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LifeStyle: Health

Study Says Couples Who Eat Healthy Together, Stay Together

Wednesday  04:06,   13 june 2018

If you've ever tried to make changes to your diet, you know how much more difficult it is when your partner isn't on board. T If you've ever tried to make changes to your diet, you know how much more difficult it is when your partner isn't [...]

Eating disorder patients to get up to 50 therapy sessions in new trial

Wednesday  03:21,   13 june 2018

Hundreds of people with eating disorders will get access to expanded psychological treatments under a pilot study conducted on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Patients with anorexia will be able to get up to 50 psychotherapy sessions,[...]

Not just 'skinny' women get endometriosis

Tuesday  22:51,   12 june 2018

A study has found obesity is linked to severe endometriosis, rejecting the idea the disease only affects 'skinny' women.Obese women are more likely to have severe, a misunderstood condition that impacts one-in-10 women, an Australian study[...]

Find Out How Alternate-Day Fasting Can Help You Break Through a Weight-Loss Plateau

Tuesday  08:10,   12 june 2018

The benefits of intermittent fasting (IF) have been inspiring people to try it for themselves. With benefits from weight-loss success and improved sleep and mental focus to better digestion and decreased bloating, how can you not want to give it a[...]

'Unexpected finding': Obese women more likely to have severe endometriosis

Tuesday  04:06,   12 june 2018

Researchers have found new and interesting links between weight and endometriosis, a disease affecting 700,000 Australian women.Ms Panetta, 32 from Melbourne, is one of the estimated 700,000 Australian women with endometriosis, a little understood[...]

Dr Karl: Is cockroach 'milk' really a superfood?

Tuesday  04:00,   12 june 2018

Since 2016, there's been a stream of articles in the media about cockroach "milk". Dr Karl washes away this notion with a cold, hard glass of myth-busting facts.One of the latest examples comes from the Daily Mail in May[...]

Why you're struggling to lose weight from your stomach

Monday  08:52,   11 june 2018

Personal trainer Alexa Towersey discusses the lifestyle factors affecting our ability to lose belly fat.They try everything from diet shakes, trendy weight loss plans (hello, Keto diet) to rigorous exercise, but nothing seems to work against their[...]

10 sneaky ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule

Monday  07:31,   11 june 2018

How to find time to squeeze in a workoutWork meetings, school pick-up, friend dates — your diary is packed enough as it[...]

Meditation for beginners (when you can't shut off your brain)

Monday  05:00,   11 june 2018

'To meditate is to just be quiet and still'But what if you can’t shut off your brain when you try to meditate? What if all the noise of everyday life — your to-do list at work, dinner plans, the pile of laundry that never seems to get folded [...]

Teenager makes comeback to netball following major spinal surgery for severe scoliosis

Monday  04:56,   11 june 2018

Olivia Demaine's scoliosis was progressing so rapidly that major spinal surgery was her only treatment option. "In just over six months, her curve progressed from what was initially 49-degree to a 99-degree curve," her mother Juliette[...]

Cancer Group Recommends Ditching Bacon and Booze to Stay Cancer-Free

Sunday  07:06,   10 june 2018

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has bad news for lovers of bacon and booze: Eliminating processed meats and alcohol from your diet may help reduce your risk of developing cancer. The third report from the WCRF’s Continuous Update[...]

5 Easy Moves to Get You Sleek Obliques

Sunday  07:05,   10 june 2018

You can grab them, shake them, maybe even hula-hoop with them, but how do you get rid of them? Hard work is the answer, but when it comes to love handles, hard work means nothing if you aren't doing the right moves.We asked Sarah Chadwell,[...]

How Much Protein Is Good For Your Heart?

Sunday  07:05,   10 june 2018

Protein intake can be highly beneficial for heart failure patients but factors such as the amount and the source of the nutrient do make a difference. Protein is an important nutrient used for building and repairing tissues in the body. It can be[...]

Here's How Soy Milk Stacks Up Against Other Plant-Based Milks

Saturday  10:06,   09 june 2018

Non-dairy milks aren't perfect fill-ins for cow squeezings. All of the milks and "milks" in the supermarket are, nutritionally, just fine for your drinks or porridge or whatever you like. The difference only matters if a plant-based[...]

How to make the perfect healthy smoothie

Saturday  05:50,   09 june 2018

These blends will satisfy and satiateBut it's easy to get stuck in smoothie habits, so we spoke to accredited practising dietitian Themis Chryssidis, who runs Sprout Cooking School, for the baseline rules for a good smoothie and what you should[...]