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South Korean swaps bitcoins for 2 mln euros in fake notes

Monday  10:05,   20 august 2018

The deal sounded murky from the start: in exchange for bitcoin worth two million euros ($2.3 million), the wealthy buyer would hand over the equivalent sum in cash in a luxury hotel on the French riviera. The seller, a South Korean businessman with[...]
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A nun threw a perfect first pitch at an MLB game — and people were seriously impressed

Monday  09:55,   20 august 2018

A nun named Sister Mary Jo Sobieck delivered an impressive ceremonial first pitch before a Chicago White Sox game on Saturday night. A nun delivered an impressive first pitch at a Chicago White Sox game on Saturday, earning the admiration[...]

A police officer asked the internet to help solve a fatal hit-and-run case and people did not disappoint

Monday  09:31,   20 august 2018

Everyone loves a mystery story, but the latest tale to sweep the internet needs to be seen to be believed. Johnna Batiste of Washington State Police tweeted out a picture of a car part from a vehicle suspected of killing a cyclist,[...]

It's True: Men's Pockets Really Are Deeper Than Women's

Sunday  15:06,   19 august 2018

An investigation confirms[...]

Federal court orders alleged hacker to pay for bail with cryptocurrency

Sunday  15:06,   19 august 2018

Defendants in US federal court cases now have another option for staying out on bail: emptying their virtual wallets. Marsich is expected to confirm the bail payment on August[...]

An artist imagined Homer Simpson as a real human and it's terrifying

Sunday  15:06,   19 august 2018

The Simpsons is one of the most iconic TV shows in history. There’s hardly a person alive who doesn’t know what Homer Simpson looks like, but no one has even seen him like this before. That’s right, artist Miguel Vasquez has created a[...]

Scientists Discover How to Snap Spaghetti Into Two Perfect Pieces

Sunday  11:51,   19 august 2018

But it takes some[...]

What's the Difference Between Pigeons and Doves?

Sunday  11:07,   19 august 2018

And why is a street pigeon also called a rock dove?As it turns out, there isn’t one. Paul Sweet, the collection manager for the department of ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History, says the difference is more linguistic than[...]

Bronze age treasure worth hundreds of thousands of pounds is discovered by a metal detectorist walking through a field in Norfolk

Saturday  14:25,   18 august 2018

David Lovett, a 64-year-old from Smallburgh, unearthed the precious haul of ancient goods when walking through the field in Barton Turf, Norfolk. Among the discovered axe heads, chisels, knives and spears is well as a ring for a lock of hair that[...]

Terminally ill dog ticks off ‘bucket list’ wish of riding in a police car

Saturday  13:31,   18 august 2018

An adorable Staffordshire cross is charming the internet following a ride in a police car after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Owners of the eleven-ear-old Staffy Cross dog, called MuShu, were told that she cannot be[...]

People Are In Love With This Robust Cat Who Has Very Specific Demands

Saturday  13:31,   18 august 2018

To many, Bruno may seem like he's from Mars. The adorably weird cat, who is up for adoption, is in need of a human who can cater to his particular brand of quirk, according to a cute Facebook post by Wright Way Rescue, a not-for-profit[...]

11 optical illusions that will blow your mind

Saturday  13:31,   18 august 2018

Warning: This will hurt your brain. These 11 mind-bending optical illusions put together by Lenstore will question your understanding of all life's visual basics.These 11 mind-bending optical illusions put together by Lenstore will question [...]

Wife finds ring she lost 12 years ago after spotting it on the end of a CARROT her husband dug up from his vegetable patch in their garden

Saturday  09:30,   18 august 2018

Linda Keitch, 69, from Monkton Heathfield, Somerset, was given the ring by her husband, Dave, for her 40th birthday but it was lost by their daughter before turning up on the vegetable.Stunned Linda Keitch, 69, was given the gold ring with a[...]

A French man called in a fake bomb threat because he was running late for a flight, and now he's going to jail

Saturday  08:55,   18 august 2018

A French man has been sent to jail for calling in a fake bomb threat because he was running late for a flight. On May 11, Jacob Meir Abdellak, a librarian who lives in England, was significantly late for his 5:47 a.m. Norwegian Air flight[...]

This Intense Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Went Viral & You're Going to Want to Play

Friday  13:56,   17 august 2018

Rock Paper Scissors Game at Lowell Elementary School Goes ViralMaking an "extreme" version of a familiar game doesn't always work out that well. Just ask Slamball and the XFL (which is coming back for some reason). Yet, one gym teacher has[...]