Money Want a Vintage Metallica T-Shirt? That'll be $1,000

13:40  06 december  2017
13:40  06 december  2017 Source:   The Wall Street Journal

Susan Sarandon thinks Hillary Clinton would have been 'very dangerous' as president

  Susan Sarandon thinks Hillary Clinton would have been 'very dangerous' as president Actress Susan Sarandon is having a tough time since the 2016 election as the star is now being attacked by the left for refusing to support Hillary Clinton. Despite campaigning for Hillary in 2001, she was a supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016. When he failed to take the Democratic nomination, the actress did not shift her star-powered support to Hillary, which got the attention of the moderates and the left in a very negative way.“I got from Hillary people  ‘I hope you’re raped.’ Misogynistic attacks. Recently, I said ‘I stand with Dreamers and that started another wave,” she told The Guardian in a recent interview.

That ’ ll be $ 1 , 000 . The Senegalese Chef Sharing His Cuisine with the World. That ’ ll be $ 1 , 000 . From the Rolling Stones to Styx, music T - shirts are are the biggest thing in vintage clothing right now—even if buyers have never even listened to the band.

From the Rolling Stones to Styx, music T - shirts are are the biggest thing in vintage clothing right now—even if buyers have never even listened to the band. I’ve seen Metallica SEVEN times. That includes the Guns N Roses/Faith No More/Skid Row super tour and Big 4. I even had tickets for the

a man and a woman standing in front of a store© Getty Images “This one box alone could buy a G-Wagon,” Brian Procell explained as he took down a plastic bin brimming with T-shirts from a wall of thirty or so containers. We’re standing in a warehouse in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a 30-minute subway ride from Mr. Procell’s eponymous vintage clothing shop in Lower Manhattan, and he is explaining how one box of T-shirts can be worth as much as a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Much the same way vinyl has become collectible, the musical acts of our youth, whether the Clash or Coolio, are experiencing a curious encore run as salvaged tees. “When you combine nostalgia and aspiration, that’s some powerful stuff,” explained Mr. Procell. The shirts are a wearable way to cling to one’s salad days, boosted in value by the fact they’re hard to track down—after all these years, what’s out there for sale is what’s been spared a trip to the dumpster. In becoming a luxury item (and one laced with music’s evergreen edginess), the T-shirts have also gotten a boost from paparazzi-tracked celebs who revel in rare wares.

Metalhead Indonesian president gets thrash-worthy gift from Danish PM

  Metalhead Indonesian president gets thrash-worthy gift from Danish PM Indonesia's metalhead president received a thrash-worthy present from his Danish counterpart Wednesday. Joko Widodo, better known as Jokowi, was presented with the recently launched, re-mastered box set of US heavy metal band Metallica's 1986 album "Master of Puppets".The 56-year-old Jokowi is a well-known Metallica fan -- several years ago he received a signed guitar from the band's bassist Robert Trujillo.A spokesman said Indonesia's leader was "pleasantly surprised" by the unusual diplomatic gift from Danish counterpart Lars Lokke Rasmussen, who was in Jakarta on an official visit.

Rocking it: The 19-year-old got her sweat on in a vintage Metallica t - shirt . 'She' ll be finding it hard not having meatballs and foot-longs!' Bali volcano is showing signs it will repeat devastating 1963 blast that killed 1 ,600, scientists warn after ash plume grounds flights and leaves 60, 000 travellers

At first, I thought it was one of those H&M Metallica shirts but it is not. I want to believe Kim was smart enough not to pay that much, but we both know that she probably wanted it because it was two thousand dollars.

As we talked, Mr. Procell unfurled T-shirts with logos from the likes of the Beastie Boys, the Cure, Tupac, Morrissey, Snoop Dogg and Stevie Wonder. Most of these shirts are priced at somewhere between $100 and $400. Some go for over $1,000, possibly to one of the celebrity collectors such as Kanye West, actor Justin Theroux or Maroon Five’s Adam Levine, who rely on Mr. Procell’s uncanny ability to unearth sought-after gems purchased long ago at record shops or ear-splitting shows.

These celebs rely on Mr. Procell because, as his partner Jessica Gonsalves cautioned, “Just because a tee is old doesn’t make it cool.” She went on to call out one rapper who was photographed in a Hootie & the Blowfish shirt. With all due respect to the Darius Rucker heads out there, Hootie & the Blowfish isn’t exactly setting anyone’s hair on fire.

