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LifeStyle: Food

Cafe's croissant creation goes viral, claims it 'tastes better than it looks'

Thursday  10:32,   19 april 2018

A café in London has gotten some looks with its newest bakery item: a charcoal-activated vegan croissant. The croissant was introduced at Italian food chain Coco di Mama where Twitter user Amy Charlotte Kean snapped a photo of the unusual baked good [...]

Aussie café serves up 'deconstructed' vegemite toast

Thursday  03:01,   19 april 2018

Is this the most hipster thing you've ever seen, or just a monstrosity?While it's only comprised of three ingredients - bread, butter and vegemite - the dish came with each component separated from the[...]

Sydney cafe slammed by customers for ‘un-Australian’ sauce surcharge

Wednesday  08:52,   18 april 2018

Sauce is the fabric upon which our society was built. The red colouring on our flag? That’s a river of tomato sauce, not the Union Jack. That’s why it’s so baffling that Cafe 101 in Sydney’s inner west started charging customers $6 to add[...]

Why Some Drinks Seem To Make Hangovers Worse

Tuesday  06:56,   17 april 2018

Hangovers are horrible. No one wants to get them, but the only way to avoid them entirely is to avoid drinking, which isn't exactly a fun proposition for those who would like to have a few cocktails either. At its core, a hangover is most often [...]

The team behind Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne have opened a new pasta bar in Sydney that serves Instagrammable neon-coloured pasta

Friday  15:07,   13 april 2018

<p>They've teamed up with head chef Adrian Jankuloski (ex-Icebergs Dining Room &amp; Bar, North Bondi Italian and The Dolphin) and are serving a range of delicious, unique Italian fare.</p>It's run by founders Mark Filippelli (who also [...]

Exactly How to Make Melting Potatoes, the Trend That’s Taking Over Pinterest

Tuesday  03:50,   10 april 2018

Imagine potato slices that are caramelized and crispy on the outside and creamy like mashed potatoes on the inside.&nbsp;Potatoes, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We’re all about mashing, smashing and even Hasselbacking.[...]

This London Bar Has a Drink Menu for Dogs

Tuesday  01:10,   10 april 2018

In honor of National Pet Month, this London bar has launched a list of dog-friendly beverages perfect for your pooch’s happy hour.&nbsp;While humans sip their alcoholic beverages, lucky pups and “good boys” can lap up post-work drinks of their[...]

6 Ways to Stop Your Child From Becoming a Picky Eater

Wednesday  12:11,   04 april 2018

My first child is the very picture of the perfect pint-size eater. Now 7 years old, she's always loved healthy foods, truly gets excited when I place a bowl of peas or a plate of broccoli in front of her for dinner, and seems to eat her weight[...]

Bill Shorten's wife Chloe pens cookbook

Tuesday  05:55,   03 april 2018

Chloe Shorten, the wife of the federal opposition leader, has penned a cookbook which includes her mum Dame Quentin Bryce's eggplant parmigiana recipe.Ms Shorten's second book, The Secret Ingredient, is about the importance of eating dinner with [...]

Hold chocolate and flowers for dogs, cats

Saturday  05:11,   31 march 2018

Dog owners are being urged to hide Easter eggs in places where curious pets can't find them, as chocolate can be deadly for them.Authorities are urging Australians to give their dog a bone, not a chocolate egg, this[...]

The Easter treat that's lethal for dogs

Friday  00:51,   30 march 2018

No, we're not talking about chocolate.Most people know that dogs shouldn't have chocolate - but there's another sweet treat that should be kept away from pets this[...]

Easy Easter baking ideas from the Australian Women's Weekly

Thursday  08:51,   29 march 2018

There's everything from traditional simnel cakes, beautiful bundt cakes and cute cupcakes and meringues the kids will love. Happy Easter!Mini meringue nests © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd Put an Easter spin on this popular[...]

PSA: Cadbury Has Killed The Chocolate Easter Bilby

Thursday  01:51,   29 march 2018

Cadbury's milk chocolate Easter Bilby is dead. The company confirmed that the popular Easter snack has been discontinued.Cadbury's milk chocolate Easter Bilby is dead. The company confirmed that the popular Easter snack has been discontinued due [...]

A ‘Royal Wedding Gin’ has been created in honour of Harry and Meghan!

Thursday  00:57,   29 march 2018

It’s only seven weeks to the royal wedding and it looks like there are plenty of businesses who want to cash in, eh we mean, participate in the celebration!&nbsp;Family-run business and Royal Warrant holder Partridges has just released [...]

The Weekly's Easter hot cross bun recipe

Wednesday  08:56,   28 march 2018

These hot cross buns are easy to make and delicious when baked!MAKES 12 PREP TIME 1 HOUR (PLUS PROVING[...]