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13:21  15 february  2018
13:21  15 february  2018 Source:   9Honey

Tracey Jewel tells Davina Rankin: Hands off my husband!

  Tracey Jewel tells Davina Rankin: Hands off my husband! Nothing is off limits on 'Married at First Sight', including husband stealing! Woman's Day can reveal Davina Rankin and Dean Wells have hit it off.The ink barely had time to dry on her marriage certificate to tradie Ryan Gallagher when the busty brunette embroiled herself
in the show's biggest scandal so far – an illicit affair with Tracey Jewel's husband Dean Wells.

Scandal: Dean married Tracey Jewel on the show, but has since realised he has feelings for Davina Rankin, who is ' married ' to Ryan. Talking Married : MAFS producers reveal why they cast Dean .

In a Talking Married sneak peek, MAFS ' Dean opens up about his doubts. "What motivates people are the love stories," according to MAFS executive producer Tara McWilliams. So, by now you have unpacked your relationship baggage and revealed every skeleton in your closet.

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Tonight on Talking Married, the Married At First Sight producers answered a very important question: why on earth did MAFS cast Dean?

On tonight's episode of the show, things got real as he and Davina planned explicitly to deceive and then leave (what an un-delightful rhyme) their spouses.

Most of Australia, and all of Twitter (who've had Dean on notice since the audition where he told us he was 'in charge') dutifully decided to forever doubt this man's romantic judgement.

And many wondered why such a feelings-villain had been brought onto a show ostensibly based on finding and honouring love in the first place.

Talking Married: John 'blissfully unaware' of dinner party drama

  Talking Married: John 'blissfully unaware' of dinner party drama John recalls his side of the first MAFS dinner party on Talking Married

Tonight on Talking Married , Married At First Sight's John Aiken answered a question everyone is asking: Why on earth did the MAFS experts match Sean and Jo? (And for that matter, what about Ryan and Davina?)

J.K Rowling and Fantastic Beasts Producers Reveal Why They Cast Johnny Depp in Surprising Role. “It’s unbelievable that people only just found out,” Yates said. “We cast him because he’s a real artist. He’s a great actor.

"Why are you giving him airtime; why was he cast? Was he cast to be the villain and give you drama or was it for love?" asked co-host Shelly Horton – who, reading between the lines, is not Dean's biggest fan.

But MAFS executive producer Tara McWilliams told her there was method to the madness.

"When Dean walked into the audition and said things like that ... as a producer, I'm going, 'This is fascinating; he comes with alternative views.'

EXCLUSIVE: A 'Talking Married' sneak peek of Dean's doubts about Tracey

  EXCLUSIVE: A 'Talking Married' sneak peek of Dean's doubts about Tracey In a Talking Married sneak peek, MAFS' Dean opens up about his doubtsSunday night is the first commitment ceremony, where the newly minted couples have to choose if they're going to hang in there with the experiment. So yep, it's already tense.

Former MAFS stars Erin and Zoe SLAM Davina Rankin for openly flirting with 'alpha male' Dean in front of her husband Ryan. 08/02/18 22:55. From strange wedding cake requests to the reason there's no music when the couples walk down the aisle: Married At First Sight producers reveal the show's

With no more sexual revelations , Dean hides in a garden to reveal his true feelings.Source:Channel 9. AFTER lying to his wife’s face over a romantic honeymoon dinner, Married At First “Can she hear me?” he whispers frantically before revealing all. CATCH UP: James Weir recaps MAFS episode 3.

"They're controversial views. And if everyone had the same kind of view on relationships, it'd be a really boring experiment and a really boring show."

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"We thought, this could be actually be a really fascinating part of the experiment.

"I didn't find him overpowering, I didn't find him dominating, I didn't find him intimidating, or any of those things he's been accused of being. But I found his views really controversial, and I thought, that's going to be interesting," McWilliams continued.

"But its only going to work  – you're only going to put someone like that in a show – if there's someone that you can match him with ... if we found someone we could match him with. Which we did."

"Two!" co-host Cheryl Maitland chimed in.

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Dean himself tells 9Honey's The FIX he's not there to cause trouble; he's genuinely trying to work out how to find love.

"In my past relationships, I haven't stepped up to the plate enough and been a man and taken responsibility for the relationship," he says. "I'm trying to do that a little more, as far as just taking responsibility and being a leader.

"And that's nothing to do with gender – in some relationships women take a dominant role and that works for them. That's their personality type, and that's fine."

Is this the biggest 'MAFS' spoiler ever? Social media post 'reveals' whether Davina Rankin votes to leave or stay in the experiment during upcoming commitment ceremony episode .
In what may be the biggest Married At First Sight spoiler to date, Davina has been pictured sensationally voting to LEAVE the experiment during Sunday night's commitment ceremony.

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