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Is this the most narcissistic account on Instagram?

Monday  04:30,   24 april 2017

We think we may have just found the richest, most egotistical people on Instagram .Readers, meet ‘The Rich Kids Of Dubai’.You see we’ve just found out about their Instagram account – a place that boasts the ridiculously OTT lifestyles of[...]

Rebecca Harding's Logies clutch has left us speechless.

Monday  03:22,   24 april 2017

There are many things you expect to see on the Logies red carpet. Bold fashion statements, classic floor-length gowns, diamantes and fake tans aplenty, sure. But an empty clutch?[...]

#JacketGate's Amber Sherlock shares exactly why she dared to wear white at the Logies.

Monday  02:50,   24 april 2017

“I need Julie to put a jacket on because we’re all in white; I asked her before we came on.” With those words, Channel Nine presenter Amber Sherlock made her way into the Aussie TV history books for all the wrong[...]

Logies 2017: Celeb stylist reveals her top picks from tonight’s red carpet

Monday  00:37,   24 april 2017

The glamour of tonight’s Logies red carpet has been a “thrilling” three-month effort, a celebrity stylist has revealed. Nine Network senior stylist Kate Hastilow was up at 5am today in preparation for today’s 59th Annual Logie Awards.She said[...]

Zoe Foster Blake shares her go-to pregnancy items and most aren't even maternity clothes.

Sunday  15:11,   23 april 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged by pregnant women everywhere that finding ‘good’ maternity clothes you can still wear after said baby has arrived are hard to come by. But never fear, mums-to-be, because the ever-stylish and second[...]

Chrissie Swan suffered every woman's fashion nightmare before the Logies.

Sunday  15:11,   23 april 2017

Radio host Chrissie Swan has been keeping us thoroughly entertained with her Logies prep. ContinuedThere was the pre-ceremony sustenance with pizza and potato gems, the enormous cup of coffee to get her through the day, and possibly the best[...]

Anne Hathaway's $15 Dress Will Make You Want to Shop Vintage

Sunday  06:56,   23 april 2017

She's following in Emma Watson's eco footsteps.She showed up sporting a black floral dress belted at the waist—that apparently, was a[...]

A woman's selfie has gone viral for a rather unfortunate detail in the background.

Saturday  07:14,   22 april 2017

A US woman is being trolled on Twitter over what might just be the impressive floordrobe we’ve ever seen. A US woman is being trolled on Twitter over what might just be the impressive floordrobe we’ve ever[...]

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Had The Weirdest Chore Growing Up

Friday  05:00,   21 april 2017

Clean your room. Brush your hair. Floss twice a day. Don't throw wet towels on the bed. These are just a few things our parents ordered us to do as normal children. But this story isn't about normal children. It's about the Jenners. And their[...]

You Can Have 120 Different Outfits With Just A 14-Piece Wardrobe

Friday  02:40,   21 april 2017
Lifehacker Australia

It's good to dress to impress, but you don't have to spend a fortune on a massive wardrobe to do it. In fact, you really only need 14 items.The concept of "the uniform", or wearing similar clothing every day to save time and mental energy,[...]

Move over, fingermouthing: 'Bambi pose' is taking over Instagram.

Thursday  07:45,   20 april 2017

About a year ago, the world’s Instagram feeds were peppered with one very distinctive selfie trend: ‘fingermouthing‘. About a year ago, the world’s Instagram feeds were peppered with one very distinctive selfie trend:[...]

Is this the most ridiculous fashion trend from Coachella?

Thursday  01:52,   20 april 2017

This season, distressed denims are one of the hottest trends going.  And while we’re all for a bit of customisation and making a trend your own, sometimes fashion fans can take a trend too far. Take actress slash musician Ryan Destiny for[...]

The internet is not pleased with Julia Roberts being named People's Most Beautiful Woman

Thursday  01:51,   20 april 2017
9The FIX

These tweets will leave you feeling some kind of way.People magazine has named Julia Roberts World's Most Beautiful Woman 2017, and the internet has some super-strong feelings about[...]

There's a designer version of the iconic blue Ikea tote — for $2,145

Thursday  01:51,   20 april 2017

If you've ever dreamed of having a luxury version of the beloved IKEA bag, Balenciaga has answered your prayers!But one of the glimmers of joy that many can get from the anxiety-inducing experience is the iconic blue shopping bag provided for[...]

Can you spot what’s wrong with this Topshop t-shirt?

Wednesday  01:36,   19 april 2017
Hello Giggles

You know the level of petty when someone texts you something rude and they use the wrong form of your/you’re and all you do is text them back and correct them because that’s the grown-up version of “<g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_spell[...]