News: Australia

Save Our Succulents: Melbourne gardens fall victim to ‘plant black market’

Tuesday  15:40,   27 june 2017

Enthusiastic gardeners and a burgeoning black market don’t seem at first glance to go together, but according to one expert’s analysis of a wave of green-thumbed thieves in Melbourne, this could be precisely what’s happening. Royal Botanic Gardens[...]

Barker College agrees to launch Aboriginal academy for girls in Utopia homelands

Tuesday  14:42,   27 june 2017
ABC News

Sydney's Barker College will begin fundraising to establish a school for girls in the Northern Territory's remote Utopia homelands, which will aim to give students a grounding in their Aboriginal culture, taught by local women.Now, the woman [...]

MP 'naive' to discuss WA top cop job

Tuesday  14:41,   27 june 2017

The WA premier says one of his backbenchers has been counselled after commenting about the selection process of the state's new police commissioner.A new Labor backbencher was politically naive when he voiced his opinion about the selection[...]

Vic's $1.4b win for federal rail cash

Tuesday  14:41,   27 june 2017

Victoria's regional rail is set for a massive boost after the state and federal governments came to a $1.4 billion agreement.Victoria has won its $1.4 billion spat with Canberra over its reward for selling the Port of Melbourne lease, with money [...]

What this Deliveroo rider did when he thought no one was looking

Tuesday  14:41,   27 june 2017

He is the Sydney delivery driver who does takeaway as well. CCTV obtained by 9NEWS shows a Deliveroo driver stealing a parcel on their way out of a Sydney apartment block.Resident Gabrielle Fraser noticed the parcel, containing a pair of purchased[...]

Census points to need for extra fed MP

Tuesday  14:41,   27 june 2017

Victoria and the ACT are likely to gain a federal MP each but South Australia will lose one due to population change.Population growth and movement is likely to boost the number of federal MPs to 151, a new study[...]

A Quest to Save Baby Kangaroos on a Lonely Australian Highway

Tuesday  12:25,   27 june 2017
The New York Times

Kangaroos can end up as roadkill, but sometimes a joey will live when its mother dies. We check out an orphanage that takes in about 100 baby roos a year.So she did what she normally does. She slowed her car down from 70 miles an hour and pulled[...]

Massive Melbourne barber shop brawl

Tuesday  12:01,   27 june 2017

A gang of up to 15 men burst into a Melbourne barber shop and started a brawl with patrons, hitting one in the head with a tomahawk.Up to 15 men entered the shop in Footscray at 5.10pm on Friday and began arguing with people inside, police[...]

Killer who used metal pole 'will not fess up' to elderly man's death, judge says

Tuesday  07:52,   27 june 2017
ABC News

A man who murdered an elderly man by bashing him to death with a metal pole in Adelaide's north west is jailed for at least 20 years. Damien Joseph Jelicic, 58, was found guilty at trial of murdering Nikola Piscioneri, 80, in his Hendon home in[...]

Ken Wyatt promises action on regulating retirement villages after 'exploitation' exposed by Four Corners

Tuesday  06:10,   27 june 2017
ABC News

Federal Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt says he is "disappointed" to see the "exploitation" of some residents of retirement villages on Four Corners.The program highlighted how some retirees have been stung by complicated contracts, [...]

Western Australian man resists rescue from burning unit

Tuesday  03:26,   27 june 2017

A Perth man suspected of lighting a fire in his unit tried to fight off police as they rescued him from the burning apartment.Police are expected to charge the man on Tuesday with lighting a fire in his unit in East Victoria Park and other[...]

Wollongong-Sydney train tunnel could slash commute, report to NSW Cabinet says

Tuesday  03:06,   27 june 2017
ABC News

<p>A new railway tunnel would shave 22 minutes off a train trip from Wollongong to Sydney, confidential documents reveal.</p>The ABC has seen a plan prepared for the New South Wales Government showing the commute would be cut from about an[...]

Thrill-seeking painters film themselves atop 322m Gold Coast skyscraper

Tuesday  01:17,   27 june 2017

Two fearless workers have filmed themselves on top of the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. Using a GoPro camera, painter Darrick Poletto captured the breathtaking view of the Gold Coast from the Q1’s spire today.“Whew, we made it… on top [...]

Dog and koala rescued from abandoned Queensland mine shaft

Tuesday  00:22,   27 june 2017

A dog and a koala have been rescued after the unlikely pair somehow managed to get themselves stuck down a disused mine shaft in Ipswich. Rescue crews, which included firefighters and the RSPCA, had to use large animal bags and ropes to get the pair [...]

'We unite': Malcolm Turnbull appeals to Muslims at Eid event

Monday  14:56,   26 june 2017

In a room full of Muslims, the prime minister today appealed for unity to help defeat terrorism. Malcolm Turnbull was talking at an Eid event, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, held at Richmond Football Club in Melbourne."Remember[...]