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Overtourism and the big chill: travel trends in 2018

Thursday  03:06,   08 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

The tourism industry is booming as travellers find ever more intrepid ways of exploring the globe and receding security fears revive old favourites. But as industry professionals descend on Berlin for the ITB fair, the world's largest travel trade[...]

This Glass-bottom Pool Hanging Over Honolulu Has the Most Breathtaking Views

Thursday  03:06,   08 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

Are you brave enough to swim in a pool suspended 80 feet in the air? Anaha, a new 40-story residential building in Honolulu, on Oahu, features artfully designed public spaces, shops, restaurants, and entertainment.Anaha, a new 40-story residential[...]

The best month of the year for travelling anywhere

Thursday  03:06,   08 march 2018

This is the sweet spot for affordability and comfort.Here's the deal: there is no "best day of the week" to book an airline ticket. At least, not one that's statistically significant. Book your flights on a Thursday, book them on a Saturday, or book [...]

Places off-limits to independent travellers: Spots you can only reach on a tour

Thursday  00:26,   08 march 2018

There are certain destinations, certain attractions, where independent travellers are banned.However, there are certain destinations, certain attractions, where you don't have a choice. These are the places where independent travellers are banned;[...]

Ask For Another Free In-Flight Meal If You're Really Hungry On A Long Flight

Wednesday  12:50,   07 march 2018
Lifehacker Australia

If you're still hungry after eating your in-flight meal, you can ask a flight attendant for another one for free. Travel & Leisure notes that most airlines are happy to give you an additional meal if there's one available. Availability will, [...]

23 Surprising Items You Can't Bring Into Disneyland

Wednesday  02:21,   07 march 2018

Disneyland is a magical place where dreams come true — and it's also a place you can't bring pots and pans. Disneyland is a magical place where dreams come true — and it's also a place you can't bring pots and pans. Yep, the park[...]

I've stayed at close to 100 hostels -- here are 13 things you should find out before you book

Wednesday  00:41,   07 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

Not every hostel is the same. For that reason, you'll want to confirm a few things before a book a hostel, like its location, safety procedures, and wifi.Hostels are becoming more popular than ever for young travellers, and for good reason:[...]

Before booking your next beach holiday, check out the most family-friendly beaches of 2018

Tuesday  02:51,   06 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

The 2018 edition of best beaches for families in the US includes on-site aquariums, thrill rides, children's festivals, mini-golf along with amenities and features designed specifically for children with special needs. Family Vacation[...]

This Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas Will Top Your Travel Bucket List

Tuesday  02:21,   06 march 2018

Turns out nature started the millennial pink trend. Who knew?What could possibly make this sunny archipelago even more enticing? Well, it turns out they also have a super rare natural phenomenon you don't want to miss: a pink sand beach. As in,[...]

The six destinations with the world's worst climates

Tuesday  00:46,   06 march 2018

The weather in these destinations can be terrible at times, but that doesn't meant they don't have their attractions.We all love a good moan about the weather, but compared to some places in the world, Australia's cities have got it pretty[...]

Qantas staff given list of 'offensive, gender-inappropriate' words to avoid

Monday  05:06,   05 march 2018

<p>Qantas employees have been given a list of 'gender-inappropriate' words to avoid so they don't offend passengers or fellow staff members.</p>Qantas employees have been given a list of 'gender-inappropriate' words to avoid so[...]

You Can Spend the Night Surrounded by Books at a Library in Wales

Monday  03:36,   05 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

Grab your passport, coziest pair of slippers, and your reading glasses: you can now live your wildest fairytale fantasies and spend the night in a gorgeous, neo-Gothic library in the Welsh village of Hawarden.&nbsp;Founded by former British[...]

This Couple Threw Their Stylish Wedding at a Joshua Tree Airbnb

Monday  03:35,   05 march 2018

Most of us book an Airbnb for a weekend getaway or as a hotel alternative, but stylish couple Kelly and Lee actually reserved someone's home for their wedding.&nbsp;The Oregon-based couple brought pieces of their Portland abode to Joshua[...]

Pakistan aims to revive glory of ancient Mughal city Lahore

Monday  02:50,   05 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Perched on scaffolding, restoration experts chip away at decades of grime and repair broken mosaic tiles in a bid to save the colossal murals depicting historic battles and regal ceremonies on the walls of Lahore fort.&nbsp;The painstaking work[...]

Keira Knightley Swears By Rosehip Oil While Traveling

Sunday  23:52,   04 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

As an actress, Keira Knightley often finds herself on a plane to different locations to film or events to attend. The jet-setting life of an acclaimed actress doesn't come without its downfalls.&nbsp;The jet-setting life of an acclaimed[...]