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A Harvard doctor says these are the best exercises for your body

Friday  05:37,   09 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

Running isn't the only way to work out. Harvard Medical School professor of medicine I-Min Lee says five other types of exercise are also hugely beneficial for your brain and body.If you think running a marathon is the quickest way to a[...]

Babies who look like their dads end up healthier - study

Friday  01:40,   09 march 2018

Fathers are more likely to put in the effort if the kid looks like them.It's because fathers are more likely to be certain the child is[...]

Mother outraged at not being allowed to take newborn to gym

Friday  00:26,   09 march 2018

The Christchurch woman is upset her 12-week-old baby is a health and safety risk.First-time mother Lucy Carey "nearly burst into tears" when she was told her 12-week-old son, Max Houghton, posed a health and safety risk at the QEII Fitness Centre in [...]

6 Clever Ways to Get a Workout In, All With Your Little Kids in Tow

Thursday  23:25,   08 march 2018

Working out is a staple in a healthy lifestyle. Maybe before you had children, the gym was your second home. You could go after work and spend hours just working on your fitness. Maybe you hardly saw the gym before you had kids and you just[...]

4 Surprising Lessons I Learned by Trying the Keto Diet

Thursday  04:26,   08 march 2018

The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a low-carb, medium-protein, and high-fat diet. It was first developed in the 1920s as a way to treat children with severe epilepsy. As a small side effect, it also helped with losing weight. Being on the ketogenic[...]

How Safe Are Vitamin IV Drips, Really?

Thursday  03:05,   08 march 2018

Before the Oscars after-party this Sunday, Kendall Jenner was reportedly hospitalized because she experienced complications from a vitamin IV drip. What are they?Now, we don't know exactly what happened to Kenny, but it's not that surprising that[...]

Treating Phobias By Manipulating Brain Activity May Soon Be Reality

Thursday  02:21,   08 march 2018
Medical Daily

Scientists have come closer to creating a method for an unconscious, brain-based psychotherapy for fear and anxiety disorders.But now, an effective cure may be on the horizon, according to researchers based at Advanced Telecommunications Research[...]

Alicia Vikander's Trainer Tells Us Precisely How She Got Into Shape For Tomb Raider

Thursday  00:32,   08 march 2018

If you haven't already, drop everything you're doing and take a look at how ripped Alicia Vikander looks in Tomb Raider. If you haven't already, drop everything you're doing and take a look at how ripped Alicia Vikander looks in[...]

Don't Give Your Teens Alcohol

Wednesday  13:52,   07 march 2018
Lifehacker Australia

You may have heard of mums and dads giving their teenagers alcohol as a parenting tactic - rationales include 1) it's safer to buy it, serve it and monitor it in a controlled environment than to have them sneak off with their friends.You may[...]

Poor habits causing tooth decay in kids

Wednesday  13:52,   07 march 2018

There is concern poor oral hygiene habits learnt from an early age is setting kids up for a lifetime of painful tooth decay. The poll of 2000 parents, representing 4000 children, was conducted in January to provide information on what parents[...]

Oprah's Kept Off 19 Kilos, So Now She Wants to Get "Ripped"

Wednesday  03:34,   07 march 2018

Oprah has been candid about her struggle with yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, but in the past year or so, she's had the most success with her weight ever. Oprah has been candid about her struggle with yo-yo dieting and emotional[...]

QLD teen's 'severe reaction' to Kmart eye mask prompts investigation from retailer

Wednesday  03:01,   07 march 2018

<p>A mum claims her teenage daughter has been left half-blind after a $3 AUD Kmart eye mask allegedly caused a severe allergic reaction.</p>Clare Boulton, 45, claims her 14-year-old daughter Angel was left in agony with severe facial swelling[...]

This is what your recommended daily intake of fat, sugar, and salt actually looks like

Wednesday  02:06,   07 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

Wren Kitchens has visualised your recommended daily intakes for fat, sugar, and salt in a series of photographs to offer some perspective.&nbsp;Most of us know by now that some popular breakfast staples, such as cereals, have a surprisingly high [...]

Climate change could also be responsible for an increase in heart attacks

Wednesday  01:25,   07 march 2018

<p>Temperatures along the East Coast of the US began fluctuating wildly last month, from winter-like cold one day—which is normal for February—to summer-like hot the next day—which is anything but</p>As it turns out, such abrupt temperature[...]

I Added Avocado to Every Meal For a Week — Here's Why It's a Good Idea

Wednesday  00:25,   07 march 2018

Image Source: Unsplash / Brooke Lark If you think you're addicted to sugar, it's time you think again, because I may just have the biggest sweet tooth out there.&nbsp;If you think you're addicted to sugar, it's time you think again,[...]