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LifeStyle: Travel

Gold Coast holiday unit guests must pay $10 a night surcharge if they want to use air-conditioning

Thursday  00:55,   07 june 2018

A block of Gold Coast holiday apartments where some guests must pay a $10 a night surcharge to rent the remotes for the air-conditioning units is phasing out the policy as they move onto a cheaper electricity provider , the property manager[...]

Top travel trivia we're getting wrong

Wednesday  10:54,   06 june 2018

Think you're an expert at travel? Think you have all the facts? We're sad to tell you that many "facts" you know are actually false. Time to fact check.The widely held belief that Antarctica does not use time zones has been[...]

A Service Dog Unexpectedly Gave Birth to 8 Puppies at the Tampa Airport

Wednesday  09:06,   06 june 2018

Some special bundles of joy arrived at Tampa International Airport last week when a service dog gave birth to eight puppies in the middle of the terminal. The yellow lab, named Ellie, was travelling with her two owners, a mother and[...]

Where to eat and drink in regional Tasmania

Wednesday  06:57,   06 june 2018

Tasmania-bound? Make some time to get out of Hobart and see what the rest of the island has to offer.In the Derwent, pasta rules at Stefano Lubiana's Osteria (60 Rowbottoms Rd, Granton, 03 6263 7457). Plan to be at Josef Chromy (370 Relbia Rd,[...]

Man Who Didn’t Get Up From His Seat for Entire 17-hour Flight Baffles Researchers

Wednesday  01:55,   06 june 2018

He's baffling all of us, really.A passenger on the 17-hour Qantas flight from Perth, Australia, to London, England managed to stay in his seat for the entire ride, not once getting up to use the facilities, the Independent[...]

Showers, beds and polenta fries: United opens a new airport lounge—to a select few

Tuesday  07:35,   05 june 2018

United's new premium-passenger lounge at Newark is for passengers with a seat in Polaris lounge.Those won't get you through the door at United Airlines' new 27,000-square-foot Polaris lounge, which opened on Monday at Newark Liberty[...]

We’re calling it: Iceland is the most Instagrammable place on earth

Tuesday  07:07,   05 june 2018

Why do bloggers love Iceland so? Because it's so Instagrammable, that's why. Here, the best places to take Instagram pictures in Iceland, including: the northern lights, Blue Lagoon, Vatnajokull National Park, Skaterfell Crystal Cave and[...]

21 Things To Know Before Going To Harry Potter World

Tuesday  07:07,   05 june 2018

Thought you knew everything about Harry Potter? You got nothing on Harry Potter World.There’s plenty to see in both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, which are in two different parks (so your first tip is really this: The Park-to-Park ticket is a[...]

A new food festival brings the Big Apple to Melbourne

Tuesday  06:30,   05 june 2018

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is doing double-duty this year with a brand-new food festival, MEL&NYC, that will bring a taste of New York to the city this winter. Big names like Momofuku Ko and The Four Horsemen will team up with[...]

Julianne Hough Has a Genius Packing Tip for Your Next Trip

Tuesday  01:12,   05 june 2018

Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, are planning their one-year anniversary trip. There not only deciding where to go, but also what to do and how their friends and family will get there. Luckily, the dancer, singer and actress[...]

An Underwater Restaurant is Coming To Europe

Monday  09:02,   04 june 2018

*Books flight[...]

What Really Drives Airbnb Hosts Crazy

Monday  09:02,   04 june 2018

The best Airbnb hosts aim to make their places feel like your home away from home, so you should treat it that way. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. I've been renting out my home while I travel for the past year and just received[...]

5 best places to go cruising

Monday  09:01,   04 june 2018

Love the idea of a cruise but don't know where to go? Here's a few options that will make you swoon.But where should you go? Some places are better to see by ship than[...]

Jetmakers race to meet Sydney-London non-stop challenge

Monday  07:57,   04 june 2018

Planemakers are working to meet a demanding goal from Australia's Qantas to connect Sydney and London in a non-stop 20-hour flight. As global airline leaders gather for an annual conference in Sydney with jet lag and in some cases with lost[...]

All the Crazy Ways Passengers Try to Get a Free First Class Upgrade

Monday  06:40,   04 june 2018

You won't believe the ways people have tried to score a first class upgrade.The cameras captured the travellers’ faces as they were told they were getting a flight upgrade. Virgin Atlantic calls their reactions “Upgrade[...]