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Holey cow! Evidence of Stone Age veterinary 'surgery'

Thursday  20:32,   19 april 2018

A hole in the skull of a Stone Age cow was likely made by humans about 5,000 years ago, probably by a primitive veterinarian or trainee surgeon, scientists said Thursday. The hole appears to have been painstakingly carved into the animal's[...]

A teen brought a cutout of Michael B Jordan to prom as her date — and the pictures will give you life

Thursday  16:33,   19 april 2018

Audeva Agyeman didn't have a prom date, so she brought a cardboard cutout of Michael B. Jordan to her school's dance instead.- The pictures are[...]

Zookeepers Feed Bird With Puppet That Imitates Its Parents

Thursday  10:41,   19 april 2018
Inside Edition

It will help the bird survive.Officials at the Prague Zoo found the precious egg containing the bird in after the parents apparently tossed another egg out of their[...]

Cafe's croissant creation goes viral, claims it 'tastes better than it looks'

Thursday  05:41,   19 april 2018
FOX News

A café in London has gotten some looks with its newest bakery item: a charcoal-activated vegan croissant. The croissant was introduced at Italian food chain Coco di Mama where Twitter user Amy Charlotte Kean snapped a photo of the unusual baked good [...]

Message in a Bottle Sent by Young Girl Is Found — 35 Years Later

Thursday  05:41,   19 april 2018
Inside Edition

How far did it[...]

Busy 4-Year-Old Boy Was Summoned for Jury Duty But He Has Preschool That Day

Thursday  05:06,   19 april 2018

The law of the land in the United States is that anyone charged with a crime must be convicted by a jury of peers. So if any four-year olds are headed to court soon, Pennsylvania is ready.  Four-year old Damien Shrader received a[...]

This guy made a song using the Tesco checkout voice and people can't stop listening to it

Wednesday  09:58,   18 april 2018

When you’re checking out your milk and eggs at the self checkout at Tesco, don’t you wish you had a backing track? Well, now you do, thanks to a producer who has far too much time on their[...]

Indian teen posed as a doctor for five months

Wednesday  09:57,   18 april 2018
The Week

Delhi hospital imposter Adnan Khurram, 19, was even a member of staff WhatsApp groupsAdnan Khurram was a familiar face to doctors and students at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences[...]

'Angry Badger' Terrorizes Scottish Castle, Forcing Closures

Wednesday  05:51,   18 april 2018
Mental Floss

Staff baited the badger with cat food and honey, to no avail.Historic Environment Scotland, which manages the site in South Lanarkshire, sent out a tweet last Friday notifying visitors that the property's cellar tunnel would remain closed over the[...]

Woman Asks Firefighters to Help Stoned Pet Raccoon

Wednesday  05:51,   18 april 2018

"It really left the guys scratching their heads that someone brought a raccoon to the firehouse at 2 a.m. seeking help."Wayne Township firefighters described how they were certain “something bad was going on” when they heard they doorbell[...]

You want tarantula with that? At U.S. burger joint, it's an option

Wednesday  05:51,   18 april 2018

Kristin Barnaby, a self-described arachnophobe, found a way to overcome what she dreads at a North Carolina burger joint. "I am going to eat my fear," the 27-year-old said at the Bull City Burger and Brewery, where she tucked in to a hamburger[...]

Canada Dog 'Arrested' For Chasing Deer, Ends Up Behind Bars

Tuesday  16:12,   17 april 2018
Inside Edition

The Canadian pup just doesn't like deer, his owner says."He is such a sweet dog and loves humans and other animals," his owner, Emme Thompson, told[...]

Alligator Takes Leisurely Stroll Past Florida Motel Rooms

Tuesday  10:28,   17 april 2018
Inside Edition


Chicago restaurant staff get $2,000 tip

Tuesday  10:22,   17 april 2018

Chicago restaurant staff get $2,000 tipFor most Americans, the answer is likely -- at most -- 20[...]

A 10-Year-Old Built the World's Largest LEGO Replica of the Titanic

Tuesday  06:37,   17 april 2018
Mental Floss

It took 56,000 bricks and 700 hours to put it together.LEGO fans can spot the ambitious creation at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee starting Monday, April 16. Consisting of 56,000 bricks, the structure is 5 feet tall and 26[...]