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Brewing a perfect cup of coffee requires the right water -- and pure H2O is the worst kind

Thursday  01:21,   28 december 2017
Business Insider Australia

Water - the biggest ingredient in coffee by weight - can make or break the flavour of a freshly brewed cup, according to a chemist-barista research team.But an often-overlooked element of brewing coffee at home is what constitutes perhaps 99% of the [...]

According to Google, these were the recipes Aussies wanted to make in 2017.

Thursday  01:21,   28 december 2017

If you paid any attention to your social media feed this year, you might have spotted many recurring images of acai bowls, doughnuts and elaborate fermented creations aka kimchi and sauerkraut. Despite this, apparently these were not the dishes and[...]

The World's Top Banana Is Doomed and Nobody Can Find a Replacement

Saturday  14:21,   23 december 2017
The Wall Street Journal

As the beloved Cavendish variety faces extinction by fungus, growers and scientists scour the globe, keeping their eyes peeled for a suitable substitute—preferably one that doesn’t taste like latex.The scientists traveled through the jungles of the[...]

This Is The Most Compatible Cocktail For Your Star Sign

Tuesday  14:36,   12 december 2017

Deciding on your signature drink may be written in the stars. Here we pair each zodiac sign with their most compatible cocktail. Aquarius x Rosé MargaritaAquariuses are notoriously spontaneous and love to do what’s least expected of them—which is[...]

Christmas dinner ideas based on star sign

Sunday  05:07,   10 december 2017
Now To Love

If you've been scratching your head and searching for Christmas dinner ideas that will really hit the spot, we've got an answer.Your zodiac character traits have determined which recipe would be best for you, so you don't even have to think[...]

GAMECHANGER: Stoneless avocados now exist and they look WEIRD

Friday  07:06,   08 december 2017

Stoneless avocados now exist in the UK and will be sold at Marks & Spencers throughout December.Well, good news y’all. Now science has gone and created avos without the stone and holy heck the result looks[...]

Not sure how to break this to you... but... we've all been eating chocolate wrong.

Friday  03:31,   08 december 2017

There’s a reason the cocoa plant’s scientific name translates to “food of the gods” – biting into a chocolate block is heavenly. But if you munch away at that block – like most people do – then, sorry, but you’re doing it[...]

These 5 Food Trends Will Take Over Every Café In 2018

Monday  01:07,   04 december 2017
Harper’s BAZAAR

Whole Foods have published a list of the health foods set for fame in 2018.Whole Foods has put together a list of the ingredients they reckon will grow in popularity exponentially in 2018. We have pulled out the top five to allow you to prep your[...]

That Lemon Wedge In Your Drink Is Probably Filthy

Sunday  05:20,   19 november 2017
Lifehacker Australia

The lemon wedge in your drink has a bad reputation, and the evidence for it seems obvious. So should your drink order always include "No lemon,[...]

Dolce & Gabbana Now Sells Pasta

Saturday  04:20,   18 november 2017
Harper’s BAZAAR

Dolce & Gabbana are harking back to their Italian roots by creating a collection of pasta!The designers haven’t swapped their studios for kitchens quite yet, but instead the brand has collaborated with Pasta Di Martino—leaving them in charge [...]

ATTN all carnivores: 'Meat cakes' are a thing so you can say goodbye to your sweet tooth

Friday  02:05,   17 november 2017

Meat cakes have been popular in Japan for a while, but the meat cake at Amy Sedaris' recent TV premiere party has made them more mainstream.But after seeing pictures of meat cakes, I’m not really sure how to feel about[...]

Hemp food hits the shelves as crop's edible products legalised in Australia, NZ

Tuesday  01:22,   14 november 2017

With hemp beer, hemp chocolate and hemp oil debuting over the weekend, industry is rushing to bring even more products to consumers as the product is now legal to be sold as food in Australia. The new regulations came into effect on Sunday[...]

Melbourne man finds MAGGOTS in his KFC chicken

Monday  03:37,   13 november 2017
Now To Love

Manny Estanislao was left shocked/horrified when he found MAGGOTS in KFC food he’d bought to cater a baby shower. Mr Estanislao of Roxburgh Park, north of Melbourne, explains that everyone at the baby shower had been enjoying the KFC chicken when a[...]

Gordon Ramsay Thinks It's 'Bloody Pompous' When Restaurants Ban Photos

Friday  21:25,   10 november 2017

Gordon Ramsay hates many things: pineapple on pizza, airplane food, fellow celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and massive deli sandwiches.  But surprisingly, Ramsay doesn’t hate the one thing we’d expect him to ― people taking photos of food in[...]

How to prepare prawns

Thursday  04:50,   09 november 2017
Food To Love

To prepare fresh prawns, twist or cut behind the head to remove it. Peel away the shell starting from the legs. You can leave the last segment of shell on.Getting it right all comes down to the groundwork, from selecting it from the fishmongers to[...]