital assistant launched in Australia today. Both banks worked with Amazon for[...]