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"It feels like you've woken up dead." What makes sleep paralysis so terrifying.

Monday  23:35,   18 december 2017

It’s 5am and there is someone, or something, in my house. I can feel it before I can see it. I’m awake. I’m sure of it. I try to move, to run out of my bedroom, but I’m stuck. I can feel it before I can see[...]

A woman discovered over 100 mites living in her eyelashes and we’re about to vom

Monday  19:01,   18 december 2017

After experiencing irritated eyes for two years, a Chinese woman went to the hospital only to doscover that she had over 1000 mites living in her eyelashes thanks to a pillowcase she hadn't washed in five years!According to The Sun, a Chinese[...]

What Science Has to Say About the Link Between Caffeine and Anxiety

Sunday  23:00,   17 december 2017

Anxious? Drink coffee? The doctors have spoken — it may be time to ditch the coffee habit. We interviewed a range of specialists, from psychotherapists to cardiologists, and the results were clear as ever: caffeine can be a major factor when it[...]

Hormonal IUD horror stories spark concern about side-effects of contraceptive option

Sunday  23:00,   17 december 2017
The Age

"I felt like I had this thing stuck inside me without consent."Despite this, she was told the hormonal IUD was the best option. This form of contraception is often recommended due to its medical success as a contraceptive, and it is[...]

Study Reveals Potential New Warning Sign Of Parkinson's

Sunday  15:37,   17 december 2017
Medical Daily

Restless sleep may tip off Parkinson's disease later in life.A new study from researchers at a Danish University linked restless sleep and neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and[...]

Here's how different types of alcohol can affect your mood when you're drunk

Sunday  04:21,   17 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Reports of a study linking different kinds of alcoholic drinks with different mood states were making the rounds recently. For instance, more respondents reported feeling aggressive when drinking spirits than when drinking[...]

Christmas caroling is good for your health

Sunday  03:52,   17 december 2017
Now To Love

This story goes out to all those people who told us NOT to sing All I Want For Christmas, Mariah Carey styleA new study published in Perspectives in Public Health provided "confirmatory evidence to support choral singing as a means of improving[...]

Stress Is No Joke: An Expert Explains How It Affects Your Physical Fitness

Saturday  06:51,   16 december 2017

Have you ever dragged yourself to the gym after a particularly stressful day and you just can't bring yourself to finish that treadmill session? It can feel impossible to get a good workout in when you're not feeling 100 percent.POPSUGAR[...]

Are you a reducetarian?

Saturday  06:50,   16 december 2017
Now To Love

If you’re trying to cut down on your meat consumption, but not ready to cut it out entirely, you aren't alone.Although you may not have wanted to chance ordering the vegetarian main at a restaurant a decade ago, for fear of a dry, bland dish,[...]

A mum skipped her daughter's award ceremony to 'go to the gym' in the name of self care.

Saturday  06:50,   16 december 2017

Being a mum is a tough gig. But what job is even more difficult? Being a mum during the Christmas period. If you’re not queueing in lines at shopping centres for presents, you’re waiting in another line at the supermarket preparing for that[...]

There's even more evidence that one type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have

Saturday  06:50,   16 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Want an all-natural way to lift your mood, improve your memory, and protect your brain against age-related cognitive decline? Get moving. Get[...]

Bodybuilder shares the extreme bloating she experiences after eating certain foods

Friday  03:51,   15 december 2017

"When I say I'm bloated, I'm bloated"In the case of US bodybuilder Michelle Middleton, even a few bites of certain foods leave her severely bloated within[...]

Huntington's Disease: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Friday  02:51,   15 december 2017
Huffington Post UK

Huntington’s disease is an inherited illness thought to affect around one in every 10,000 people. The condition, caused by a faulty gene in a person’s DNA, affects the network of nerve tissues in the brain and spinal cord that coordinate the body’s[...]

'The bad days are shocking': Fresh hope for endometriosis sufferers

Friday  02:51,   15 december 2017

It's the 'invisible' disease nobody wants to talk about, and few know how to treat, but sufferers of a debilitating and often misunderstood condition have found some hope in the federal government's announcement last week of a[...]

The Calories In Your Favourite Christmas Desserts

Thursday  23:56,   14 december 2017

It's not Christmas without a huge dessert spread. It's the one day of the year a five-course dessert is expected, but if you're trying to navigate Christmas without that bloated feeling it might be worth noting to how much each delicious [...]