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These Fake Flowers Could Help Scientists Study At-Risk Bees

Wednesday  07:16,   14 february 2018
Mental Floss

The devices pump real pollen, which bees can then carry to real plants.As Co.Design reports, Michael Candy's Synthetic Pollenizer is designed to blend into a bee's natural environment. Yellow circles bolted around the opening of the device imitate[...]

Westminster Dog Show delivers cute overload on Twitter

Tuesday  18:31,   13 february 2018

No cable, no problem. Get your fix of pretty puppers through the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Twitter feed.The @WKCDOGS feed is full to the boop-able snout with candid dog pictures and behind-the-scenes grooming action. Revel in a GIF of a damp[...]

Fla. man builds Intercontinental Ballistic Love Missile for Valentine's Day

Tuesday  18:30,   13 february 2018

Inside is a love manifesto, complete with "love action ideas": smile often; befriend neighbors; plant a tree; be there for someone. "Imagine a neighborhood, a community, a country, a world where love permeates all beings and things.[...]

Dogs Don Gowns and Tuxedos During Valentine's Day Wedding Ceremony

Tuesday  13:43,   13 february 2018
Inside Edition

The annual event is held to encourage pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs.Dozens of dogs of all ages and breeds donned wedding gowns and tuxedos to tie the knot in a pre-Valentine’s Day celebration over the weekend in Lima,[...]

See If You Can Solve This Tricky Coin-Flipping Riddle

Tuesday  13:43,   13 february 2018
Mental Floss

This impossible-seeming task has a surprisingly simple solution.Here's the scenario: You're an explorer who's just stumbled upon a trove of valuable coins in a remote dungeon. Each coin has a gold side and a silver side, each with an identical[...]

An American says she fell asleep with a headache — and woke up with a British accent

Tuesday  09:47,   13 february 2018
The Washington Post

Only about 60 cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome have been documented — including a Norwegian who sounded German after being struck by shrapnel from a Nazi bomb.Michelle Myers's accent is global, but she has never left the[...]

Fasting or champagne? Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday in rare confluence

Monday  20:07,   12 february 2018

Chocolates and champagne or ashes and fasting? That's the question many Christians will face on Wednesday, when Valentine's Day and the Ash Wednesday holiday marking the start of Lent fall on the same day for the first time since World War[...]

The North Korean Olympic cheerleaders have gone viral

Monday  09:37,   12 february 2018

<p>North Korean cheerleaders have taken the Winter Olympics by storm thanks to their choreographed routines.</p>The 75-strong group, which have been dubbed "the army of beauties", sing their own songs in unison from the stands complete with[...]

Here Comes the Brrride! Newlyweds Pose for Photos in Front of Snowy Eiffel Tower

Monday  09:37,   12 february 2018
Inside Edition

They made the most of the unexpected cold weather, which has caused huge travel disruptions across France.As heavy snowfall covered Paris, newlyweds Yu Jian and Chen Yiyun posed for stunning images in front of the Eiffel[...]

This artist re-imagines countries as people

Monday  09:37,   12 february 2018

Anastasia Bulgakova is a Russian digital illustrator and she is behind these incredible works of art of countries as people.&nbsp;She imagined the characters with some stereotypical attributes but also created an imaginative backstory, often[...]

'It's not like darts!' Olympic curlers get prickly

Monday  05:25,   12 february 2018

Tired of being the butt of jokes, Olympic curlers have hit back over accusations their sport is boring and requires little actual physical effort. An ancient pursuit said to date back to medieval Scotland, where teams armed with brooms furiously rub [...]

Valentine's Day in Full Effect at Detroit Zoo as Animals Are Given Heart-Shaped Treats

Monday  05:25,   12 february 2018
Inside Edition

Each of the animals got special gifts for the holiday.Zookeepers at the facility handed out the special gifts Wednesday as part of the zoo's Heart Fest event. The public was invited to watch as the creatures opened their[...]

Couple Has 17 Kangaroos in Their Home: 'I've Woken Up to One on My Head'

Sunday  14:40,   11 february 2018
Inside Edition

Theresa and Tony Matthews of Victoria, Australia, rescue and rehabilitate kangaroos.Theresa and Tony Matthews of Victoria, Australia, have dedicated their lives to rehabilitating orphaned[...]

Injured Albino Raccoon Rescued, Nursed Back to Health

Sunday  04:35,   11 february 2018
Inside Edition

Some wildlife biologists believe that the chances for albinism are 1 in every 750,000 raccoons, according to the rescue center.The critter was brought to the Humane Animal Rescue in Verona after he was found with an infected wound on his back in[...]

Desperate scientists created a profile for a frog who may be the last of his species

Sunday  04:35,   11 february 2018

There’s a chance a frog who lives in a tank in a Bolivian museum is the last of his species. But he reportedly hasn’t given…Conservation biologists haven’t given up hope either. They tend to hate watching species they study go extinct. So a group of [...]