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Major Tourist Scams: Transport Cons

Wednesday  08:57,   24 may 2017
Huffington Post UK

No one wants to be caught out abroad. Tourist scams can affect anyone. Researching local customs can help to a point, making you look less like a target, and a great place to start is on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. Their[...]

These are the world's top landmarks 2017, according to TripAdvisor

Wednesday  08:56,   24 may 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

The fabled temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the highest-rated landmark in the latest ranking from TripAdvisor.Of all the landmarks listed on the site, Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, received unanimously high marks from[...]

Eight of the world’s most extreme destinations

Wednesday  08:56,   24 may 2017

Survival expert and Nat Geo adventurer Hazen Audel highlights some the most extreme places on the planet, from extreme cold and hot destinations to the home of the world's toughest[...]

Photo Gallery: 22 exceptional landscape photos by Charlie Waite

Wednesday  05:30,   24 may 2017

Leading landscape photographer Charlie Waite&nbsp;<br>Park San Miguel, Cerro Verde, Uruguay (Charlie[...]

Ask Giz: How Can I Earn More Frequent Flyer Points?

Wednesday  03:42,   24 may 2017
Gizmodo Australia

Dear Gizmodo, I am starting to collect points from different airlines.&nbsp; Dear[...]

Drink Up, Business Travelers. The Minibar Is on the Way Out.

Wednesday  03:42,   24 may 2017
The New York Times

As hotel chains revamp rooms, things like the minibar, desks and closets are disappearing. © Justin T. Gellerson for The New York Times Michael Suomi, an interior designer who works with several hotel brands, said changes in room[...]

Monumental hands emerge from Venice's Grand Canal to highlight the effects of climate change

Tuesday  08:12,   23 may 2017
ABC News

A pair of giant hands rising from the water are unveiled on Venice's Grand Canal — a sculpture by contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn intended to highlight the devastation of climate change. The artwork, titled Support, shows two huge hands[...]

The science behind why the Spanish eat so late

Tuesday  03:10,   23 may 2017

The science behind why the Spanish eat so lateSpain as a country has actually been living in the wrong time zone for over 70 years. It follows the Central European Time (CET) instead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which means that Spain's clocks[...]

Inside Pippa Middleton's incredible (and expensive) private honeymoon island.

Tuesday  02:41,   23 may 2017

Less than 48 hours after tying the knot with hedge fund manager James Matthews in a wedding that is rumoured to have cost upwards of AU$2 million , the newlyweds have been spotted jetting off for an equally lavish honeymoon. © The Brando / [...]

Here's how many planes are flying in the air at any moment

Monday  05:05,   22 may 2017
Travel + Leisure

Have you ever wondered, looking up at the sky, how many planes are in the sky at any given moment? We certainly have. Aviation data companies like FlightAware keep track of all (or at least most) of the aircraft in our skies. And according to them,[...]

So THAT'S What The Hook On Your Airplane Tray Table Is For

Monday  02:40,   22 may 2017

Turns out airline tray tables can carry more than just food crumbs and germs.Turns out airline tray tables can carry more than just food crumbs and[...]

Why posting photos of your boarding pass on social media is a terrible idea.

Monday  02:10,   22 may 2017

It may seem like a harmless way to boast of an upcoming trip, but if you share a photo of your boarding pass on social media you might be telling people – friends and strangers alike – a lot more than just your next travel[...]

This Pet-Sitting Site Lets You Vacation Around The World For Free

Sunday  07:35,   21 may 2017

A free night in a château, and free puppy time? Yes please! TrustedHousitters enables animal-loving travelers to stay for free at homes around the globe in exchange for pet sitting. The catch is that members have to pay $119 per year to join, and[...]

Australia's most haunted place: The story of Port Arthur and the Blue Lady.

Sunday  07:35,   21 may 2017

The disembodied laughter of children and a mysterious woman in blue. Thousands of people tour the Port Arthur Historic Site every year and many of them report creepily similar experiences.&nbsp;Thousands of people tour the Port Arthur[...]

How to beat seasickness on your next cruise

Sunday  06:50,   21 may 2017
Travel + Leisure

If there's one thing that will kill your vacation vibe quicker than a delayed flight can ruin your plans, it's getting seasick the first night on a cruise.&nbsp;First off, what is seasickness? According to WebMD, which classifies it as[...]