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Aussie dollar bounces off 18-month low

Monday  10:30,   20 august 2018

The Australian dollar is buying 73.16 US cents, from 72.71 US cents on Friday. Australian shares look set to open higher on the back of a strong finish to the week on Wall Street, where investors were buoyed by reports of progress in tariff disputes [...]
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Pokies add $8.32b in value to Australian economy, manufacturers say

Monday  10:05,   20 august 2018

Poker machine manufacturers have seized on the findings of a soon-to-be-released study to hit out at the industry's vocal critics.Poker machine manufacturers have taken a provocative swipe at the industry’s critics, seizing on the findings of a[...]

Here’s why it could be time to start buying ASX gold stocks

Monday  08:30,   20 august 2018

A large chunk of ASX-listed gold stocks have lost ground in the past four months as the strengthening US dollar Read More The post Here’s why it could be time to start buying ASX gold stocks appeared first on Stockhead.A large chunk of ASX-listed[...]

This royal family’s wealth could be more than $1 trillion

Monday  07:55,   20 august 2018

The House of Saud is estimated to be worth $1.4 trillion. For reference, that's nearly 16 times the British royal family's net worth.Much like their British counterparts, the members of the Saudi royal family are notoriously private about their[...]

Turnbull may drop big business tax cuts

Monday  06:50,   20 august 2018

Malcolm Turnbull is preparing to drop his flagship tax cuts for big businesses in a bid to shore up his job and blunt a potent Labor attack. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is reportedly preparing to ditch his signature big business tax cuts, in[...]

Solar boom 'bringing hundreds of jobs' to Queensland's Darling Downs

Monday  05:50,   20 august 2018

A renewable energy boom is reinvigorating the Darling Downs local economy but although some landholders are eager to be involved, not all residents are pleased about the new developments.One council alone has approved one wind and 11 solar projects[...]

17 email-etiquette rules every professional should know

Monday  04:30,   20 august 2018

US employees spend, on average, about a quarter of the workweek combing through hundreds of emails. Despite the fact that we're glued to our reply buttons, career coach Barbara Pachter says plenty of professionals still don't know how to use email[...]

Billionaire James Packer puts his 55-metre yacht on the market because it’s ‘too small’ to entertain his celebrity pals - but you'll need $65.7MILLION to buy it

Monday  03:30,   20 august 2018

James Packer's superyacht could be all yours if you have a spare $65.7 million floating around. The Australian billionaire has put his brand new 55-metre luxury yacht EJI on the market He stepped on board EJI in the Mediterranean just one week[...]

Developers receive $11 million in discounts, ratepayers pick up the bill

Monday  00:56,   20 august 2018

Revenue from infrastructure charges, which funds Brisbane's parks, transport and storm water, has almost halved while developers received more than $11 million in discounts.More than $11 million in infrastructure charge reductions have been[...]

China, Unsure of How to Handle Trump, Braces for ‘New Cold War’

Sunday  16:50,   19 august 2018

Perhaps nowhere outside America’s heartland is Donald Trump given more credit than in Beijing. In government offices and think tanks, universities and state-run newsrooms, there is an urgent debate underway about what many here see as the hidden[...]

The most hotly anticipated Nokia phone in over a decade is coming soon

Sunday  13:36,   19 august 2018

Nokia Android phones have been selling impressively for well over a year now, and the company that owns the Nokia phone brand, HMD Global, unveiled a bunch of new devices back in early spring. We saw the Nokia 9 featured in a bunch of[...]

How Google has stepped up its efforts to makes its tech more accessible to the disabled

Sunday  13:30,   19 august 2018

In recent years, Google has become much more deliberate about baking accessibility into all its products and making technology to help disabled people navigate the world around them.She and her family had to strip her textbooks from their bindings,[...]

Skype previews texting feature for PCs

Sunday  13:05,   19 august 2018

Skype has given Insiders on Android a sneak peek of an upcoming feature called "SMS Connect." Based on your feedback for this feature, we're really excited to introduce SMS Connect to Insiders! You've seen our sneak peak of the[...]

New iPhone could go the way of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with stylus support

Sunday  09:30,   19 august 2018

Apple's new iPhone models for 2018 may come with a world first for the company, stylus support – following on from the new S Pen just launched in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Apple is apparently working with stylus chip specialist[...]

Netflix purges all user reviews like it said it would

Sunday  09:05,   19 august 2018

If you're browsing Netflix for a new show to watch, don't bother looking for reviews on the platform to see if a title is worth your[...]