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Citizens of this country hold the most powerful passport in the world

Wednesday  02:52,   10 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

For the fifth year in a row, the German passport has maintained its position as the most powerful and mobile passport in the world.In the latest edition of the Henley Passport Index, Germany has managed to keep its stronghold on the top spot with ID [...]

World’s largest Lego Star Wars starship lands in Melbourne

Wednesday  01:24,   10 january 2018

The world’s largest ever Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon has ditched the galaxies “far far away” to dock in Melbourne. The display which opened this morning at Legoland Chadstone has been built with a whopping 250,000 bricks.Measuring five-metres[...]

The 3 Longest Flights In The World Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Tuesday  10:55,   09 january 2018

<p>If you really hate layovers, these are the flights for you.</p>Airlines are constantly outdoing each other for the longest commercial passenger flight in the world, and the lineup changes frequently as carriers announce new routes or change [...]

This Futuristic Suitcase Will Automatically Follow Its Owner Through the Airport

Tuesday  03:14,   09 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

Carrying your own luggage may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a few mad scientists obsessed with making your life more convenient.&nbsp;On Sunday, at a preview event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the tech company ForwardX [...]

You can now channel your inner-rockstar in Melbourne

Tuesday  01:22,   09 january 2018

Ever wondered what it'd be like to a British born pop, punk or rockstar? Well wonder no more!Head to Melbourne's Immigration Museum where you can grab a microphone and tickle the tonsils with "Bedroom Karaoke"!You can sing along to 49 tunes from [...]

The one thing you should never wear going to the airport

Monday  12:46,   08 january 2018
Now To Love

<p>Airport security can be a real hassle; not knowing which piece of your jewellery will set off the metal detector, forgetting about that loose change in your pocket, or awkwardly removing your belt in front of everyone.</p>But out of all the [...]

New rules ban solo climbers from trying to scale Mount Everest

Monday  03:20,   08 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Foreign climbers will be banned from making solo summiting attempts on Mount Everest, one of several new policy changes made recently to the Mountaineering Expedition Regulation, reported The Kathmandu Post.&nbsp;As of this spring,[...]

This couple has figured out how to travel the world for free

Monday  02:07,   08 january 2018
Business Insider Australia

Carolyn Plemmons, 27, and Bryan Harris, 28, ditched their corporate jobs for a free-spirited life of travel -- in more than one sense.&nbsp;Carolyn Plemmons, 27, and Bryan Harris, 28, ditched their corporate jobs for a free-spirited life of[...]

How the typical Aussie holiday has changed over the years

Monday  01:21,   08 january 2018
ABC News

It's no secret that Australians are among the most well-travelled people in the world. But over the years, how (and where) we've holidayed has changed significantly.More than half the Australian population now owns a passport. As a nation,[...]

These 5 Underwater Resorts Will Literally Put You Under the Sea

Sunday  23:30,   07 january 2018

From tropical islands to mountain lakes and jagged coastlines to sandy beaches, water tends to make any getaway instantly more exotic. There are a lot of fantastic hotels out there boasting turquoise ocean views and H2O proximity. Some bungalows[...]

Sleep Deep in a Swedish Forest With This Built-to-order Hotel

Sunday  04:56,   07 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own private hotel, this is your chance to make that dream come true. Vipp, a Swedish company that originally dealt with steel production, has created a beautifully designed, comfortable, livable retreat for[...]

De-Clutter Your Hotel Room As Soon As You Check In

Saturday  04:37,   06 january 2018
Lifehacker Australia

Photo by William Warby A hotel room, however well appointed, is an alienating dream-space. You're supposed to do all your most intimate things in this place designed and furnished and filled by someone else. =If I'm going to spend three days in[...]

Disney World’s Worst Attraction May Finally Be Closing for Good

Friday  03:50,   05 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

While most Disney attractions around the world are beloved by the fans who ride them, even the Mouse can make a mistake. When it comes to Magic Kingdom, many fans would agree: that mistake is Stitch’s Great Escape.&nbsp;When it comes to Magic[...]

These are the world's safest airlines 2018

Friday  01:06,   05 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Attention nervous flyers: A new report has identified the world's safest airlines for 2018, with Qantas Airways getting a special mention.&nbsp;In the newest edition of's annual safest airlines list, analysts identified[...]

Jet lag: What causes it and how to get over it

Friday  00:36,   05 january 2018

Jet lag. We all suffer from it, but like so many of life's small afflictions – poverty in one's youth, taxes – jet lag affects the rich classes less. Even though a flyer in business class is crossing exactly the same number of time zones as[...]