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Dutton delivers mortal wound to Turnbull

Tuesday  06:36,   21 august 2018

Malcolm Turnbull this morning called on his opponents to hit him with their best shot. And Peter Dutton delivered a body blow that means his prime ministership is terminal.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by [...]
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Australian leadership battles: Here we go again

Tuesday  06:30,   21 august 2018

Just as the tumultuous Tony Abbott/Malcolm Turnbull leadership spill of 2015 had faded into the memory of voters, today we find history repeating itself.In what is fast becoming par for the course for Australian Prime Ministers, Mr Turnbull has[...]

Sources close to PM rule out snap election

Tuesday  06:30,   21 august 2018

<p>Sources close to the Prime Minister have ruled out a snap election after he won a leadership ballot.</p>But how Mr Turnbull responds to this narrow call is the burning[...]

Abbott says loyalty has to be earned

Tuesday  06:30,   21 august 2018

Tony Abbott has told a joint party room meeting that loyalty has to be earned as Malcolm Turnbull won a leadership ballot.Tony Abbott has told coalition MPs that unity must be created and loyalty earned, as Malcolm Turnbull won a Liberal leadership[...]

'Grow a pair, you know who's pushing for this': Sunrise host David Koch blows up at minister Chris Pyne when he refuses to out Liberal Party rebels

Tuesday  06:06,   21 august 2018

In an awkward confrontation, David Koch has told Minister Chris Pyne to 'grow a pair' and divulge information about who wanted Malcolm Turnbull ousted as Prime Minister.In an awkward TV moment, Sunrise host David Koch and Minister Chris Pyne [...]

Exclusive Brethren's drought appeal after big wages bill

Tuesday  05:58,   21 august 2018

The insular sect spent nearly half the amount it received in 2016/2017 donations on its staff.But accounts show the church's expanding Rapid Relief Team spent nearly half of its 2016/2017 donations for previous causes on employees and significant[...]

Surfer dies after being pulled from water at Avalon Beach

Tuesday  05:57,   21 august 2018

Despite the effort fellow surfers the man could not be resuscitated.A surfer has died after he was pulled unconscious from the water in Sydney's northern beaches on Tuesday[...]

Comment: The Liberal Party has become everything voters hated about Labor under Rudd and Gillard

Tuesday  05:57,   21 august 2018

Today's Liberal leadership challenge has the government looking like a bad rerun of the previous Labor government. Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", [...]

Truck driver charged after Corrigin crash killed mother, 10yo boy

Tuesday  05:05,   21 august 2018

Police charge the driver of a semi-trailer which crashed into a parked car near Corrigin in Western Australia's Wheatbelt, leaving a mother and her 10-year-old son dead. The truck was travelling east along the Brookton-Corrigin Road on Sunday[...]

Q&A recap: Tony Jones, what were you thinking?

Tuesday  05:05,   21 august 2018

The host's terse exchange with a Muslim Australian author set the scene for one of the more bracing episodes of the year.Racist? Australia? You've got to be[...]

Is Dutton popular enough with voters to save the Coalition?

Tuesday  04:31,   21 august 2018

Malcolm Turnbull may have suffered a massive setback in recent polling. But it had nothing to do with the NEG backflip. And Turnbull is still more popular than any other would-be PM in the Coalition.One of the many over-familiar features of the[...]

Confused about Malcolm Turnbull's leadership crisis? Here's how we got here

Tuesday  04:06,   21 august 2018

Malcolm Turnbull remains under siege as Liberal leader, seeing off a challenge from Peter Dutton but now finding himself at the head of a deeply divided party. This is what you need to know about the political convulsions in Canberra.Here is what[...]

Malcolm Turnbull beats Peter Dutton in snap Liberal leadership spill

Tuesday  04:05,   21 august 2018

<p>Malcolm Turnbull has beaten Peter Dutton in a snap Liberal leadership spill.</p>The Prime Minister forced his rival to show his hand by declaring all leadership positions vacant as soon as the party room meeting started this[...]

Fact check: Are Muslims in NSW and Victoria three times more likely than other groups to be convicted of crimes?

Tuesday  03:56,   21 august 2018

<p>In his headline-grabbing first speech last week, Katter's Australian Party senator Fraser Anning made a number of claims relating to Muslim immigrants.</p>In his headline-grabbing first speech last week, Katter's Australian Party[...]

Tony Abbott should quit Federal Parliament, Coalition MP says amid leadership speculation

Tuesday  02:51,   21 august 2018

Tony Abbott has been shirtfronted by his own side, with Nationals backbencher and former AFL player Damien Drum taking the former prime minister on, as leadership tensions build.Mr Drum told ABC's AM Mr Abbott needed to[...]