News: Offbeat

French President in 'delicious' faux pas on tour Down Under

Thursday  03:21,   03 may 2018

Macron and Turnbull had navigated their way through several sensitive diplomatic issues at a news conference in Sydney on Wednesday, only for the president to make the lingual slip while making closing remarks in English. He thanked Turnbull and his [...]

Dog and her giant fluffy mouse ears quickly become an internet sensation

Thursday  03:21,   03 may 2018

We're about to introduce you to your latest Instagram crush -- one furball the internet has quickly fallen in love with! Meet Goma, the 4-year-old Maltese and Papillon mix out of Tokyo, Japan. The white pup and her giant gray mouse ears [...]

Mysterious Sea Creatures Wash Up on Barcelona Beaches

Thursday  03:21,   03 may 2018

<p>Barcelona’s beaches have been carpeted with thousands of mysterious jellyfish-like creatures, turning the city’s white sands a rich shade of blue, reported.</p>Fortunately the animals, identified as Velella velella, are[...]

Iraqi man uses campaign fever to win back his sweetheart

Wednesday  10:08,   02 may 2018

Taking advantage of nation-wide elections, one Iraqi man has emptied his pockets to panel Baghdad with posters to campaign for love and win back his ex-fiancee. "I've loved this women for two years. We were engaged and planned on getting married... [...]

Banned Fan Goes to Great Lengths to Watch Soccer Game by Renting a Crane

Wednesday  10:08,   02 may 2018

Nothing can stop the world’s most dedicated sports fan from supporting his beloved team.&nbsp;Ali Demirkaya, a soccer fan in Turkey who was banned from Denizli Atatürk stadium for unspecified reasons, has taken the only reasonable course to[...]

Meet a New Species of One of the Strangest Birds on the Planet

Wednesday  06:12,   02 may 2018

Meet a New Species of One of the Strangest Birds on the PlanetWhile the bird was long thought to be a single species, researchers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology recently identified a new species, the[...]

More Than 60 Roller Coaster Riders Left Upside Down as Universal Studios Ride Gets Stuck

Wednesday  06:11,   02 may 2018

The ride in Japan reportedly became stuck some 65 to 100 feet above the ground.The ride in Universal Studios Japan in Osaka made an emergency stop Tuesday afternoon, leaving more than 60 passengers dangling[...]

Wood you like a drink? Japan team invents 'wood alcohol'

Tuesday  16:11,   01 may 2018

Discerning drinkers may soon be able to branch out after Japanese researchers said Tuesday they have invented a way of producing an alcoholic drink made from wood.&nbsp;The researchers at Japan's Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute[...]

Giant alligator nearly the size of a car stops traffic on Texas highway

Tuesday  10:05,   01 may 2018

A giant alligator nearly the length of a small family car was captured in Cleveland, TX. early Monday morning as it attempted to cross highway 59, near the Whataburger restaurant.The gator, which measured in at 11 feet, 6 inches, was first spotted[...]

Donkey receives admit card, leaves Twitter users baffled

Tuesday  05:32,   01 may 2018

After a cow, a donkey has now been issued an admit card to sit for a recruitment test for naib tehsildars in Jammu and Kashmir. The incident has gone viral on social media.According to Press Trust of India (PTI), a prankster seemed to have filled up [...]

Can You Solve the ‘Pink Triangle’ Math Problem That's Stumping the Internet?

Tuesday  05:31,   01 may 2018

You might want to grab a piece of paper and a pencil for this one.The question he poses is a simple one, albeit deceptively so: What fraction is[...]

Couple Gets Married in Delta Air Lines-Themed Wedding After Doing 'Mileage Run' Together

Monday  12:33,   30 april 2018

Simons and his bride, Bess Wohlner, held luggage during their procession and used the same little plastic cups that Delta uses for beverages during their February wedding. “I think there’s a big correlation between silliness and happiness,” Wohlner[...]

Kate Winslet's home town has named a bin lorry after her

Monday  08:11,   30 april 2018

A lucky bin lorry in Reading has been gifted an extra sparkle of glamour in what is otherwise an undoubtedly rubbish day-to-day life.The recycling lorry, called Kate Binslet, was named in tribute to the near-namesake and award-winning actor Kate[...]

Rotten fruit prompts evacuation at Australian university after gas leak fears

Monday  08:11,   30 april 2018

About 600 people were evacuated from an Australian university’s library after students and faculty mistaken the smell of a rotten durian fruit for a gas leak. Students and staff inside the campus library at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology[...]

Uber Driver Wins $140,000 After Passenger Tips Him With Lottery Ticket

Monday  08:11,   30 april 2018

He kept buying the same type of ticket after that.The man, identified as James P., said a rider gave him a $5 Super Special Ultimate Bingo Scratch ticket. He won $30 from that first ticket and used it to buy six more of the same[...]