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The world's happiest countries - and immigrants - 2018 revealed

Thursday  02:07,   15 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Finland has captured the title of world's happiest country for 2018, along with world's happiest immigrant population. In the latest edition of the UN's World Happiness Report, Finland tops 155 other countries.In the latest edition of[...]

15 Awesome Things to Do in Tokyo

Thursday  02:05,   15 march 2018

There is no city in the world like Tokyo. The lights, smells, colours, and sounds of the capital of Japan are anything but subdued. And with a population of over 9 million inhabitants and 20 million visitors a year, of course there are many[...]

Bride's 'horror hotel' stay on night before wedding

Thursday  01:35,   15 march 2018

What was supposed to be the happiest day of a bride’s life turned into a “waking nightmare” after a skin-crawling hotel experience. On the eve of her big day, Isabel Chan and her bridesmaids checked into a Gold Coast hotel to pamper themselves ahead [...]

Disneyland: How to make sure your first time doesn't suck

Wednesday  23:37,   14 march 2018

How to make your first trip to the amusement park the one you've always dreamed of.But the realities of planning a Disneyland holiday can be daunting once you start looking into[...]

The Eiffel Tower Could Be Repainted Its Original Vibrant Color

Wednesday  10:51,   14 march 2018
Travel + Leisure

Many Parisians hated the Eiffel Tower when it was first erected in 1889. In its 129 year history, the Eiffel Tower has had 19 different paint jobs. And when the monument undergoes its 20th painting later this year, the Ministry of Culture[...]

How I Learned to Travel While Managing My Mental Health

Wednesday  04:05,   14 march 2018

Travel can mean different things to different people. For me, travel is a lifeline, taking me out of my day-to-day and breaking a routine that can, at times, feel stifling. Travel encourages me to open my heart and mind, ensuring that I never[...]

The most popular honeymoon destination of 2018 is not somewhere you’d expect

Wednesday  02:36,   14 march 2018

<p>When you think of your honeymoon, its likely that sandy beaches, warm sunshine and cocktails with mini umbrellas will come to mind.</p>It looks like times are a changing however, as a new report says the most popular honeymoon destination[...]

Can you guess the capital cities of these countries?

Wednesday  00:52,   14 march 2018

Test yourself with our quiz and see how many country capitals you[...]

Steampunker fires up her heart at Tasmania's 24th Steamfest

Wednesday  00:51,   14 march 2018
ABC News

Steampunk artisan Cookie Jansen's outfit of leather, old doona covers and machinery is finished with a steam-powered heart, for Australia's largest festival of working steam machinery.The 24th Steamfest at Sheffield brings together the[...]

The Empire State Building to light up every hour

Wednesday  00:28,   14 march 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

One of New York's most iconic landmarks has launched a new illumination feature that takes a page out of the Eiffel Tower's playbook.&nbsp;Over the weekend, New York's Empire State Building, which soars 1,454 feet above[...]

Seven dishes you must try in Singapore: Candlenut restaurant's Malcolm Lee

Tuesday  13:22,   13 march 2018

You love chilli and a challenge? Satisfy both cravings with a killer wanton mee with seriously potent chilli sauce.A Peranakan signature dish unique to this part of the world only. It is one of those foods you either love or hate, very much like our [...]

12 Best Travel Spots For 20-Somethings

Tuesday  04:25,   13 march 2018

<p>Travelling doesn't come with an expiration date, but there are cities around the world that are better to see in your 20s.</p>Travelling doesn't come with an expiration date, but there are cities around the world that are better to see[...]

Norwegian Air responds to passenger's poem complaint with witty rhyme, waives fee

Tuesday  03:21,   13 march 2018
FOX News

The passenger was frustrated over the airline’s ticket change fee.Budget-airliner Norwegian has a quirky repsonse for passenger Gus Dolding who left a scathing poem on Facebook complaining about the[...]

Taking a long haul flight with a child isn't as bad as you think it will be

Tuesday  02:37,   13 march 2018

Flying to the UK with a three-year-old, what could go wrong?Except maybe sitting next to parents with an active three-year-old on a long-haul[...]

Mi casa, su casa: The world’s 5 most family-friendly countries

Tuesday  00:39,   13 march 2018

A recent survey of expats asked them to rank the world’s most family-friendly countries on inclusivity, attitudes to children, safety and family-friendly activities. The results may surprise you ...1. UgandaUganda was the surprise packet of the[...]