Rihanna Gets Street Named After Her in Barbados

  Rihanna Gets Street Named After Her in Barbados The 29-year-old singer's childhood home now sits on Rihanna Drive.RiRi couldn't have looked more stunning -- or proud -- in an off-the-shoulder yellow Hellessy shirt dress at the ceremony. Officials announced last month that they were changing the name of Westbury New Road in Barbados' capital as a tribute to the GRAMMY winner.

Metal band : Metallica . Gryphon with 202 entries. Band that got you into metal. Overkill - Australian tour dates. I'm from thailand and I want to buy a few vintage or band T - shirt with license.

Vintage T - Shirt Collective. For Sale All Defunkd For Show Sold Tees. Defunkd Guarantee. " Vintage " is a term that we don't take lightly. Our shops only feature tees that have been aged no less than 15 years.

And yet, taste be damned, that rapper did wear it. So frenzied is this niche of the T-shirt market today that practically anything goes. While Mr. Procell prides himself on rarities like a Miles Davis tee, curiously worn to near translucency, or a misprinted Mary J. Blige shirt (those are the shirts that sell for as much as a weekend at Coachella on the broader market), even forgettable B-band garb—tees from Ratt, Styx, Ted Nugent and any band that was best left behind when we evolved from 8-tracks to CDs—often carry triple-digit price tags.

“If it’s got a cool graphic, it will sell, even if it’s a cheesy rock band,” said Patrick Klima, the purveyor of Wyco Vintage, a Kansas City-based T-shirt site. “Shirts from the ’80s band WASP have killer artwork and sell—but nobody goes around saying ‘I’m a huge WASP fan.’” Even Mr. Klima admits to wearing a Genesis shirt for that reason, but he isn’t exactly cranking up Phil Collins’ greatest hits after work.

Why Danielle Cormack will always cherish playing Wentworth’s Bea

  Why Danielle Cormack will always cherish playing Wentworth’s Bea Actress Danielle Cormack opens up about why she's drawn to playing complicated characters and why she still cherishes her time playing Wentworth's Bea.Within the space of three years, the 46-year-old landed three of the most challenging roles for women on Australian TV: Scarlet; Kate Leigh in Underbelly: Razor; and Bea Smith in Wentworth.

our pages for another great t - shirt , we ' re sure that you'll find something else that you've been wanting . Take yourself back to those moments with a vintage Rolling Stones t - shirt or a Michael Jackson t - shirt that ' ll have # 1 best seller in Bon Jovi T - Shirts . And Justice For All Metallica T - Shirt .

If you held onto your Metallica shirt from the 80s that is cotton gold my friend. Kim Kardashian paid , 000 for her vintage Metallica t - shirt . Now that’s a man who knew what he wanted in life and went out and got it 240 times over.

Being a poser was once the kiss of death for self-respecting music fans, but now it doesn’t matter. Kanye West can sport a T-shirt featuring the black metal band Cradle of Filth, or the rapper DMX can toss on a Def Leppard top, but no sane person would expect them to be jumping into the mosh pit anytime soon. The same goes for most vintage T-shirt fans. “I’m not going to quiz you about your five favorite songs to see if you qualify to buy a band’s concert T-shirt,” explained Tom Hunt, a vintage dealer based outside of London, who operates the website Rock Renewal; if he did so, his business might not be booming right now. “Customers will say, ‘Oh I always wanted this shirt!’ and I’ll think ‘It’s not because you’ve just seen Justin Bieber in it?’”

Longtime collectors similarly look askance at this recent vintage T-shirt bubble. “I love nostalgia, but it’s not what’s driving this trend,” said Chris Black, a New York brand consultant and T-shirt hoarder. “I could walk down the street and see some bozo in a Rolling Stones shirt, who couldn’t tell me anything about the Stones. They’re just wearing it to be cool.” He recalled a recent incident when he wore a worn-in T-shirt for the band Spaceman 3 and had three people come up to him asking where he got it. “It’s Spaceman 3, it says that right on the front!” he told them. Fact was, they were just interested in an eye-grabbing graphic, not some obscure, British, neo-psychedelic band from the ’80s. Who knows, maybe Mr. Black inspired them to listen to Spaceman 3 on Spotify that night. The more likely scenario? They went searching on eBay.

Welcome home! Princess Mary and Prince Frederik go sailing on Sydney Harbour .
Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark have returned to the very city where they fell in love to spend Christmas with Princess Mary's family.On Tuesday, December 12th the Danish royals, who are Down Under for Christmas in Mary's motherland, enjoyed a day of sailing on the pristine Sydney Harbour as guests of Wild Oats.


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