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Schools are using AI to track what students write on their computers

Monday  09:06,   20 august 2018

Over 50 million k-12 students will go back to school in the US this month. Under the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), any US school that receives federal funding is required to have an internet-safety policy. As school-issued[...]
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5 ways Samsung's new Bixby speaker can beat Alexa, HomePod and Google Home

Monday  09:06,   20 august 2018

Commentary: If Samsung follows this blueprint, the Galaxy Home will have a fighting chance versus Amazon, Google and Apple.Samsung didn't provide many details about the speaker at its event, leaving the meat and potatoes -- like pricing and when you [...]

Amazon appears to have discontinued the Kindle Voyage

Monday  08:30,   20 august 2018

Amazon removed the device from its storefront at the end of July.The Voyage was originally released in 2014 and featured some additional perks above the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite: it was thinner and lighter, a glass screen, haptic buttons[...]

Sony explains why Android updates take so long

Monday  08:30,   20 august 2018

If you're like many smartphone owners using non-stock versions of Android, you're probably twiddling your thumbs waiting for your device maker to release an upgrade to Android 9 Pie. It's not as simple as grafting some custom code[...]

Alcatel 1C review: an $89 smartphone with (some) flagship features

Monday  07:12,   20 august 2018

With its tall 18:9 display and fingerprint scanner, the Alcatel 1C from TCL offers a few features normally reserved for pricier handsets, all for under $100.As manufacturers continue to push the envelope in the premium end of the market, the[...]

Tech surveillance laws proposed by Australian Government 'aggressive', critics say

Monday  06:55,   20 august 2018

Proposed laws that could compel technology companies to assist Australian spy and law enforcement agencies are worrying security experts.If passed, the assistance and access bill would introduce expansive new powers to help law enforcement officers[...]

How To Use Your Phone When The Screen Is Cracked

Monday  05:31,   20 august 2018

You drop your phone and the screen shatters. Ugh. While you've probably been smart about putting your critical data on the cloud — right? — there might be some things you still want to extract from your smartphone before you take it in for[...]

Human skull sparks DNA hunt to identify dozens of unmarked remains in remote Australia

Monday  03:05,   20 august 2018

The discovery of a human skull on a crumbling riverbank has led scientists on a quest to identify one of the largest recoveries of human remains from unmarked grave sites in Australia. Now scientists are using the latest DNA technology to try to[...]

Bronze age treasure worth hundreds of thousands of pounds is discovered by a metal detectorist walking through a field in Norfolk

Monday  02:51,   20 august 2018

David Lovett, a 64-year-old from Smallburgh, unearthed the precious haul of ancient goods when walking through the field in Barton Turf, Norfolk. Among the discovered axe heads, chisels, knives and spears is well as a ring for a lock of hair that[...]

Google rolls back Android Messages to old design and removes dark mode

Monday  02:51,   20 august 2018

<p>On Thursday, it looked as though Google was starting to roll out a redesigned version of its vital Android Messages app.</p>The update featured some visual changes like getting rid of the blue bar at the top and switching over to the[...]

OnePlus 6T will launch with T-Mobile, its first US carrier partner

Sunday  13:30,   19 august 2018

Don't worry, there's still a global version that will launch at the same time in October.Load[...]

The latest in a new generation of giant telescopes broke ground this week

Sunday  13:05,   19 august 2018

Space is hot. Thanks to new rockets built by the private sector and the remarkable discovery of evidence of water on Mars, space flight and exploration are receiving more attention now than they have in decades. Soon, it won’t just be Earth’s[...]

Google rolls back Android Messages to old design and removes dark mode

Sunday  09:30,   19 august 2018

<p>On Thursday, it looked as though Google was starting to roll out a redesigned version of its vital Android Messages app.</p>Oh well. It looked good. Hopefully it returns[...]

How Will NASA Know If Opportunity Is OK After The Martian Dust Storm?

Sunday  06:05,   19 august 2018

Nearly all of Mars has been under the assault of a planet-wide dust storm since June. The nerve-wracking question. Is the Opportunity rover OK?The 15-year-old rover has been incommunicado since June 10, according to a NASA release, as the dust storm [...]

A $1 billion telescope that will take pictures 10 times sharper than Hubble's is now officially under construction

Sunday  02:31,   19 august 2018

Construction crews have broken ground on the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile. When complete, the telescope will have a light-collecting area about 80 feet in diameter - nearly the area of a basketball court.So it goes with the Giant Magellan[...]