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Husky Caught on Surveillance Shoplifting a Loaf of Bread, Then Returning With an Accomplice

Wednesday  18:37,   24 may 2017
Inside Edition

Cops said the dog will not be facing any charges. Get your paws off the merchandise!A Siberian husky was caught on security footage shoplifting a loaf of bread from a Dollar General store in California.Although a store worker tried to stop the[...]

This Man Wants To Open A Peanut Butter & Jelly Restaurant

Wednesday  18:36,   24 may 2017

Like many of us, 50-year-old Mike Hottinger's very favorite childhood food was a good, old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This isn't just a pipe dream — Hottinger has already begun advertising for employees and seeking the[...]

This Mom's Food Art For Her Kid Looks (Almost) Too Good To Eat

Wednesday  14:12,   24 may 2017

Worried about her daughter’s eating habits, one mom turned mealtime into a fun art display. California mom Kim Anh Chang began creating food art in April for her 2-year-old daughter, Sam. -Worried about her daughter’s eating habits, one mom turned[...]

Good dog suddenly becomes co-anchor on live news broadcast

Wednesday  14:12,   24 may 2017

A news broadcast in Russia had the greatest visitor of all time. 15 seconds in to a news story the anchor was frozen when she heard a bark from under the desk. A very good dog had come to say hello, and made an unexpected announcement that he’d[...]

Real Police Officer Drops By Girl's Cop-Themed Birthday Party: 'Evie's Face Lit Right Up'

Wednesday  11:23,   24 may 2017
Inside Edition

Little Evie Flanagan even offered Officer Chase a doughnut. A little girl’s police-themed birthday party in Maine was all the more authentic when a real life police officer showed up as her special guest.Little Evie Flanagan, of Augusta, wants to [...]

Mom Who Went to Every Grad School Class With Quadriplegic Son Receives Honorary Degree

Wednesday  11:22,   24 may 2017
Inside Edition

It was an emotional moment for both mother and son. A California mother who attended class with her quadriplegic son to take notes while he worked toward his master’s degree was given a distinction of her own over the weekend.Marty O’Connor, 29,[...]

Woman Loses More Than 40 Pounds So She Can Donate Kidney to a Friend

Wednesday  08:26,   24 may 2017
Inside Edition

The surgery will take place in the fall. A Pennsylvania woman lost more than 40 pounds to give her kidney to a longtime friend.Rebekah Ceidro, 33, had worked with her friend Chris Moore, 30, for five years at a local restaurant and later kept in[...]

Lonely penguin seeks mate through online dating site

Wednesday  07:53,   24 may 2017

Spruce the penguin is young, single and looking for a girlfriend through online dating site Plenty of Fish.The Humboldt penguin lives at the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park in the UK. Spruce lives in a colony with 13 other penguins, but they're[...]

Woman bikes across America, plays violin for strangers

Wednesday  07:52,   24 may 2017

Jasmine Reese didn't have much money in her pocket when she left with a bike, her violin, and her dog. She hadn't been happy with the direction her life was going, so she decided to do something that would boost her confidence. In[...]

Ring Purchased At Garage Sale May Be Worth Almost Half A Million Dollars

Tuesday  19:11,   23 may 2017

Shopping at garage sales can be hit or miss, but one lucky customer is cashing in on a major find.  Southeby’s will auction off a sparkly cocktail ring a woman bought at a car boot sale in 1980s England next month with a starting bid of[...]

Engineering Student With No Female Friends Has All Male Bridesmaids

Tuesday  19:11,   23 may 2017
Inside Edition

Rebeca Abrantes had a dilemma: what does a bride do when all her friends are men? Rebeca Abrantes didn’t have any female friends, but that wasn’t about to stop her from having bridesmaids at her wedding.The 24-year-old engineering student chose[...]

You Need To Read This Hilarious Cat Adoption Memo

Tuesday  19:10,   23 may 2017
Good Housekeeping

"Mr Biggles is not a cat for the inexperienced or faint hearted."Fostered by pet rescue group Cats of Melbourne, the 2-year-old black cat needs a permanent home - and not with the "inexperienced or[...]

This math whiz is getting a master’s in the subject — before graduating high school

Tuesday  14:26,   23 may 2017
The Washington Post

Stephanie Mui, 17, is the youngest graduate this weekend at George Mason University“To solve it I remember I had to set up a system of algebraic equations and basically just solve them simultaneously,” said the 17-year-old from[...]

Moms Turn Their Pregnant Bellies Into Works Of Art In Imaginative New Trend

Tuesday  14:26,   23 may 2017

A creative app is giving moms the ability to show off their artistic sides and their pregnant bellies at the same time. Using a photo-editing app called PicsArt, pregnant women are imagining what their babies look like in utero by adding[...]

Sister Surprises Her Autistic Brother With Birthday Party Featuring 100 Pugs

Tuesday  14:26,   23 may 2017
Good Housekeeping

He never had a birthday party before because he was always afraid no one would show up.McKenna wrote on Facebook, "As most of you know my brother, Andrew, is autistic. He is the most kind, loving, gentle and compassionate kid I know! He is such a[...]