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Money Woolworths learns not to mess with Plumpton's love of Doritos

01:32  24 may  2018
01:32  24 may  2018 Source:

The cheapest – and most expensive – places to fill up your car revealed

  The cheapest – and most expensive – places to fill up your car revealed Coles Express is the most expensive petrol retailer in each of the major capital cities, while filling up at 7-Eleven, Woolworths, United and smaller outlets should save you money, a new report says. A major study by the consumer watchdog analysed the cost of fuel at retailers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth throughout 2017.Released on Sunday, the report found Coles Express was slugging motorists 2.9 cents per litre more across those five capital cities compared to the market average.In Sydney, motorists paid 4 cents per litre more to fill up at the Wesfarmers-owned retailer, while in Melbourne it was 2.

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It seems the biggest corn chip lovers live in Plumpton.© Bloomberg It seems the biggest corn chip lovers live in Plumpton.

Make sure the people of Plumpton get their Doritos.

That's one of the lessons Australia's biggest supermarket chain Woolworths has learnt as it radically alters how it stocks products in its network of just under a thousand stores, seeking to tailor each outlet to match the social and cultural profile of its local customer base.

A "one-size fits all" approach to product selection was no longer good enough for a diverse country like Australia, Woolworths' general manager of supermarkets, Claire Peters, told the Australian Food and Grocery Council's annual conference in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Battle of the brands as supermarket competition heats up

  Battle of the brands as supermarket competition heats up The price wars might be over, but the brand wars are just heating up as supermarkets battle for the customer dollar - and prepare to contend with a surprise new player. Costco is expanding its private label range, Kirkland, and expects its products will be cheaper than Coles and Woolworths equivalents.The range will cover everything from groceries to cooking oils to dairy products.© Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd Brand wars are heating up between the big supermarkets.

Many people list Doritos to be one of their favorite chip snacks. But did you know there' s a lot more you can do with them rather than simply eat them straight from the packet? If you like the idea of eating pure, melted cheese coated with bits of Doritos , then this cheesy recipe is for you.

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Woolworths' full-sized stores each stock about 20,000 to 25,000 product lines, drawn from a total pool of about 45,000 products stocked in its central distribution centres.

But the total number of products in Woolworths' range would grow from 45,000 to as many as 60,000 or 70,000, Ms Peters said, so the company could cater to each of its stores' individual needs.

Three recent store renovations in the Sydney suburbs of Marrickville, Plumpton and Lakemba showed how this would be done.

The chips aisle at Woolworths in Plumpton, the supermarket chain's number one seller of Doritos.© Jessica Hromas The chips aisle at Woolworths in Plumpton, the supermarket chain's number one seller of Doritos.

The wealthy millennial and gen-x customer shopping in gentrified Marrickville had welcomed freshly-baked flat breads and a wider selection of craft beer in the attached BWS bottle shop, Ms Peters said.

Where to find the cheapest meat in Adelaide

  Where to find the cheapest meat in Adelaide Adelaide supermarkets are dropping the price of certain cuts of meat ahead of winter, with pork at its cheapest in years. From super specials - where shoppers can buy some meats for half the normal price -  to more value cuts and offerings catering to consumer demand, the battle for customers is heating up.At Drakes Foodland, pork is where the major savings can be found this week, with leg roast selling for $4.99 per kilo."This year pork is at the lowest point it's been in probably the last five years," Tim Cartwright from Drakes Supermarkets told 9NEWS.

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Meanwhile, Woolies' store in Plumpton, in the city's outer-west, had been renovated to focus on low-priced items, specials, and that particular market's unmatched demand for corn chips.

“This would be a store that is the number one seller of Doritos," Ms Peters said, and so that store now had "vastly" more shelf space for the corn chips than any other store.

"We did significantly run out of Doritos because we gave it the same amount of space on shelves as Marrickville would have had, and our customers in Plumpton love Doritos," she explained.

"Overall customer satisfaction has had a significant increase, because quite simply we just weren’t able to keep some of the products on sale due to the space that we were giving them.”

Learning from the independents

Woolworths' supermarkets boss Claire Peters.© Eddie Jim Woolworths' supermarkets boss Claire Peters.

Catering to culturally diverse communities was also a major untapped opportunity, Ms Peters said, with recent celebrations such as the Lunar New Year and Ramadan, which started last week, showing there was significant demand at stores like in Lakemba, which has a large Muslim population.

“Feedback from our customers told us we did an OK job on cultural celebrations, but they were looking and needed everyday products they could come and buy outside of a celebration," she said.

“Some competitors are doing it better, I think independents are doing it better, and our customers are asking us to do it better.”

Woolworths’ move to grow the number of products they sell is a reversal of a recent industry trend of “simplifying” product ranges to save money, as well as growth in stocking their own home brand products.

Ms Peters said increasing Woolies' product range would not necessarily increase costs in its supply chain, but it was something the supermarket chain had to be cautious about.

Coles, Woolies under siege as German giant Kaufland eyes five superstores .
German supermarket giant Kaufland is poised to open five new superstores as it shakes-up Australia’s fiercely competitive $90 billion grocery sector. Kaufland, part of the world’s fourth largest grocery conglomerate, has put its foot on a development site in Melbourne’s sprawling eastern suburbs for about $16.5 million, giving it access to 3.5 hectares of land in Chirnside Park, one of the city’s growth suburbs.


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