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I struggled with weight for most of my life -- but the keto diet is the one thing that finally worked

Sunday  04:10,   27 may 2018

The keto diet recommends foods high in fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. Having struggled with weight and weight-related health problems the majority of her life, author Jennifer Still was looking to shed some pounds and restore her[...]

My Son Is Forgetting How To Walk, Talk And Eat Due To Childhood Dementia

Sunday  04:05,   27 may 2018

When George was two years old he could walk, talk and play. His mum couldn’t have predicted that just two years later he would start to forget how to do all those things and have to use a wheelchair to get about. “He used to run everywhere, [...]

Is abortion legal in Australia? It's complicated

Sunday  01:32,   27 may 2018

Ireland has just voted on whether to lift the country's controversial ban on abortion. But in Australia, whether or not abortion is legal depends on where you live.But in Australia, whether or not abortion is legal depends on where you live —as[...]

The Problem With Those Appetite-Suppressant Lollipops Kim Kardashian Is Advertising

Sunday  01:32,   27 may 2018

<p>FlatTummy's website says the lollipops contain a "clinically proven safe active ingredient extracted from natural plants" that suppresses your appetite. Red flag: Appetite suppression is generally not a good thing.</p>Last[...]

Scans, painkillers and rest aren't the best treatment for lower back pain — this is

Sunday  01:32,   27 may 2018

Stay moving and stay positive, say expertsGo-to treatments for back pain have traditionally included scans, painkillers and plenty of rest, but a major review recently published in the medical journal The Lancetwarned these aren't the best fixes for [...]

Connecticut surgeon saves and adopts baby with a rare birth defect

Sunday  01:32,   27 may 2018

<p>The surgeon-in-chief at Connecticut Children’s Medical Centre, <g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="3" id="3">Dr</g> Christine[...]

This Self-Care Wheel Will Show You Which Areas of Your Life Need Improvement

Sunday  01:32,   27 may 2018

When self-care comes to mind, many of us may associate the practice with baths, naps, and yoga. And while those are definitely a few ways to address your needs, self-care encompasses far more than that. In fact, according to the self-care wheel[...]

Common Meal-Planning Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Saturday  07:05,   26 may 2018

Meal planning: It’s being touted by every food-related platform as the single greatest way to simplify life in kitchen, but if you’re feeling kinda iffy about the whole concept, you’re probably not the only one.&nbsp;And we totally get it. At[...]

Do you need a pre-workout supplement?

Saturday  02:08,   26 may 2018

Plenty of these supplements are overselling their value — and may even pose big health risksThat’s their promise, after all: that you can build muscle mass faster or improve the intensity of your workouts, simply by taking a supplement. But plenty[...]

Fasted Cardio: Does It Actually Burn More Fat?

Saturday  01:17,   26 may 2018

You’ve probably read about fasted cardio a million times on the internet and within the pages of this magazine. That’s largely because the vast majority of the leanest physique athletes swear by the practice, as do those who have lost large amounts [...]

Cellulite Isn't Real. This Is How It Was Invented.

Saturday  01:16,   26 may 2018

Cellulite is not real. The end. Oh, was that not clear? Allow me to elucidate: There is such a thing as subcutaneous fat and fibrous tissue beneath your skin.&nbsp;Oh, was that not clear? Allow me to elucidate: There is such a thing as[...]

Obesity Linked to 12 Types of Cancer in New Report

Friday  13:56,   25 may 2018

<p>Health experts have recommended 10 lifestyle changes, including quitting drinking and limiting the consumption of processed meats, to prevent 12 different cancers linked to obesity in a major new report.</p>Health experts have recommended[...]

Extra weight may boost patient survival: study

Friday  11:58,   25 may 2018

<p>The team had looked at hospital admissions from 2011 to 2015 for their study, which has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.</p>Presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, a study of more than 18,000 sick people in[...]

Are You Ready For It? Here's What You Need to Do to Finally Get the Abs You're After

Friday  06:30,   25 may 2018

The adage "If it were easy, everyone would do it," is especially applicable to sculpting abs. They're like the equivalent of a new Trader Joe's cauliflower hybrid product — incredibly hard to get. But even though it's difficult,[...]

'Frustrated' health sector turns to tobacco-like labelling to issue warning over sweetened drinks

Friday  06:15,   25 may 2018

Australia's health sector has come up with a drastic new idea to lower the consumption of sugary drinks by channeling cigarette[...]