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Samsung announces the Galaxy S9 -- here's what's new

Monday  02:35,   26 february 2018
Business Insider Australia

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on Sunday at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona. Whether you're a Galaxy S8 owner or you've been keeping up with the S9 rumours, little about Samsung's new smartphone is new. The Galaxy[...]

Nokia 1 brings Android Go to your starter phone

Sunday  19:37,   25 february 2018

The ultra-affordable Nokia 1 has basic features, an easy-to-use design and Google's slimmed-down software, Android Go.Of the five phones that Nokia introduced on Sunday here at Mobile World Congress 2018, the Nokia 1 doesn't stand at the front[...]

The Nokia 8 Sirocco edition is 95-percent vacuum-molded glass

Sunday  19:36,   25 february 2018

HMD brought a Nokia phone for all tastes to this year's MWC. If it looks so different, why bother referring to it as a special edition and simply call it a new phone altogether? Well, HMD probably wanted to be clear that, in some ways,[...]

Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears

Sunday  15:27,   25 february 2018

That means Chinese authorities will no longer have to use the U.S. courts to seek information on iCloud users and can instead use their own legal system to ask Apple to hand over iCloud data for Chinese users, legal experts said. Human rights[...]

Egypt uncovers ancient necropolis south of Cairo

Sunday  13:10,   25 february 2018

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered an ancient necropolis.© REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany Egyptian antiquities worker is seen inside the recently discovered burial site in Minya Antiquities minister Khaled El-Enany said on Saturday the[...]

Nobody wants to let Google win war for maps all over again

Sunday  10:50,   25 february 2018

<p>Self-driving cars need painfully detailed data on every inch of street. Can automakers solve the problem without the reigning superpower of maps?</p>These companies converge where the law and weather are welcoming — or where they can get[...]

Mobile industry promises smarter everything at Barcelona show

Saturday  19:56,   24 february 2018

<p>Two words - artificial intelligence - promise to upstage familiar technology industry themes like 5G, the Internet of Things and virtual reality at next week's Mobile World Congress, Europe's biggest annual technology industry[...]

Samsung Galaxy S9 launches tomorrow: these are the five leaks to be most excited about

Saturday  15:22,   24 february 2018

Samsung is all set to launch its next flagship smartphone in the form of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.&nbsp;You may have already heard a few of the myriad leaks the good ship Samsung has already sprung. But if you want the full low-down ahead of [...]

HTC confirms US layoffs and will combine its smartphone and VR divisions

Saturday  15:21,   24 february 2018
The Verge

HTC has laid off several employees from its US offices, as reported by Digital Trends and independently confirmed by The Verge.&nbsp;The Taiwan-based company has laid off a significant but unspecified number of its US-based staff, keeping only[...]

Assassin bug: Its venom liquefies prey but could be used as a medical weapon

Saturday  15:21,   24 february 2018
Brisbane Times

Queensland researchers say the insect common throughout Brisbane has exciting potential for the treatment of epilepsy, stroke and neurodegeneration. A new study by UQ's Institute for Molecular Bioscience found the assassin bug's venom was different[...]

Sony’s new flagships ditch an aging design for full screens

Saturday  09:21,   24 february 2018

Sony's phones have looked largely the same for years now, but that's apparently about to change.&nbsp;The two phones appear to be mostly similar, other than their different sizes. The XZ2 boasts a 5.7-inch screen, while the compact[...]

Apple HomePod: 6 things it can't do

Saturday  09:21,   24 february 2018

It's true, there are some things Apple's smart speaker just can't manage yet.That said, there are some things the HomePod can't do that it should be able[...]

Nintendo now allows Switch user reviews on game pages

Saturday  07:35,   24 february 2018

You no longer have to head to a reseller's site or post a social media diatribe to let others know what you think about a Switch game.&nbsp;The reviews aren't consistently available yet, but they're listed for at least some first- and[...]

Moleskine’s latest smart pen saves your writing to download later

Saturday  06:42,   24 february 2018

Moleskine has valiantly tried to bridge the divide between analog writing and digital files for years. The company released its Smart Writing Set in 2016 as a $200 holistic solution of pen, proprietary smart paper and app that instantly sent[...]

Google Just Pushed Out A Bunch Of Updates For Three Of Its More Promising Android Features

Saturday  03:55,   24 february 2018
Gizmodo Australia

Just a couple days before the world's biggest smartphone convention kicks off in Barcelona, Google is rolling out updates for a number of its most interesting Android features. The first of which is Google Lens, which will finally be available[...]