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Samsung announces two new ‘affordable’ curved gaming monitors

Tuesday  16:08,   21 august 2018

Samsung has announced a pair of gaming monitors at Gamescom 2018, positioning them as “affordable” in the company’s own words. The monitors are listed at £309.99 for the 27-inch version and £359.99 for the 32-inch model; US pricing isn’t[...]
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BHP announces a record dividend

Tuesday  11:06,   21 august 2018

BHP full year statutory profit fell 37% to $US3.7 billion. Underlying attributable profit was up 33% at $US8.9 billion. A record final dividend of 63 US cents a share.Load[...]

Guy Russo to pass the Kmart and Target baton on: Inside the retail trailblazer’s playbook

Tuesday  10:05,   21 august 2018

He’s credited with making Kmart the retail success story it is today. Here's seven key insights for retail success from Guy Russo.He’s credited with making Kmart the retail success story it is today, but come November, Guy Russo will no longer[...]

Seven records 15 per cent profit drop

Tuesday  09:55,   21 august 2018

Seven West Media chief executive Tim Worner has emphasised the network's upcoming summer cricket coverage while posting a 14.6 per cent year-on-year decline in net profit.Seven West Media chief executive Tim Worner has emphasised the network's[...]

LG’s new neckbuds have a button for Google Assistant and Translate

Tuesday  09:55,   21 august 2018

Ahead of this month’s IFA show in Berlin, LG has announced a pair of neckbud products that come with Google Assistant[...]

How to send self-destructing emails in Gmail

Tuesday  09:06,   21 august 2018

Gmail now lets you send emails that automatically self destruct. Confidential Mode also prevents recipients from forwarding the email to other people, copying or pasting anything from its contents, downloading the message or printing it.[...]

Rebel's parent company defies the retail slump, its shares soar

Tuesday  08:51,   21 august 2018

Super Retail Group full year statutory net profit after tax up 26% to $128.3 million. Sales 4.2% higher at $2.57 billion. Strong lift in online sales.Revenue grew 4.2% to $2.57[...]

2018 iPhones may have faster wireless charging thanks to a new copper coil

Tuesday  08:51,   21 august 2018

Of the myriad changes Apple made to its iPhone line last year, one of the most intriguing was the addition of wireless charging. Though wireless charging has been employed by other phone makers for years, Apple finally jumped on the bandwagon in[...]

Woolies won't chase Coles ahead of spin-off

Tuesday  07:31,   21 august 2018

Woolworths boss Brad Banducci says he will resist the temptation to use short-term measures to fight back against a resurgent Coles.Woolworths boss Brad Banducci says he will resist the temptation to use short-term measures to fight back against a[...]

The curse of Lotto wins: "I wish it never happened"

Tuesday  07:30,   21 august 2018

Garbageman Mickey Carroll is the most famous of the cursed lottery winners but there are plenty of others whose dream win became a nightmare, with experts saying 70 per cent of major winners end up broke. © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Bud Post,[...]

Company tax debate rages on in parliament

Tuesday  07:30,   21 august 2018

The Senate is set to vote on the federal government's plan to slash tax rates for all businesses from 30 to 25 per cent. Company tax cuts are expected to be rejected in the Senate after months of furious political debate surrounding one of the [...]

In Venezuela it's cheaper to use cash than toilet paper

Tuesday  07:30,   21 august 2018

Currently $1 will buy you $165,000 Venezuelan Bolivar.Replacing toilet paper with cash would seem an extremely affluent action in most countries but in Venezuela it's now the financially prudent thing to[...]

Skype launches end-to-end encryption for calls and texts

Tuesday  04:35,   21 august 2018

After months of work, Skype's Private Conversations are now a practical[...]

Google’s lifesaving Undo Send feature comes to Gmail for Android

Tuesday  04:05,   21 august 2018

Google’s Undo Send feature has been saving people from embarrassing typos, mistakes, and other email taboos for years on the web version of Gmail. Android Police notes that this may be a server-side update, so it may not be showing up[...]

Google created a fake pizza brand to test out creative strategies for YouTube ads

Tuesday  04:00,   21 august 2018

Google's Unskippable Ads team has been testing out ad effectiveness in a compelling new way: It created a fake pizza brand called Doctor Fork, used stock footage to create 33 ads and then served them up on YouTube and reached 20 million[...]