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Australians in the dark about when to put on sunscreen

Monday  12:40,   19 march 2018
ABC News

Most Australians still do not know when they should put on sunscreen, despite millions of dollars spent over three decades promoting the "slip, slop, slap" sun awareness campaign, research reveals.The latest data from the Cancer Council[...]

What a Lactation Consultant Wants Breastfeeding Mums to Know About the Keto Diet

Friday  04:25,   16 march 2018

Breastfeeding your little one can be a powerful form of bonding and provides a myriad of benefits for both mum and baby, but it can also bring a laundry list of questions, including what you should and shouldn't eat, drink, and do.Breastfeeding[...]

9 foods you thought were healthier than they are

Friday  03:07,   16 march 2018
Business Insider Australia

Countless products in the health foods isle of your local grocery store don't belong there. Many of them boast labels like low or reduced fat. The problem with low-fat products is simple. Countless products in the health foods isle of[...]

Dentists say brushing teeth twice a day is important, but when exactly?

Friday  01:56,   16 march 2018

We teach children to brush their teeth twice a day, and hopefully we're all still doing that as adults. But when exactly should that brushing happen? But when exactly should that brushing[...]

A male contraceptive pill a step closer

Thursday  22:51,   15 march 2018

A safe and effective hormone-free male contraceptive pill could be on the market within the next five to 10 years, a Melbourne researcher says.Australian researchers are developing a hormone-free male contraceptive pill that wouldn't impact libido[...]

Platypus milk discovery 'could save lives'

Thursday  12:01,   15 march 2018

CSIRO scientists have found a curly protein in platypus milk that they believe could one day help in the fight against antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The scientists, whose work was published in Structural Biology Communications, replicated the[...]

Lung cancer screening program rolled out at Australian hospitals

Thursday  12:01,   15 march 2018

A new large-scale screening program designed to catch lung cancer early could be the key to combatting Australia's biggest cancer killer.Lung cancer claims more than 9000 lives across the nation each year, with more deaths from the disease than[...]

Motor Neurone Disease Symptoms And Prognosis Explained

Thursday  11:46,   15 march 2018
Huffington Post UK

Stephen Hawking has died aged 76, after living with motor neurone disease (MND) for more than 50 years.  The scientist was first diagnosed with MND when he was 21 and was not expected to see his 25th birthday, yet he defied doctors’ prognosis[...]

Beware of 'fitspo' icons, experts warn

Thursday  11:40,   15 march 2018

Diet and fitness experts have sounded a note of caution over the wave of "fitspo" bloggers.Instagram and other social media sites have become a natural home for young women making a living promoting their diets and workout[...]

The one sign that you may be at higher risk of early menopause

Thursday  11:31,   15 march 2018

The age at which a woman reaches menopause can differ greatly from one individual to another. The average age of menopause is 51-years-old and most women will experience ‘the change’ between the ages of 45-55. But some females will reach menopause[...]

How Much Exercise Do I Really Need?

Thursday  05:25,   15 march 2018
Lifehacker Australia

Zero exercise is not enough. Going for a walk every day is probably a good thing. And if you're training for a marathon, you'll be on your feet for a couple hours of hard workouts every week. Fortunately, all the major public health [...]

5 Simple Exercise Hacks For New Mums

Thursday  04:11,   15 march 2018

Integrating exercise into a new mum's life is sometimes that last thing she has in mind. We are designed to put our babies before ourselves, and we feel there are never enough hours in the day to even get the most basic things done. Yet[...]

Unexpected births in cars and bathrooms: Why some babies are born before arrival at hospital

Thursday  03:09,   15 march 2018
ABC News

Waiting for a baby to arrive can be anxious business. But what happens when they arrive unexpectedly early — like when you're stuck in traffic?"My husband Matthew was driving, and I was in the backseat making birthing noises," Tegan Taylor[...]

PSA: You Don't Need Heavy Weights To Build Muscle

Thursday  01:55,   15 march 2018
Lifehacker Australia

If you're new to exercising, the thought of sitting underneath a 50kg barbell is probably pretty terrifying. However, if you can't lift heavy weights, or they just scare you a little bit, research published in the Journal of Applied[...]

Why is Khloe Kardashian's latest campaign 'problematic'?

Thursday  01:11,   15 march 2018
BBC News

The reality TV star's 'Khlo-C-D' organisation tutorials have been seen to trivialise mental illness.Killer selfies and carefully constructed social media profiles are the very currency of the[...]