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Apple reportedly partners with VW to build self-driving shuttle vans

Thursday  10:58,   24 may 2018

Apple has been working on autonomous vehicle tech for a while, but details on its progress are scant because the company likes to keep things under wraps. Now, The New York Times reports that the Cupertino giant has teamed up with Volkswagen to[...]

The Snapdragon 710 will add flagship features to mid-range phones

Thursday  10:58,   24 may 2018

Expensive flagship phones won't be the only way for you to play with advanced features like AR Emoji, Animoji and Face ID much longer. The Snapdragon 710 is a 10nm chipset that features a multi-core AR engine for on-device neural[...]

Facebook will fight fake news with real newspaper ads (and more)

Thursday  10:57,   24 may 2018

The social-networking company will also enlist the help of researchers, who'll study misinformation on the platform. The social-networking company will provide the researchers with funding as well as access to "privacy-protected data sets."[...]

Virgin Mobile to shut down as Optus announces plan to pull the plug on the network – so what does it mean for YOU if you're one of their one million customers?

Thursday  10:26,   24 may 2018

The telecommunications giant confirmed the shut down of Virgin Mobile, and the closure of all 36 stores, on Wednesday. The closure will leave more than one million Australian customers in the dark.The telecommunications giant confirmed the shut[...]

Property industry faces chaos over court ruling

Thursday  09:55,   24 may 2018

There could be a "flood of legal action" over a glitch in sales contracts used by about 5000 estate agents, who may have to repay millions of dollars in commissions. The legal turmoil has also engulfed the Real Estate Institute of[...]

All the stuff Australia is terrible at, according to a 30-year global survey on competitiveness

Thursday  08:56,   24 may 2018

Australia is a world-beater when it comes to ease of starting a business, trade barriers, and the financial skills of its workforce -- but high rents and corporate tax rates as well as abysmal communications and energy prices drag on its global[...]

Iron ore has fallen again

Thursday  07:55,   24 may 2018

Iron ore spot and futures markets remain under pressure as steel prices continue to fall. The benchmark price for benchmark 62% fines has fallen 7% in the past five[...]

The nastiest feud in the airline industry isn't over just yet

Thursday  07:31,   24 may 2018

The Trump administration and the government of the United Arab Emirates came to an agreement that looks to have ended a long-standing feud between USairlines and their counterparts from the Persian[...]

Australia's Myer rebuts discounting charge, says shareholder 'conflicted'

Thursday  04:30,   24 may 2018

Australia's Myer Holdings Ltd (MYR.AX) has dismissed charges by top shareholder Solomon Lew of engaging in an "extreme" discount program, and said Lew's Premier Investments Ltd (PMV.AX) is conflicted due to being a major supplier[...]

Australian beef exports safe despite Chinese state media threat, industry body says

Thursday  03:56,   24 may 2018

China's Global Times newspaper says imported Australian beef and wine could be "replaced" with US goods, in order to teach Australia a lesson. But the meat industry is not convinced.In an editorial published late last night, the paper[...]

Hundreds of NT jobs at risk as AACo shelves Darwin abattoir

Thursday  03:15,   24 may 2018

More than 200 jobs in the Northern Territory are at risk after Australia's largest cattle producer, AACo (Australian Agricultural Company), announced plans to mothball its abattoir outside Darwin. The company's CEO flew to Darwin yesterday night [...]

Optus has been fined $1.5 million for pushing customers onto the NBN earlier than they needed to

Thursday  03:15,   24 may 2018

Optus has been handed a $1.5 million fine over misleading claims involving the NBN, with the Federal Court penalising the telco for what it told customers about their transition from Optus’ HFC network to the National Broadband Network. Competition[...]

No experience needed: Pass this test and runway success could be yours

Thursday  01:32,   24 may 2018

Take our practice test to see if you could be an air traffic controller. You either have the brain for it, or you don’t. © Nicole Precel Liam Mannix gets a briefing from air traffic control specialist Sean Menere. Airservices Australia is about to[...]

Woolworths learns not to mess with Plumpton's love of Doritos

Thursday  01:32,   24 may 2018

It's one lesson the supermarket has learnt as it radically changes what it stocks in each of its stores.That's one of the lessons Australia's biggest supermarket chain Woolworths has learnt as it radically alters how it stocks products in its[...]

How I saved and invested to retire at 28

Thursday  00:31,   24 may 2018

And why I now prefer dividend shares to investment properties to grow my wealth.Working every week just to pay bills, with no end in sight. I quickly decided that’s not how I want to[...]