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Colleen McCullough's husband 'took a mistress before her death'

Wednesday  16:16,   23 may 2018

It’s a tale that could easily come from the pages of one of Colleen McCullough’s own novels: the bitter legal battle over the best-selling author’s estate that is proving to be a page-turner. Best known for the internationally acclaimed novel The[...]

HTC rejoins the dual camera fray with the U12+

Wednesday  16:08,   23 may 2018

There's no better Android underdog than HTC. Long before Samsung cemented itself as the high-end Android leader, HTC was pumping out innovative devices like the One X and One S in 2012. It followed up with the flagship One (M7), which featured[...]

Former Australia Post boss Ahmed Fahour is selling his Melbourne mansion for more than $40 million

Wednesday  15:15,   23 may 2018

The former CEO of Australia Post, Ahmed Fahour, is selling his Melbourne home with a suggested price tag of between $40-$44 million. The property in Hawthorn was bought by Fahour in 2013 for $22 million. © Provided by Business Insider[...]

Woodside looks to speed up Scarborough gas development off Australia

Wednesday  15:02,   23 may 2018

<p>Australia's biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer Woodside Petroleum (WPL.AX) on Wednesday outlined plans to accelerate and expand its Scarborough gas project off northwestern Australia, now expected to cost $10 billion.</p>Fresh [...]

DJ's boss fired by South African owners

Wednesday  14:46,   23 may 2018

The South African owner of David Jones and Country Road has fired the head of its Australian operations amid a cost-cutting exercise.Woolworths Holdings says Mr Dixon quit as an executive director and left the company after his position as regional[...]

This is how much airlines bump up ticket prices on their busiest days

Wednesday  14:16,   23 may 2018

Australian airlines more than double their average airfares on high-demand days of travel, previously unpublished data shows.The figures compiled by industry data analysis firm Infare show that the average price paid for an economy class ticket[...]

Robots creating a wages and employment 'death spiral' warns IMF

Wednesday  11:11,   23 may 2018

The IMF has looked at a number of different scenarios on workers with the rise of the machines and all of them lead to falling wages for workers and rising inequality.The research looked at a variety of scenarios ranging from modest substitution of[...]

Next-gen Apple iPhone chips reportedly already in production

Wednesday  11:11,   23 may 2018

<p>Production on the next-generation processor that will power new iPhones launching later this year has reportedly already begun.</p>Apple manufacturing partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing has begun producing what is expected to be[...]

How two Brisbane photographers convinced Glen Richards and Andrew Banks to invest in lifelike baby mannequins (and upset Steve Baxter along the way)

Wednesday  10:15,   23 may 2018

Stand In Baby founders Sandra and Brendon Moffatt admit they entered Shark Tank with a “ super left field” product and they expected to walk out empty handed.But on Tuesday night, the two Brisbane-based photographers successfully pitched their[...]

How a 34-year-old came to own 8 homes

Wednesday  09:46,   23 may 2018

When Paula Pant was 27 years old, she and her future husband Will were paying $400 a month for a single bedroom in a triplex apartment building in Atlanta , US sharing a kitchen and bathroom with three other roommates they’d met on Craigslist.[...]

'I'm sorry', Facebook boss tells European lawmakers

Wednesday  08:35,   23 may 2018

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg apologised to the European Parliament on Tuesday and said the social media giant is taking steps to prevent a repeat of a massive breach of users' personal data.Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg apologised to the[...]

This lead indicator on Australian home prices points to further declines ahead

Wednesday  07:56,   23 may 2018

Australian capital city home prices have been falling for six months , seeing annual growth turn negative for the first time since 2012.This indicator from Morgan Stanley suggests there'll not only be further price weakness in the months ahead, but[...]

Here's what Airbnb is doing to rental prices in Sydney and Melbourne

Wednesday  07:55,   23 may 2018

The rapid growth of the giant online accommodation-sharing platform, aka Airbnb, is creating serious concerns about equity and the impacts on our cities and neighbourhoods as we know them. Our recent research shows that the patterns of Airbnb[...]

Chinese state media suggests cutting billions of dollars in Australian imports to 'make Australia pay'

Wednesday  07:31,   23 may 2018

China's globally-focused state media outlet has suggested Beijing could cut Australian imports by billions of dollars and cool diplomatic relations between the countries for an extended period. In an extensive editorial on Chinese-Australian[...]

Optus fined $1.5 million for misleading NBN customers

Wednesday  07:06,   23 may 2018

The Federal Court has ordered Optus to pay a penalty of $1.5 million for misleading customers about its National Broadband Network transition process.Optus only gained a $750,000 benefit from its conduct, half the penalty imposed by the court,[...]