Food Why you shouldn't drink a cup of tea or coffee at work

03:10  23 february  2018
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Why you should never drink coffee at work . Picture: Morgan Sette/AAPSource:News Corp Australia. YOU may want to think twice about making that next cup of tea or coffee .

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A cup of coffee is an essential part of any working day, however, you make think twice before ever making a cuppa in the office again.

It turns out the coffee cups at our workplaces are far from hygienic; they're crawling with germs.

A study has shown that 90 per cent of our office cups are covered in harmful germs.

If that's not shocking enough, 20 per cent of those carry faecal matter (gross, right?).

The study was carried out by Charles Gerba Ph.D., a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona.

"Colonies of germs are living in your favourite cup," said Dr Gerba in an interview with Men's Health.

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So here's how it works : When you drink a cup of coffee –or tea , or soda, or some other energy-boosting concoction–at the same time every day, your brain will begin to anticipate and adjust for it in advance. Why You Shouldn ' t Drink Coffee in the Morning.

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He also went on to explain that using a sponge or scrub brush to wash your coffee cup will only make things worse.

Those sponges and scrub brushes in the work kitchen are covered in bacteria themselves, which will only transfer over to your cup.

However, there may be a solution, Dr Gerba suggests to ensure you're not drinking out of your coffee cup after an hour or so.

He also suggests taking your coffee cup home with you at the end of the day, and putting it through a hot cycle on your dishwasher.

Maybe it's just easier to stick to a takeaway coffee!

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