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Auctions surge, but clearance rate slips

Monday  20:51,   24 april 2017

The number of auctions held in the capital cities in the week to April 23 more than tripled to 1,732, but the clearance rate slipped.Some 1,732 homes went under the hammer during the week to April 23, with just under half of them in Melbourne, after [...]

New Commercial Crew Vehicles Could Serve As Space Station 'Lifeboats'

Monday  18:52,   24 april 2017

New commercial crew spacecraft for the International Space Station will be able to do more than just carry astronauts to the orbiting lab.Currently, in dangerous situations, such as when a piece of orbital debris threatens the space station,[...]

AP Exclusive: The sad saga of North Korea's ATMs

Monday  18:36,   24 april 2017
Associated Press

No modern airport terminal is complete without an ATM, and Pyongyang's now has two. But they don't work — because of new Chinese sanctions, according to bank officials — and it's not clear when they will.ATMs are an alien enough concept[...]

The iPhone 8 may be very hard to get until 2018

Monday  18:36,   24 april 2017
The Verge

It’s sounding more and more like the iPhone 8 won’t arrive until nearly the end of 2017, a couple months after Apple usually introduces new iPhones.  The latest sign comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, the reliable KGI Securities analyst, who says[...]

Surgeons set to have a healthy dose of AR

Monday  14:38,   24 april 2017

“Do I want to have my console with my GP and the guy is wearing Google Glass? I’m not sure I do.”Touch Surgery made its name with the surgical simulation mobile application it released in 2013 that tries to solve one of the biggest problems in[...]

How the Murdochs took a multimillion-dollar gamble on Bill O’Reilly — and lost

Monday  13:51,   24 april 2017
The Washington Post

Fox News brass knew about harassment allegations but wagered they’d remain secret.They knew it because the company, 21st Century Fox, had paid money to settle two of the complaints. They also knew that the public was unlikely to find out because[...]

Chinese billionaires amass in the country's heartland

Monday  10:37,   24 april 2017

Some of China's most powerful billionaires attended an annual meeting from the China Entrepreneur Club.But these are not the political elite that has run the country for decades, this is a new crop of leaders — all from the private[...]

Spotless has rejected Downer EDI's $1.27 billion takeover bid

Monday  08:51,   24 april 2017
Business Insider Australia

Downer EDI's move into cleaning services has been knocked back by takeover target Spotless. The mining services company's $1.15 a share offer was rejected today by the Spotless board of directors as not reflecting the true value of the[...]

I've lost my Gmail password: Now what?

Monday  07:16,   24 april 2017

I forgot to the password to my Gmail account and also no longer have the “recovery email” account I specified when I created the account. How can I get back into my Gmail?A. Everybody forgets passwords, but Gmail’s can be easier to misplace[...]

An Israeli startup armed with $45 million is taking on Google and Apple in the race to sell your personal data

Monday  07:16,   24 april 2017
Tech Insider

Israel-based startup Otonomo is capitalizing on the fact that cars, once the symbol of American escapism, are becoming repositories of your personal data. Cars have only become connected to the internet in the last few years, but sensors to support[...]

NSW still boasts top economy

Monday  06:10,   24 april 2017

NSW remains solidly on top of the nation's economic performance rankings, according to CommSec's latest State of the States[...]

Inflation likely to hit RBA target band

Monday  05:40,   24 april 2017

Consumer prices in the March quarter are likely to have lifted 0.6 per cent on the back of rising costs for petrol, fruits and vegetables and tobacco.The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the March quarter will be released on Wednesday and is expected[...]

The Next Car You Buy Could Be Your Last -- The Robo-Taxi Era Is Closer Than You Think

Monday  05:40,   24 april 2017

In large cities, the cheapest, most convenient way to travel will likely be in shared, self-driving electric taxis, which will account for as many as one-quarter of all U.S. miles travels by 2030, according to new research. If you live in a [...]

Canberra school cleaners could share $300,000 in unpaid wages after Federal Court win

Monday  02:50,   24 april 2017

A group of Canberra school cleaners will receive thousands of dollars in back pay after the Federal Court found their employer had been underpaying them for years. The United Voice Union, which represented the cleaners, believed the 22[...]

These are the 23 biggest global banks — all with more than $1 trillion of assets

Sunday  21:15,   23 april 2017
Tech Insider

 S&P Global Intelligence on Friday released its annual ranking of the world's biggest banks by assets, with Chinese banks dominating the list, followed by US lenders, and then European banks. In total, S&P Global[...]