News: Australia

The same-sex marriage survey results, broken down

Wednesday  03:38,   15 november 2017

Australians have voted overwhelmingly to legalise same-sex marriage, with 62 percent of postal survey participants voting 'Yes'.Every state and territory in the country voted in the affirmative, with every state but NSW voting by a greater[...]

Family left with nothing after home gutted by inferno

Wednesday  02:37,   15 november 2017

A Queensland family has been left devastated after a powerful fire gutted their home, which they later found out was uninsured. Emergency services were called to Currong Street, Kenmore, just after 4pm (AEDT) following reports of a fire.Video showed [...]

Modern pedals 'the stupidest bloody thing ever invented'

Tuesday  15:37,   14 november 2017

Wally Whitworth, a 96-year-old World War II veteran who survived a spectacular crash in Melbourne, is not yet ready to hand over his keys.The great-grandfather was visiting his sick wife at the Austin Hospital last week when he hit the accelerator[...]

Nahan wants WA drag racing age increased

Tuesday  15:36,   14 november 2017

WA Opposition Leader Mike Nahan says young children should not drive fast vehicles following the death of an eight-year-old girl at a drag racing event.WA Opposition Leader Mike Nahan says the drag racing age limit should be increased following the[...]

Flying foxes found slaughtered in Sunshine Coast hinterland

Tuesday  14:09,   14 november 2017
ABC News

In a thick, dense patch of almost impenetrable bush in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, the mutilated remains of up to 60 grey-headed flying foxes were found splattered across the forest floor. Others were injured and would die what RSPCA Queensland[...]

Sydney transport costs 'alarming': NRMA

Tuesday  14:08,   14 november 2017

Sydneysiders are forking out more than $22,000 a year on transport - the highest in the nation - as residents continue to be slugged by higher fuel costs. The price of regular unleaded petrol in Sydney hit $1.41 cents per litre on Tuesday,[...]

Vic, Tas homes criticised over flu deaths

Tuesday  14:08,   14 november 2017

Two regional aged care homes in Victoria and Tasmania have been criticised over how they handled a deadly influenza outbreak that claimed more than 100 lives. A federal government review found low staff vaccination rates and poor management at St[...]

Newman 'warned Nicholls' on asset sales

Tuesday  14:07,   14 november 2017

Former LNP minister turned One Nation leader Steve Dickson says Campbell Newman warned Tim Nicholls about flogging off Queensland's public assets.One Nation's Queensland leader Steve Dickson was a minister in the former Newman government and[...]

NSW Prison sweep uncovers contraband

Tuesday  08:57,   14 november 2017

Hundreds of prisoners are facing charges of possessing contraband after phones, drugs and weapons were found during an 11-week crackdown. Prison staff have searched thousands of cells in the state's 36 prisons during the 11-week sting dubbed[...]

We are dooming the environment: Qld prof

Monday  17:58,   13 november 2017

A far north Queensland professor is among thousands of scientists who have signed a report warning against a global environmental collapse. More than 15,000 scientists are calling for immediate climate action to stop the environment from[...]

Undersea cable deal with PNG inked amid concerns over Chinese influence in the Pacific

Monday  17:58,   13 november 2017
ABC News

The Federal Government announces it will deliver a new undersea, high-speed telecommunications cable from Australia to Papua New Guinea. Australia will deliver a new undersea, high-speed telecommunications cable from Australia to Papua New Guinea, [...]

LNP focuses on win, not One Nation deal

Monday  12:30,   13 november 2017

Queensland Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls insists he can win majority government at the November 25 state election, refusing to commit to a One Nation minorityLiberal National Party Leader Tim Nicholls has refused to commit to accepting One Nation's [...]

Same-sex marriage: Why has Senator James Paterson written an alternative bill?

Monday  12:29,   13 november 2017
ABC News

Liberal senator James Paterson releases a new same-sex marriage bill which he says offers better religious protections. But Labor says it's a delaying tactic.Last week, it was revealed conservative members of the Coalition were putting the[...]

SA zoo visitors to get closer to lions

Monday  12:27,   13 november 2017

A zoo in South Australia hopes to attract thousands of visitors by reversing their traditional experience by putting them in a viewing cage surrounded by lions.A South Australian zoo is reversing the traditional visitor experience by putting people[...]

Dangerous fire day ahead of cool change and thunderstorms

Monday  12:26,   13 november 2017

The hot spell in Australia’s south-east is about to come to an end, but first we have a dangerous fire day ahead of us. Tomorrow there's an elevated fire threat as northerly winds freshen and parts of South Australia approach temperatures of 40[...]