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Ritz-Carlton hotel group to start its own luxury cruise yacht line

Tuesday  08:15,   27 june 2017

Who says hotel companies can't dabble in cruising, too?In a hospitality industry crossover, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is launching a luxury cruising yacht line scheduled to hit the water in the fourth quarter of 2019, the company announced[...]

This Airline Lets You Pay A Little Extra For 'Neighbor-Free' Seats

Tuesday  01:56,   27 june 2017

Seatmate uncertainty is one of the most daunting parts of air travel. Who knows if you’ll be assigned a spot next to someone smelly and annoying, or nobody at all?!Etihad Airways lets passengers guarantee the latter with “neighbor-free” seating in[...]

Sydney woman turns unwanted hotel toiletries into kits for the homeless

Monday  08:10,   26 june 2017
ABC News

A Sydney woman sets up a charity to put all the unwanted hotel toiletries and inflight sleep kits into packs for homeless people in shelters who cannot rely on having basic essentials like a toothbrush.Through the charity Every Little Bit Helps,[...]

I work in room service at a 5-star hotel -- these are the biggest things I wish guests wouldn't do

Monday  06:45,   26 june 2017
Business Insider Australia

I've been working in the room-service department of a five-star hotel for six months. Actually, it's a five-red-star hotel. Actually, it's a five-red-star hotel: The red part is a special distinction awarded by AA Hotel Services (an [...]

Turns Out, THIS Is The Most Disgusting Place On An Airplane

Monday  06:00,   26 june 2017

We always have a sneaking suspicion that there are things the flight attendants aren't telling us when we hop on a plane. This isn't rooted in paranoia as much as in wanting to know all the secrets and inner workings of the tin cans we fly[...]

The world's 8 most romantic cities, chosen by top travel-blogging couples

Monday  04:06,   26 june 2017

Today is the UK's National Kissing Day (June 23). Here, top travel-blogging couples, including The Planet D and Love & Road, select the world’s most romantic cities, perfect for a smoochWomen by the Ghats (The Planet[...]

5 ways to make a long-haul flight more manageable

Sunday  06:42,   25 june 2017

Emirates flight attendants spill their insider knowledge.But with that said, the cabin crew at Emirates have five tips for making your flight that little bit more manageable - from what to eat to how to look after your[...]

The world's cheapest (and most expensive) beaches named

Sunday  06:42,   25 june 2017

If you're looking for a cheap day at the beach, head to Asia. But not to Bali or Thailand.The Beach Price Index by online travel specialists TravelBird measures 310 beaches from over 70 countries, and ranks them based on what a person would[...]

Cheap Bali flights from Australia? Why prices have soared

Sunday  06:42,   25 june 2017

Considering a Bali getaway for the holidays? If you haven't already booked flights you're in for a shock.On the Skyscanner website for example, flying out of Sydney on July 4 and returning 10 days later, prices start at $1311. That's for a[...]

Australia's obsession with 'big things'

Sunday  06:42,   25 june 2017
BBC News

Some call them vulgar, but oversized icons are a beloved feature of road trips across Australia.In the low-budget 1987 Australian horror film Dark Age, a ranger, played by Wolf Creek star John Jarratt, tracks a rogue saltwater crocodile. Four[...]

These 3 Very Simple Hacks Will Change How You Travel Forever

Saturday  06:27,   24 june 2017

Frequent travellers know how to prep for security, we know carrying our bags onto the plane is better than checking them, and we have packing down to a science. We've heard all the basic tips for making a trip as smooth as can be, but there are[...]

Your airplane meal is really not as healthy as you hope it is

Saturday  06:26,   24 june 2017

We can’t think of anything worst tasting than an airplane meal but to top it all off the top of calories in one of those bad boys is absolutely eye watering. A new book Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating by Professor Charles Spence[...]

How to Take a $7,000 First-class Flight for $76

Saturday  06:26,   24 june 2017
Travel + Leisure

Getting to take a 10-day vacation for under $100 seems like a dream, but for travel blogger Sam Huang that fantasy recently became a reality when he traveled from Jakarta to Tokyo in first class accommodations for just $76. Huang was[...]

This 16 year old is Australia's youngest pilot. Thanks to 20,000 cupcakes.

Friday  09:38,   23 june 2017

The 16-year-old achieved her dream this week, becoming Australia’s youngest pilot, and she got there by baking and selling around 20,000 cupcakes. The 16-year-old achieved her dream this week, becoming Australia’s youngest pilot, and she[...]

Flight Centre Turner Report 2017: Australians who travel the most revealed

Friday  09:21,   23 june 2017

The Australian suburb with the most well-travelled residents has been revealed in a new report. According to new data from Flight Centre, residents from the affluent suburb of North Sydney – postcode 2060 – are the most travelled Australians in the[...]