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Going Rogue: how to travel to the film locations of the new Star Wars film ‘Rogue One’

Tuesday  22:00,   13 december 2016

As the epic new Star Wars film Rogue One arrives, we look at the exotic international filming locations, including otherworldy deserts and glaciers, the “Mecca of the Jedi world”, a London underground station and paradise islands (without the[...]

Where Is The Farthest Place You Can Be That's Away From Everyone Else?

Tuesday  19:37,   13 december 2016
Gizmodo Australia

My life now has a purpose. I've discovered what I have to do before I die. From now on, every decision I make will be motivated to do one thing and one thing only: To find my way to Point Nemo, a place in the Pacific Ocean that's the loneliest[...]

7 rules for flying like a modern gentleman

Tuesday  19:36,   13 december 2016
Tech Insider

You can't check your responsibility for proper travel etiquette at the gate. From who gets the armrest to flying's unofficial dress code, there are a few rules every guy should know when he travels on an airplane. From who gets the[...]

Will My Year Abroad Necessarily Make Me More Employable?

Tuesday  19:36,   13 december 2016
Huffington Post UK

Ah, final year. The brutal reminder that university isn't quite the time of your life that you were once promised as a Fresher. You may be one of the lucky few, rejoicing in the fact that you have finally received that highly coveted[...]

Every apartment in this honeycomb-style building has a private pool on its balcony

Tuesday  19:36,   13 december 2016
Business Insider

Bjarke Ingels GroupMany upscale apartment complexes include pools that residents can use. But a new residential building in the Bahamas is even more luxurious. Set to be completed by 2017, the complex features apartment units that each have a[...]

Inside the Victoria's Secret supermodels' deluxe jet

Tuesday  19:31,   13 december 2016
Business Insider Australia

The INSIDER Summary: • The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is happening December 5 in Paris.  • Here's a look at how the models travelled to France before the big day.There's one week left until the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This [...]

ATM skimmers, distraction artists: Five of the greatest travel scams and how to avoid them

Tuesday  19:31,   13 december 2016

How do you avoid being stung by scammers on holiday?According to Thomas: "To avoid being stung on your holiday, find out as much as you can about your destination before you travel," she[...]

Gwyneth Paltrow launches new travel app

Tuesday  19:31,   13 december 2016
Relaxnews (AFP)

Want to travel like Gwyneth Paltrow? The actress turned lifestyle guru has launched a revamped edition of her travel app under the rather cheeky name, G. Spotting. An extension of the City Guides section from her lifestyle website Goop, the [...]

China's Building A Giant Titanic Replica With An Iceberg Collision Simulator

Tuesday  19:30,   13 december 2016

Looks like Jack and Rose are headed east: A giant Titanic replica will anchor a new theme park in China’s Sichuan province.  Photos show workers assembling the 882-foot-long, approximately $145 million replica, called the New Titanic. It[...]

Crown Towers Perth: Australia’s most expensive hotel opens

Tuesday  19:30,   13 december 2016

The most expensive hotel ever constructed in Australia opens its doors in Perth.This, I have discovered, is the perfect water temperature for days when the mercury soars towards the 40 degree mark: cool enough to refresh you, but warm enough not to[...]

World's most powerful passports: Brexit vote sees surge in demand for Irish passports

Tuesday  19:30,   13 december 2016

The Republic of Ireland's passport office has issued a record-breaking 700,000 passports this year – that's 30,000 more than in 2015.The surge in demand is thought to be linked to the Brexit vote in June, as an Irish passport would allow the [...]