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Health Sugar alert over $1 slushies

01:00  12 january  2018
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If You Want to Lose Weight, This Is How Many Calories You Should Cut Each Day

  If You Want to Lose Weight, This Is How Many Calories You Should Cut Each Day If you've ever tried to lose weight, you've most definitely spent some time crunching the numbers on how many calories you should eat in a day, and you also know that it can be a tough mystery to crack. The truth is, there is no one number that is going to be right for everybody and there is more to it than just calories. Here's how to determine the right number for you.Find Your BaselineBefore making any dietary changes, track your food intake for a couple of normal-for-you days using an app like My Fitness Pal. This will give you a good idea of how many calories you are currently eating.

Man, you guys have been going crazy over my two recent slushie recipes, so I ’m just going to keep them coming, I hope that’s okay with you!?!? Raspberry Champagne Slushies . PIN IT To your drinks board on pinterest! Follow sugar & soul on pinterest for more great

The only ingredients you need to make a slushie are ice, sugar , flavoring and food coloring. The quickest way to make a slushy is by using a How do I keep my slushie over night without it freezing or melting? wikiHow Contributor.

It’s a refreshing drink designed to cool you down on a hot day, but a shocking new advertising campaign is showing consumers the reality of what is inside your slushy.

The frozen soft drinks, which are often sold in fast food outlets for as little as $1, contain up to 20 teaspoons of sugar – the same amount as nearly eight lemonade ice blocks, the LiveLight campaign said.

The “Don’t be Sucked In” campaign compared drinking a Slurpee to consuming a large cup of bulging toxic fat, and revealed that drinking a large drink every day this summer could result in nearly two kilograms of weight.

What's Really Happening To Your Body When You Binge Drink

  What's Really Happening To Your Body When You Binge Drink Fact: Four to five alcoholic bevvies on a Saturday night is considered binge drinking. Another fact: Binge drinking is worse than drinking one standard drink every day for five days. Huge fact: Binge drinking can cause irreversible damage to your body.For Australian women between the ages of 18 and 35, binge drinking is a big problem. For Dr. Dasha Fielder and medical practitioners alike, the effect of binge drinking on young women is something they see in clinical practice every single day. The biggest surprise for experts is the attitude towards binge drinking.

lemons. ice, black tea, water, sugar . pour boiling water over the tea leaves. let it steep. add the tea. My Arnold Palmer mix is pretty concentrated because I like a lot of ice in my slushies . Bryan drinks Arnold Palmers all the time. Will have to alert him about this!

I love slushies — in the States, they’re usually called Snowballs. As a teenager I used to pop over to the 7-11 and pick-up a half Coke and half cherry slushie , all the time. A perfect way to enjoy an icy slushie without having any sugar .

“While this graphic advertisement isn’t easy to look at, it clearly illustrates the risks of drinking too many sugary drinks,” Cancer Council Australia’s Craig Sinclair said.

“Frozen drinks in particular contain ridiculous amounts of added sugar – even more than a standard soft drink.

“A mega $3 Slurpee contains… more than three times the maximum recommended by the World Health Organisation of six teaspoons a day.”

Pat © AAP Image/Dave Hunt Pat "The Ice Man" Bertoletti competes in a 'Slurp Off' time trial in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall in 2010. Dietitian Alison McAleese said extra sugar can lead toward weight gain, obesity and toxic fat, and increase the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart and kidney disease.

“When nearly two thirds of Aussie adults and a third of kids are overweight or obese, it’s completely irresponsible for these companies to be actively promoting excessive consumption of drinks completely overloaded with sugar,” Ms McAleese said.

The AMA wants sugar-sweetened drinks taxed, but will it happen?

  The AMA wants sugar-sweetened drinks taxed, but will it happen? There are 28 countries in the world that tax sugar-sweetened drinks and the Australian Medical Association wants Australia to join the list.This time, it's the Australian Medical Association (AMA) calling for one as part of a positioning paper on the country's nutrition.

You and your kids will love these slushies . Love this recipe? In a cup, mug or small jug, add the sugar and boiling water and stir continuously until the sugar has completely dissolved. Add the syrup over the ice and blend until the correct consistency.

Strawberry Peach Wine Slushies . Guys, it’s been beautiful here in Maine the last few days and I ’m actually feeling hopeful that we’ve seen the last of the snow and summer is But today, I ’m bloody exhausted, so I ’ll just be over here sipping on these Strawberry Peach Wine Slushies . Wanna join me ?

“And while this campaign focuses on the weight-related health risks, we can’t ignore the fact that sugary drinks are also a leading cause of tooth decay in Australia, with nearly half of children aged 2–16 drinking soft drink every day.

The campaign will be shown on bus and tram stops across Victoria.

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" src="/upload/images/real/2018/01/12/things-that-are-secretly-loading-you-up-with-sugar-p-spend-just-five-minutes-online-browsing-health-_910183_.img?content=1" /> Things That Are Secretly Loading You Up with Sugar Slideshow provided by The Active Times

Are these 6 foods REALLY healthy? .
Coconut water, fruit is there anything experts unanimously believe is healthy these days?Take fruit for example, most people would assume fruit is an obviously healthy option. Turns out fruit has health nuts divided because of its sugar content.

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