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How to Manage Money While Traveling Abroad

Thursday  03:40,   26 january 2017

Photo by Didier Weemaels / Unsplash. Team Fathom breaks down some common currency questions into simple dollars and cents.Bring enough cash to last the first 24 hours of your trip, a debit card to withdraw local currency, and a credit card to pay[...]

8 weird and wonderful places to stay in NSW

Thursday  03:40,   26 january 2017
Business Insider Australia

With an unofficial four-day long weekend looming as part of Australia Day, where to stay if you're heading out of town is always a challenge. Destination NSW CEO Sandra Chipchase said that sometimes the accommodation alone can be the[...]

'The best country in the world' and Australian patriotism: Countries where patriotism is not a thing

Thursday  03:40,   26 january 2017

We used to shake our heads at the Americans with all their flags and their sincerity, but now the same thing is happening here. As we approach another Australia Day, as people ready their fake Aussie flag tattoos, and their Aussie flag beach[...]

Alaska Airlines Kicks Woman Off Flight for Harassing a Trump Supporter

Thursday  03:10,   26 january 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

The airline removed the woman after several complaints from passengers.According to the passenger, Steve Kotesky, his response—"I came here to celebrate democracy, ma’am"—was met with a barrage of insults that led her to be later removed from the[...]

Woman Who Travels The World In A Converted Van With Her Dog Will Give You Major Wanderlust

Thursday  03:10,   26 january 2017
Huffington Post UK

Marina Piro knew she wanted to travel the world, but there was one problem: she couldn’t bare to leave her beloved rescue dog Odie behind. So Piro, who was born in Italy and later moved to the U.K., came up with a genius solution. The dedicated dog [...]

Inside the secretive Qantas Chairman's Lounge, Australia's most exclusive club

Wednesday  04:50,   25 january 2017
Business Insider Australia

Australia's most exclusive club, the Qantas Chairman's Lounge, doesn't accept applications for membership, doesn't charge a fee and its entrance doesn't have a sign. It's been around almost 30 years but many haven't even[...]

How to find a good restaurant when you're travelling: The 10 signs of a terrible restaurant

Wednesday  04:21,   25 january 2017

Eating well on the road may be something of a lottery without prior research. The restaurant you wander into on a whim may be great, and may be awful. It is, alas, difficult to identify the former on sight. But you can read the warning signs about[...]

12 Things You Should Never Do on Airplanes

Wednesday  04:20,   25 january 2017
Cosmopolitan (UK)

12 Things You Should Never Do on AirplanesYou already know what not to do on a plane if you don't want to be a giant jerk. (Exhibit A: Man watching iPad movie without headphones. Exhibit B: Woman eating pungent tuna wrap.) But best practices can be[...]

Seabourn Encore cruise ship review: Lapping up luxury in oceans heaven

Tuesday  04:35,   24 january 2017

Opulence, indulgence, luxury: what's not to like on this new cruise option?On an afternoon when Singapore shimmers beneath a 38-degree sun, a bottle of champagne sitting in an ice-filled bucket never looked so[...]

The real-life Portuguese village that's been living under a rock

Tuesday  04:35,   24 january 2017

The real-life Portuguese village that's been living under a rockRather than attempting to move or hack through them, the residents of this real life Bedrock have built their lives around the rocky landscape; stairways circle around clusters of[...]

This Post From Chrissy Teigen About Airplane Food Is Twitter Gold

Tuesday  04:35,   24 january 2017

For some reason, airplane food has long served as material for cliche stand-up jokes. For some reason, airplane food has long served as material for cliche stand-up jokes. So much so, that if you heard a comedian start a routine with[...]

Tasmania Giving Couples Willing To Move There Jobs

Tuesday  04:05,   24 january 2017
Cosmopolitan (UK)

But could you survive six months without TV or internet together?For “safety reasons,” they are actually encouraging couples to apply together if they “can demonstrate they have spent time together in a remote setting,” according to the[...]

Ultra-luxe round-the-world travel package launches at a value of $13.88 million

Tuesday  04:00,   24 january 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

You know a round-the-world trip is jaw-droppingly extravagant when even the swizzle sticks come encrusted with white and blue diamonds. At an eye-watering $13.88 million, "Passport to 50" is dubbed as a trip for the billionaire client, the[...]

For a Modest Price, the Streets of Paris Can Be Yours

Tuesday  04:00,   24 january 2017
The New York Times

Cobblestones have lined Paris’s streets since the 12th century. When the city began selling used ones, an entrepreneur saw a chance to make unique souvenirs.And now you can own one. Used Paris cobblestones are being offered for sale online at Mon[...]

Bali has changed and here's what you need to know

Monday  05:05,   23 january 2017
Australian Women's Weekly

Here’s your real talk guide to Bali in 2017… SeminyakOnce dubbed by Lonely Planet as “Bali’s cool corner” Seminyak may have just got a little too popular for its own good. The inevitable urban sprawl that clutters Kuta has expanded its reach and[...]