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LifeStyle: Health

What to do when life feels almost unbearable

Friday  05:06,   15 june 2018

'Overwhelm' describes the feeling you have when your ability to cope is impaired because of stress or anxiety or ill health or exhaustion.But in that moment, it felt impossible. I was in the midst of overwhelm, when everything in my life[...]

Nutrition program aims to put an end to mealtime battles and tackle childhood obesity

Friday  05:06,   15 june 2018

Ask any parent and they will say ensuring their children eat the right amounts of nutritious food is a source of anxiety, especially for those with young, fussy eaters. Often, there is also an overwhelming and sometimes contradictory range[...]

Meditation alternatives for people who can’t sit still

Friday  05:06,   15 june 2018

There’s a running joke among meditation teachers, “If someone says they can’t find 20 minutes a day to meditate, they need to meditate for an hour!” We hear this often: the busiest of us need it the most. “What you’re actually saying is you don’t[...]

Kevin Smith Reveals 43-Lb Weight Loss After ‘Massive’ Heart Attack

Friday  04:13,   15 june 2018

Kevin Smith Reveals 43-Lb Weight Loss After ‘Massive’ Heart Attack“Today, I am down a total of 43 pounds! Only 7 more pounds until I’ve shed the 50 my doctor told me to lose following the heart attack,” the Weight Watchers ambassador, 47, captioned[...]

Should kids have weight loss surgery? This doctor thinks so

Thursday  15:05,   14 june 2018

Debate rages[...]

Metabolic syndrome more likely to strike if you sleep too little — and if you sleep too much

Thursday  05:55,   14 june 2018

How to tell if you're not getting the right amountMetabolic syndrome isn't itself a disease: rather, it's a collection of conditions that dramatically increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart[...]

Heroes of the canine world: Meet the doggie blood donors from the bush

Thursday  05:25,   14 june 2018

Just as humans need blood donors to access lifesaving transfusions, animals also rely on donated blood for their survival in times of need. But in many parts of regional Australia, it can be difficult and expensive for vets to access[...]

Steph Claire Smith reveals her 10 steps to a winter body

Thursday  05:07,   14 june 2018

Fitness and health influencer Steph Claire Smith reveals her top ten tips for getting in shape during winter!Want more from Now To Love? Like us on[...]

An Expert Explains How the Keto Diet Can Help You Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Thursday  05:07,   14 june 2018

The keto diet has helped countless people lose weight and transform their lives. The high-fat, moderate-protein, and super-low-carb diet has exploded in popularity, creating a whole community of people who eschew grains and high-sugar fruit in[...]

10 Unwritten Rules to Always Follow at the Gym

Thursday  04:30,   14 june 2018

If there's one place where people's true colours show, it's the gym. It really tests your cleanliness, hygiene, common courtesy, and respect all under one roof — and it's scary to see where gym-goers fail. If you're not sure if you[...]

What nobody tells you about breast cancer: Woman who was diagnosed aged just 20 despite her healthy lifestyle says treatment has forced her body into premature menopause

Thursday  04:10,   14 june 2018

At age 20, student, Bianca Innes was diagnosed breast cancer after finding a lump when she got out of the shower. She reveals how life has changed and what other young women should know.The then 20-year-old journalism university student was[...]

These new yogurts mean everyone can start the day right

Wednesday  09:09,   13 june 2018

With the same thick and creamy texture of regular yogurt, the new Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt is packed full of gut-loving dairy benefits.With the same thick and creamy texture of regular yogurt, the new Jalna Lactose Free Pot Set Yoghourt[...]

'There is no cure': 800,000 Australians suffer 'distressing' condition

Wednesday  04:58,   13 june 2018

"People are always saying 'stop scratching'. You feel like slapping them and saying 'don't bloody well tell me to stop scratching'."It wasn't. But the questions, the pain, the discomfort and the relentless itchiness - [...]

A 5-year-old girl’s sudden paralysis was a mystery. Then her mother checked her scalp.

Wednesday  04:06,   13 june 2018

Jessica Griffin thought her daughter Kailyn was having a hard time waking up. Or maybe her legs were asleep. Then she saw the tick.The 5-year-old kept trying to stand but fell every time. She was also struggling to speak, said her mother, Jessica[...]

These Are the Only Sweeteners You Can Use on the Keto Diet

Wednesday  04:06,   13 june 2018

The keto diet is still extremely popular, and chances are you've still got a lot questions you want answered about the dos and dont's to following the diet. The keto diet is still extremely popular, and chances are you've still got[...]