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The Price Tag on Beyoncé's Grammys Jewellery Will Make You Scream, "Hold Up, WHAT?!"

Tuesday  17:18,   30 january 2018

If you think for a second we weren't already mesmerized by Beyoncé's glamorous Nicolas Jebran Grammys ensemble, you'd be mistaken.If you think for a second we weren't already mesmerized by Beyoncé's glamorous Nicolas Jebran Grammys[...]

All the Artists Who Made a Big Statement by Wearing a White Rose to the Grammys

Tuesday  01:37,   30 january 2018

This year, the hottest accessory on the Grammys red carpet wasn't a flashy bracelet or chunky necklace — it was a white rose.This year, the hottest accessory on the Grammys red carpet wasn't a flashy bracelet or chunky necklace — it was a white[...]

The Engagement Ring Trend Nearly Every British Royal Is In Love With

Monday  01:57,   29 january 2018
Harper’s BAZAAR

Have you noticed that Princess Eugenie's engagement ring bears a striking resemblance a few other royal rings? Another royal wedding popped onto our already-teeming radar. Sidling up alongside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's May[...]

The one hack to stop you buying so many clothes

Sunday  04:55,   28 january 2018
Cosmopolitan (UK)

Because it's January and we need every penny we can getBut for some inexplicable reason, you just can't stop buying[...]

Here's Why Khloé Kardashian Can't Get This Controversial Hair Treatment While Pregnant

Thursday  00:40,   25 january 2018

 Over the past few months, Khloé Kardashian has ditched her signature sleek, straight strands in favor of voluminous waves — and there's a very, very good reason for the switcharoo.  The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is[...]

Two women wore almost identical dresses on the SAG red carpet and the world is still spinning.

Tuesday  02:40,   23 january 2018

<p>I, Tonya actress and SAG nominee Allison Janney and actress Natalie Zea both wore gun-metal, high-neck floor-length gowns to the SAG Awards.</p>#BREAKING – Two women have shown they both have excellent taste by wearing almost the same dress [...]

The NRL wedding with the most exquisitely detailed wedding dress we've seen.

Monday  05:51,   22 january 2018

Former NRL star Brett Finch married his long term partner Elli Johnston in Melbourne at Greenfield’s Albert Park. “I struggled without footy. I was lost, got stuck in a rut and made some really poor decisions. Lucky I had great people around me who[...]

Can you ‘train’ your hair to be less oily? We asked some experts.

Monday  01:00,   22 january 2018

Having fine, oily hair that needs washing <g class="gr_ gr_7 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="7" id="7">everyday</g> has to be the most annoying part of my [...]

Are Uggs Back In Fashion?

Saturday  03:51,   20 january 2018

Y/Project have collaborated with Ugg to develop a fresh new take on the cosy sheepskin creations. So this has us asking, are Uggs back in fashion?But is the Ugg boot back? [...]

Should You Put Coconut Water in Your Hair? Here's the Lowdown

Saturday  03:50,   20 january 2018

There are countless beauty hacks on the internet — some good and some terrible — but when we spotted the idea of dousing your hair <g class="gr_ gr_4 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace"[...]

Miranda Kerr reveals her biggest hair regret as a teenager

Friday  05:31,   19 january 2018

Miranda Kerr has experimented with her hair a lot over the years, but there is one hairstyle that the Australian model seriously regrets! Click to find out what Miranda had to sayThe Australian supermodel is one of the hottest names in fashion,[...]

The fashion accessory you shouldn't be wearing anymore.

Thursday  15:32,   18 january 2018

Stop the clocks, grab some tissues and dust off your darkest clothing. It’s official. Your favourite go-to summer accessory is dead. Over. Finished. No more etc. Remember today as the day you learnt that big sunglasses have been decreed a fashion[...]

Furious parents lash out at 'inappropiate' Asos belt ad: 'Isn't it vile and insensitive?'

Thursday  03:21,   18 january 2018
International Business Times

Asos responded to tweets and sincerely apologised for the mistake and tweeted, "We've looked into this product and we can see the issue with the connotations of this design."The advert features a fashion accessory, called Hanger Latex[...]

These Are the 10 Hottest Hollywood Hair Colors For 2018 — According to Experts

Thursday  02:02,   18 january 2018

The old way of thinking — dark hair in the Winter, lighter hair in the Summer — is so outdated. In 2018, you can rock any damn hair colour you please, be it denim blue, ashy blond, or almost-black brunette. Just make it your own and wear it with[...]

According to Pinterest, this will be the biggest beauty trend of 2018

Tuesday  04:31,   16 january 2018

2018 beauty trend alert: In the recent Pinterest 100 Global Report, the site predicted that ‘next level lashes’ — aka long thick eyelashes — would be the beauty trend of 2018. Pinterest crunched the numbers, and over the past year searches for[...]