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This Bride Asked Her Bridesmaids To Pay For Her $10,500 Dress

Tuesday  03:06,   27 june 2017

It’s hardly a secret that weddings are crazy expensive, even if you’re not the one getting married. That was the case for this bridesmaid, who anonymously told her story of being asked to help pay for her friend’s $10,500 wedding[...]

Why you’ve probably been putting your bra on WRONG all along

Tuesday  01:56,   27 june 2017

Who knew that something as simple as putting on a bra could have a right way and a wrong way? Well, it doesn’t really – putting on your bra is unique to you and what you’re comfortable[...]

This Is What Happened When I Did Errands Around NYC In My Wedding Dress

Monday  01:05,   26 june 2017

People congratulated me. People ignored me. And of course someone proposed to me.It was hanging limply in a sad sack competing for attention with no less than 300 other gowns that also didn't care if they ever made it out of the warehouse. For too[...]

Dad gets changing table added to men’s room of his church

Sunday  06:05,   25 june 2017

Dad blogger celebrates serious victory after fighting discrimination and successfully getting change table added to the men's room of local church.Clint took to Facebook to celebrate an inspiring win; he managed to campaign and get his local[...]

This high school girl wants you to know her shoulders shouldn’t be a distraction

Saturday  05:52,   24 june 2017
Hello Giggles

School’s out for summer, but one high school senior from New Jersey has left behind something that’ll keep her fellow students talking….School’s out for summer, but one high school senior from New Jersey has left behind something that’ll keep her[...]

According to science, one thing makes a selfie infinitely more attractive

Saturday  05:52,   24 june 2017

Thanks to science, we now know why Selena Gomez’s selfies always look so darn good. Rather than having anything to do with aesthetics or natural beauty (okay that might count for something), it’s all about the angles. Rather than having[...]

Orly has created the first halal-friendly nail polish collection

Saturday  05:51,   24 june 2017
Harper's Bazaar

<p>Orly has collaborated with on an inclusive collection of halal-friendly nail polishes.</p>Orly has collaborated with on an inclusive collection of halal-friendly nail[...]

This woman’s open letter to Peter Alexander will resonate with every highly organised individual

Wednesday  07:20,   21 june 2017

Bendigo resident Jessica Vincent wrote a complaint to Peter Alexander after a 7-day box set of underwear she purchased did not include all the days of the week.“As you can see from the attached photo (hereafter to be referred to in all[...]

Why Ken’s Got a New Body, Too

Wednesday  05:05,   21 june 2017

Last year, Barbie landed on the cover of TIME with the news of her new sizes and shapes. Now her longtime beau Ken is following in her improbably tiny footsteps and getting a new body of his own, as well as skin color and hairstyles.&nbsp;Last[...]

Screaming Donald Trump swimsuits flood the internet

Wednesday  02:52,   21 june 2017

Always wanted to have Trump in togs? Now you can.Maybe you've always wanted Donald Trump's eyes on your nipples. Well, now you can. Not literally of course, but it's the next best[...]

Wedding costs keep getting higher and we only have ourselves to blame.

Tuesday  06:10,   20 june 2017

If you’ve been thinking weddings have been getting a little OTT lately, you’re right.&nbsp;US website The Knot just released the results of their 10th annual Real Wedding Survey and the results are, well, enough to give your bank balance the[...]

A Model Shared Her Bathing Suit Photos To "Offend" Body-Shamers

Tuesday  01:00,   20 june 2017

We should all be past using the word "fat" as an insult, but not everyone has gotten that memo just yet. Thankfully, model Diana Veras is here to help.&nbsp;Hello, summer is here and i look fab[...]

10 Waterproof Makeup Products You Cannot Live Without

Monday  16:38,   19 june 2017

All year round women come to the makeup counter completely confused as to why their makeup is running down their face.&nbsp;For all women, no matter the age, waterproof makeup will ensure that you look perfect in all settings. Whether you are at [...]

In case you were wondering, this is what an $8.4 million wedding looks like.

Monday  02:40,   19 june 2017

As we all know, it’s not hard for wedding budgets to spiral out of control. It starts with a longer-than-anticipated guest list.&nbsp;It starts with a longer-than-anticipated guest list. Then there’s accommodation for out-of-town relatives. The[...]

Kaia Gerber Is Just Shy of 16, but Her Style Is on Another Level

Saturday  06:15,   17 june 2017

Kaia Gerber may only be 15 years old, but she's already taking the fashion world by storm.&nbsp;She's a mix master, pairing badass leather boots with feminine dresses and smashing patterns for a one-of-a-kind look. We've gathered Kaia's most [...]