Entertainment Ryan Reynolds to play Pikachu in the live-action Pokémon movie, and sorry, what?!

05:53  10 december  2017
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Japanese Government Makes Pikachu an Official Ambassador

  Japanese Government Makes Pikachu an Official Ambassador He shares the role with Hello Kitty.As ambassador, the electrifying character is now responsible for boosting the city’s profile among member states of the Bureau International des Expositions. Every few years, the organization meets to select a world city to host the upcoming World Expo. The World Expo is an event aimed at “educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress, and fostering cooperation” among international communities, according to the bureau’s website. The members will choose between cities in Japan, France, Russia, and Azerbaijan to host the next one when the committee convenes in November 2018.

Ryan Reynolds has has been cast to star as Pikachu in the new live - action movie Detective Pikachu . The two will also be accompanied by Big Little Lies star, Kathryn Newton, who is set to play a 'sassy journalist' who helps them out along the way.

Pokémon Live - Action Movie Greenlit. Reynolds will play the titular Detective Pikachu . The report says that the role “is said to be motion capture in nature”, since it’s a live - action role where Pikachu is digitally inserted.

If you’re still trying to get your head around the fact that there’s a live-action Pokémon movie in the works, you’re not alone. The upcoming movie, a celebration of the franchise's 20th anniversary, is an adaptation of the Great Detective Pikachu video game that was exclusively released in Japan.

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu© Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Ryan Reynolds Pikachu

Ever since the news first broke of the remake last year, we've been wondering who would star as the leading role in the project — and today it was revealed that Ryan Reynolds has been cast to star as Pikachu. Yes, we’re not joking.

The live-action movie, which is currently being called Detective Pikachu, will have Ryan play the role of the titular detective, who must find the missing father of another character in the movie.

Ho-Oh is now in Pokémon Go for a limited time

  Ho-Oh is now in Pokémon Go for a limited time The latest legendary to arrive Ho-Oh, one of the Johto region’s two legendary Pokémon, is now obtainable in Pokémon Go. Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Advertising [x]. By Cooper Hood. – on Dec 06, 2017. In Movie News. Ryan Reynolds is joining Detective Pikachu and will voice the famous Pokémon . Legendary is getting a new Pokémon movie off the ground, following the swell of popularity that the IP received from Pokémon Go last year.

Detective Pikachu has finally tracked down the man who will provide his voice in the upcoming live - action Pokémon movie from Legendary Pictures. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has reportedly signed on to portray Detective Pikachu with a motion-capture performance

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justice Smith (who stars in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel) will play the teen with the missing father, who Pikachu is trying to track down. The two will also be accompanied by Big Little Lies star, Kathryn Newton, who is set to play a 'sassy journalist' who helps them out along the way.

We know what you’re thinking though, Pickachu doesn’t speak?!

Although it would be hilarious if Ryan was hired to repeat “Pikachu” 1000 times over in an unbelievably high-pitched voice, the role will apparently be more involved than the video games. Ryan will wear a Sherlock Holmes inspired hat and speak fluent English — we know, we’re still trying to imagine it too.

Ryan hasn’t spoken out about his upcoming role, however, we’re 99% sure he’ll confirm the news with a cheeky ‘Ryan’ tweet — just think of the hysterical comments Blake is going to make about this.

Either way, we’re just hoping the Deadpool star will put on an inflatable Pikachu suit at some point.

Stay tuned.

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