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01:44  07 february  2018
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Kylie Jenner baby birth news: Family and friends react

  Kylie Jenner baby birth news: Family and friends react See what Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner and more had to say about the birth of Kylie's daughter.Fans, family and friends were thrilled, but perhaps there was no one prouder than Kylie's mom, new grandma Kris Jenner, 63.

Wondering over the real meaning behind Kylie Jenner ' s brand new baby name , Stormi , for her daughter with Travis Scott? We've got all the details. What’s the meaning of Kylie Jenner ’ s baby name , Stormi ?

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Wondering over the real meaning behind Kylie Jenner's brand new baby name, Stormi, for her daughter with Travis Scott? We've got all the details.: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. After all the excitement of the past two days' announcements and 11-minute pregnancy video tributes, Kylie Jenner has finally given us what we all wanted: a name and a picture.

The 20-year-old posted the first photo of her newborn baby girl onto her Instagram (an adorable shot of her holding her perfectly-manicured thumb) and also revealed what they have called her.


Subverting all our evidence-backed guesses (our money was on Butterfly or Monarch—very convincing reasoning), Kylie and her beau Travis Scott went for something completely left of field.

Kylie Jenner Is Now Officially The Richest Kardashian-Jenner

  Kylie Jenner Is Now Officially The Richest Kardashian-Jenner Kylie Jenner Has Just Taken Over Kim Kardashian's Top Spot And Is Now Officially The Richest Kardashian-Jenner.The new mother sits atop a hugely successful empire, circling reality TV shows, fashion lines and above all, her beauty company. Kylie Cosmetics is estimated to turn over $386 million and has been predicted to be worth over $1 billion by 2022—which, for context, will be when Kylie is 25 years old.

Kylie Jenner Named Her Daughter Stormi , but Why? Here' s What It Could Mean . Travis Scott is a stage name , and his real name is Jacques Webster, meaning Kylie ’ s baby girl’ s name could be Stormi Webster.

When Kylie Jenner revealed her daughter' s baby name –' Stormi '–last week, the internet was left scratching their heads. Looking back at the meanings behind the rest of the Kardashian kids' names , there have been far bigger leaps made.

But her unique moniker has left fans scratching their heads, as the name is not a common one.

To save you a few trips down Google lane, we've done a bit of a dig into the meaning behind the name (and why she might have chosen it).

What’s the meaning of Kylie Jenner’s baby name, Stormi?

Well, since Stormi is such an unusual name, there isn't a whole lot to go off in terms of meanings. Behind The Name suggests 'Stormi' is an alternative spelling of the Greenlandic 'Storme,' or the English 'Stormy'—both of which are derived from the Old English word, 'storm,' and the Old Norse origin, 'Stormr.'

The Kardashians React to Kylie Jenner's Baby Name Reveal

  The Kardashians React to Kylie Jenner's Baby Name Reveal Already so loved! Kylie Jenner revealed the name of her baby girl, Stormi, on Tuesday, February 6 — and it didn’t take long for the Kardashian clan to share the excitement. Kris Jenner, beaming with pride, re-posted the adorable announcement pic from her youngest daughter, which shows the newborn baby girl holding tight onto the 20-year-olds thumb.

With news that Kylie Jenner has finally released the name of her baby girl, many fans are wondering what Stormi actually means . Weather-Related. Though the reactions remain a mixed bag of emotions, many fans seem to be totally here for Jenner ' s baby name selection.

Now, we continue to cry as Kylie Jenner announces her daughter' s name . Read more about the name ' s meaning here. Kylie Jenner decided to name her baby girl Stormi .

If it means anything, Merriam-Webster defines the word, 'storm,' as "a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning," or "a serious disturbance of any element of nature."


Who is Kylie Jenner’s baby, Stormi, named after?

As far as we can tell, Stormi isn't named after anyone of Kylie's family or friends. There are a few random celebrities with the nickname 'Stormi' or 'Stormy' studded throughout history, but there's no evidence that they're linked to Kylie.

Stormi Bree is a former Miss Teen USA, model, and partner of Lucky Blue Smith. 'Stormy' is a character from the movie Nobody's Baby. Bronwen "Stormy" Llewellyn is a character in the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.

No real connections there.

What is Kylie Jenner’s baby, Stormi’s, full name?

Fun fact! Since Travis Scott's name isn't really 'Travis Scott,' but Jacques Webster, there's a very good chance that Miss Stormi's name will be 'Stormi Webster.'

Kylie Jenner's Baby Announcement Becomes Most-Liked Instagram Ever

  Kylie Jenner's Baby Announcement Becomes Most-Liked Instagram Ever The first-time mom surpassed Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement with her welcome of baby Stormi Webster.Kylie updated the sweet, intimate shot, where her baby girl holds her mom's thumb, with the child's last name, Webster. (There was some speculation as to whether the child's last name would be Jenner, Scott -- which is father Travis Scott's very normal-sounding stage name -- or Webster. Scott's real name is Jacques Webster.

Kylie Jenner opens up how she and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, decided to name their daughter Stormi Webster. Kardashian also got Jenner to touch on one question we’ve pondered, at least once: What was her inspiration behind her baby Stormi Webster’ s unique name ?

Kylie Jenner ' s chosen the name Stormi for her newborn baby girl. One blog says the meaning behind the moniker is because the child is a “free hearted spirit who cares about all”. It adds: “ Stormi trusts only a few and has the biggest heart.”

Kylie might also follow in Kim's footsteps by forgoing a middle name for her baby.

Pictures: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: A timeline of their relationship

Something to Celebrate!: <p>The expectant reality star posed with her beau at mom Kris’ annual Christmas party on December 25. The two — who have rarely been photographed since the news of their pregnancy broke — got cozy in the photo booth a little over a month before the arrival of their baby girl.</p> Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have reportedly split up .
Sources have revealed that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have broken up.According to Heat magazine, Kylie is now raising baby Stormi as a single mum after she booted Travis out of her life. Why did they end? Well, apparently it's all down to Travis focussing on his album and tour rather than spending time with Kylie during her pregnancy and being with Stormi once she arrived.

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