Money NAB planners falsifying forms a 'social norm'

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'That's not really how it works': AMP's royal commission shambles

  'That's not really how it works': AMP's royal commission shambles AMP lurched from bad to worse at the royal commission on Monday with its executive apologising but was unable to say for what.AMP has stumbled its way through a shambolic first examination at the banking royal commission after the wealth manager admitted senior staff ignored legal advice that the charging of customers for services they did not receive was unlawful.

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Thousands of National Australia Bank customers have had their planner falsify documents relating to their finances, a senior executive has told the banking royal commission, admitting that the practice was a "social norm" within the bank.

But the bank’s crackdown on planners falsifying death beneficiary forms led to senior executives warning the bank it was acting unfairly towards to senior staff by trying to hold them responsible for the unlawful behaviour.

AMP in strife following Royal Commission admissions

  AMP in strife following Royal Commission admissions Monday's revelations by AMP before the Royal Commission are likely to have lasting ramifications for the company and its shareholders.AMP's disastrous foray in front of the banking Royal Commission - including admissions it had misled customers and the regulator - is likely to have lasting effects for the battling wealth manager.

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Other documents presented to the royal commission showed a litany of issues within NAB's wealth arms and how the bank was yet to provide funding for any broad compensation plan for customers affected by inappropriate advice or misconduct by planners.

The royal commission heard on Tuesday that NAB planners who failed to properly complete key financial planning documents, including insurance policies, roped in other staff to falsely witness the documents despite not having witnessed the signatures of the clients.

One NAB planner, Bradley Meyn, also forged the initials of a married couple after failing to fill in the death beneficiary form properly, but was caught out when he put the husband’s initials on the wife’s form and the wife’s initials on the husband’s form.

AMP denies it 'traps' investors in poorly performing funds

  AMP denies it 'traps' investors in poorly performing funds The royal commission also hears that AMP charges companies that want their funds on AMP's investment platforms a $25,000 a month administration fee. The wealth management industry has been racked with rumours that investment managers like AMP and the wealth arms of the big four banks receive fees from other investment houses for including funds, including low performing funds, on their platforms.AMP faced its third day of questioning at the banking royal commission on Wednesday after a bruising session the day earlier where the wealth manager admitted it had misled the corporate watchdog on at least 20 occasions.

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A review by NAB in early 2017 found 353 NAB employees, including planners and customer service officers, had been involved in incorrectly witnessing binding client documents, the royal commission heard.

Andrew Hagger, chief customer officer of the National Australia Bank's wealth and consumer division in the witness box at The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, © Fairfax Media Andrew Hagger, chief customer officer of the National Australia Bank's wealth and consumer division in the witness box at The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, NAB consumer and wealth division’s chief customer officer Andrew Hagger admitted NAB planners had a culture where they thought the false witnessing of documents would help the clients.

“In relation to the financial advice area there was a failure of discipline behind this,” Mr Hagger said.

“I believe that the client service officers and advisers and the advisers concerned thought they were taking a shortcut in the interest of the client. I think a social norm had crept in and became entrenched."

ANZ board committee was warned about 'high-risk' advisers

  ANZ board committee was warned about 'high-risk' advisers An ANZ Bank board committee was warned one in 20 pieces of financial advice provided by its planners may not have been not in the interests of customers. “Across those three companies, 5 per cent or 1 in every 20 pieces of advice given to customers failed to meet the requirement that the advice was likely to be in the best interest of the client,” Ms Orr said. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

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Senior counsel assisting the royal commission Rowena Orr, QC, said such false witnessing could result in estate trustees invalidating the form and making decisions about a client’s estate that is against their wishes.

Mr Hagger said NAB had brought in a program to have the documents of all affected clients witnessed appropriately.

Mr Meyn’s false witnessing of client documents was detected in an audit by the bank in November 2016. He was terminated as a NAB employee in December 2016.

However, the royal commission heard NAB did not tell the Australian Securities and Investments Commission of Mr Meyn’s breach until June 2017.

By October last year, NAB’s internal review found 2250 clients had superannuation and insurance forms falsely witnessed.

Ms Orr took Mr Hagger to a series of internal documents that showed the bank’s financial planning leadership team and the group’s regional executives received a reduced bonus in 2017 despite the issues within the planning arm.

One internal document showed NAB general manager Tim Steele complaining to his boss, the head of NAB wealth advice Greg Miller, about the bank's plans to reduce his bonus over the false witnessing issues.

Forgery and fraud: Now it's NAB's turn

  Forgery and fraud: Now it's NAB's turn Forgery, fraud, false witnessing are among some of the breaches within National Australia Bank's planning arms, the royal commission has heard.The bank has been rocked with scandals within its planning arms in recent years including that its planners misappropriated funds from clients and forged customer signatures.

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Mr Tim Steele said the decision to crimp his would create a “likely perceived unfairness of the consequences” that could lead to a “lack of trust in senior leadership”.

Mr Miller also complained about the bank cutting executive bonuses due to disciplinary issues of planners.

Mr Hagger said that at the time Mr Steele wrote the letter complaining about his cut bonus NAB was considering making a steeper cut to Mr Steele’s bonus.

NAB later decided to cut Mr Steele’s bonus by only 10 per cent. NAB wealth advice boss Greg Miller, who no longer works at the bank, received no bonus in 2017.

NAB chief executive Andrew Thorburn was involved in the decisions to cut the bonues and had pushed for the cuts to go deeper, the royal commission heard. Mr Hagger said his bonus was also cut by 0.5 per cent, or $60,000.

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